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Sydney’s Five Ferries Ride

Posted on December 17, 2010 by Andrew in Video. 21 comments

As promised, here’s some footage I captured from my recent stint moonlighting as a director on a motorbike with the GoPro Hero HD. Seventy eight separate clips and over two hours worth of HD rushes edited down into three minutes and twenty one seconds of something that I hope you’ll find mildly amusing. In case you’re wondering, the song is “Black Rice” by Canadian band Women.

The route we took is known locally as the Five Ferries ride because (you guessed it) it involves five river crossings to complete. Great in theory, but add a beautiful summer’s day and 29˚C (84˚F) temps and the wait before and during the ferry ride in full leathers was a fairly exhausting ordeal. Then again it’s all quickly forgotten when you follow your friend through a series of perfectly cambered corners, all lined with giant deciduous trees and watch as the vortices from his bike launch the golden leaves laying on the road up into a spiraling cloud that streaks past your helmet like the hyperdrive scene from Star Wars.

Many thanks to Mugs, Twisty, JT, Paul, Hugh, Andy and everyone else who tagged along for the day and put up with me and my camera getting all upside their heads.

P.S. Andy – get better as soon as you can mate.

  • Paul

    Fantastic. I love it.

  • Wonderful video!

  • bum


  • jak

    it made me really wish that the suspension on my '75 cb worked as well as that. fun to watch.

  • steven seagal

    this is huge! although it sounds like a lot of work, it would definitely be cool to see these go pro hd vids regularly if you know what im say'en

  • Matthew

    Well done, and thank you for the timely reminder of what really matters.

  • twisty

    very slick AJ. didn't realise you were experimenting with so many angles and camera positions… looks unreal… especially pulling out of the servo 😉

  • JT

    Nice work AJ.

  • Chris

    Hah, nice ride….i'm really jealous to u Aussie Boys because of the bright weather.
    Greetings from Germany…under half an meter of snow! ;(

  • Andrew

    @Twisty The camera loves you, baby

  • Nice video !
    But you are driving on the wrong side of the road… 🙂

    Ninefeet (France)

  • But you're riding on the wrong side of the road???? 😉

  • Peela

    Great stuff AJ – you're the Hero. Which mounts did you use on the tank?

  • Andrew

    @Peela Hardy har. Check the review. Apart from the hand-held shots, it was all done with the suction mount shown in the shots. It stayed put pretty well, but was way too wobbly and limited in its dexterity to be rave-worthy. It does come with other mounting options, tho.

  • Bahumut

    GoPro on a Chesty mount I assume?

  • Andrew

    @Bahumut Suction mount on tank. No chesty mount. I'm so buff the strap kept on busting loose…

  • Seems to be a really good trip to do.
    It's winter here, it's cold and all is covered with snow, and i feel a little bit jealous…
    Greetings from France.

  • kik

    nice, thanxs for the ride

  • Glenn

    Enjoyed your Five Ferries Ride . Here is a link to a video I had made showing what it it like to go for an early morning ride in Victoria BC Canada.

  • Andrew

    @Glenn Wow. Heaps of effort gone into that one; thanks for making my paltry attempt look even more average than it did before. ;P

  • impressive work. Good choreography with the angles and music. I'll check the band out. Good sound.