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Imaginary Garage – 2010 Triumph “Bonnehille”

Posted on December 2, 2010 by Andrew in Other. 20 comments

“No.69 – who knows when she’ll flip over?”

Readers, meet Miss BonnehilleI’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes try to come up with something to say about this bike. Unfortunately I just keep on coming back to the same thought. Wow. What more can I say? I can’t stop looking at it. This is a bike that could easily take the top spot at a major bike show and it’s been brought to life by two guys who live on different continents and have never even met each other. All praise to the interwebs!

Shout-outs: massive thanks to Max for the genius original idea and Charles for the beautiful finishing touches; and thanks again for putting up with me. Please enjoy the tees. Also, thanks to all the readers who took the time to make a submission – there were some amazing ideas in there and I’m genuinely sorry we couldn’t try out some more.

Lessons learnt? Next time we’ll make it a single round as I felt that it got a little long-winded towards the end. Best to just gather the submissions, choose the winner, and then the next thing you’ll see is the finished bike to drool over. Short and to the point.

Also, if you guys have any constructive feedback on this or any of the recent stuff you’ve seen on Pipeburn, please feel free to let us know below. Now if you want me, I’ll be over on YouTube watching hill climbing videos…

P.S. Any suggestions for our next bike?

  • KIK


  • G unit

    Bloody wonderful. Great post from beginning to end. Damn glad to see my 69 made it on! Ace work. Cheers.

  • madvillain

    it would be nice to see the whole evolution in one post if you know what I'm say'en. a little–before and after– weight watchers style.

  • Andrew

    @madvillian Done.

  • rob

    nice bike for winter

  • Frank

    Kewl look! Bbut you put the chain on the wron g side 😉

  • Andrew

    @Frank Yeah. Unfortunately there's only so many hours in the day… 🙂

  • madvillian

    thanks andrew for showing us how its done. even though you didn't have enough time to put the chain on the proper side or whatever who cares, your compositing skills are very impressive.

  • KIK

    pull up to the pub on something like this and im sure you will have a few pints for free….rough and aggressive,.. great job andrew

  • warren the ape

    This looks like a fucking fuck. Redo please!

  • Sean Hogan

    Looks Fantastic!!!

  • XcaptainXbloodX

    looks pretty. too bad its not a functional design, but im sure something similar could be figured out if one was to actually try and make it.

  • It's very nice, the only thing that bothers me is the frame. Bit like a hot girl wearing granny pants,

  • Andrew

    @derestricted Yr crazy! The frame makes it IMHO. Makes the whole bike "pop" and sets of the rest of the blackness…

  • frank

    the freshest looking motorcycle i have seen in a long long time well done dudes try a bmw

  • speed demon

    Well Done, You have a great eye for detail.
    And to all the Negative posters, YOUR BANNED.
    Put Up or Shut UP

  • Ropeferry

    What a blast. I can feel it sideways in a turn on dirt.

  • Sascha

    I think I just fell in love… Geez, tight work!

  • ted

    Looks great. Don't know what you mean about it not being a functional design?? A mono shock desrt road racer….works for me!!

  • John

    the bike looks great, but your store links are broken!