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See See Motorcycles

Posted on May 25, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer. 11 comments


Earlier this year See See Motorcycles put on the ‘The One Motorcycle Show‘ with a few other local shops in the Portland area. See See Motorcycles was formed 2 years ago by Drake Mcelroy, Jared Kenyon, and Thor Drake. “See See is a motorcycle brand that values the origins of motorcycles and an emphasis on aesthetics. What that boils down to is, we want to build some amazing bikes, race to win, and create a community of two wheelers. See See is based out of Portland Oregon, except for one. Drake, being the desert rat that he is, spends his time jumping dirt mounds in warmer southern regions” explains Mcelroy. See See Motorcycles don’t seem to have a website but you can find loads more eye-watering photographs of their bikes and others at Chris Hornbecker’s site, who did a great job shooting all the bikes at the show. Update: The stunning Yamaha XS350 was built by Sean Dunlap. [Found on Bubblevisor]



  • rev.dub

    That first bike is near perfection. Wow. So clean and simple. Thanks for posting.

  • Woody

    That last one is like a cafe/supermoto hybrid, pretty awesome, although not a fan of the huge ass bag on the tiny headlamp.

  • Boxcar

    Correction: That first bike is built by Sean Dunlap, not See See Motorcycles.

  • Detroit Cretin

    I’m proud to be on the same page with Thor & Drake your bikes are awesome! thanks

  • JC


  • Scott

    Boxcar, thanks for correcting us. We didn’t know who built it but had to feature it.

  • bob

    That white honda is the bee’s knees! Gorgeous! And perfect proportions!
    Anyone know what the donor bike was? I can’t tell…….


    AKDAM ZKASS………………………..

  • Randy


  • TG

    FEB 05, 2011 The One Motorcycle show happened in Portlan dand here is a video to prove. thanks thor from See See fro working on setting it up.

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