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Suzuki EN125

Posted on August 1, 2010 by Scott in Brat. 15 comments


The Suzuki EN125 is a relatively unknown commuter bike thats only real benefit to most people is its great fuel economy. Definitely not the kind of bike you would imagine to be a decent donor bike – unless you are Douglas Paijo from Indonesia. After many years of owning the bike he had an unfortunate accident and thought his dreams of turning it into a ‘Brat Style’ custom were ruined. “I had a terrible accident on the bike last year” Douglas told us. “An old man with a Honda Supercub hit me from the left side at an intersection. It was almost midnight, and he had no lights. My bike was damaged badly, I lost my gas tank and the left side was completely broken. Fortunately, the frame was OK. My friends suggested I sell the bike, but i had so many beautiful memories with it. I have no car so when my wife gave birth to my first son, we rode the bike to the nearby hospital. It was unforgettable. So, i decide to customized it”.

Douglas enlisted the help of his good friend Andi who runs a small custom shop in Yogyakarta in Indonesia, and together they went about doing a complete makeover on the bike. “The Suzuki EN125 is a pure sport road bike, but i want a different look for the bike. I want a simple, clean bike with good handling and fun to ride. I stripped down the bike, chopped the rear end of the frame, made a new seat and put a Suzuki GP100 gas tank on. I like the bobber look, so i wanted a fat tire for the bike and found a 130/90 15″ tire but unfortinately it was too hard to find the suitable rim here”. Due to Indonesia being limited for motorcycle parts Douglas did what a lot of Indonesians have to do and become resourceful. “I ended up using a VW Beetle rim for the rear wheel and luckily had no problem finding the front one”. As time went by Douglas received more and more parts from his friends. “I had a 38mm front fork which taken from a chinese’s Loncin sparta trail 125cc bike and had to shorten it to get a nice look. Andi made the front and rear fender. More than 80% of the parts I took from OEM spare parts. I believe that the quality and durability of the parts will give me more rather than if I use after market parts”. Douglas also pulled a lot of parts from other bikes, like the headlight is from a Honda CB100, a rear stop lamp taken from a Suzuki RV90, and the Handle bars are from a Honda GL200. “I also picked up a series of signal lamps from Kawasaki KLX 150, a classic speedometer from an old Suzuki cub and Andi fitted an old Honda CB125 muffler”. The last thing they did was paint it. “I loved the gas tank and I wanted a suzuki classic colour on the tank and I found one. The skull cartoon is the choice of my son Guilermo who is 4 years now. We love to ride this bike in the afternoon, with the approriate safety gear, he sits on the gas tank in front of me. It’s not a fast ride if you want to know, of course i don’t want to put my son in danger. We usually ride in the country side at the weekend. I know that he will love to ride as his father.”

Now I’m wishing I took my pregnant wife to the hospital on my bike – maybe the next one. What a great story, and it says a lot about the differences in cultures around the world.


  • That is a neat story. I think giving a pregnant woman a motorcycle ride might be against law here,…A GP touring handle bar on this would look pretty good, but then he won’t be able to give his son a ride…That is against law here as well. We used to do those kinda riding when I was a kid but those safety law made it harder to do such things… Well, there are bunch of people with cell phone stuck in their ear while they are driving, or even texting so those law might not be a bad idea…Was the old man with Honda Supercub on his cell phone?

  • Scott

    Ha ha. Switchum I like your thinking. Although if the old guy cant afford lights, I’m guessing a cell phone might be out of reach…luckily.

    Yeah the laws in Indo seem a bit looser than most countries these days. Very cool though, bring back the 70’s!

  • Jeff

    What a great post! I love the way Douglas mounted the rear view mirror on the lower triple clamp – that’s a great idea.



  • Pamberjack

    Yeah – I’ve never seen rear-view mirrors done like that before. My initial thought was that it’d do nothing but give you a great view of your knees, but I’m guessing that Doug wouldn’t have done it if it didn’t work.

    Or maybe he just has really great knees…

  • Paijo

    @switchum: In Indonesia giving a pregnant woman or kid a motorcycle ride is not against the law. Car is very expensive here. We have to spent more than US $ 3000 for a used car, but you can have a used bike with only US $ 100! Motorcycle very popular in Indonesia because it’s cheap especially in the developing country like Indonesia. That’s the answer why Yamaha sold more than 3 millions here last year. The old man not on his cell phone. I have bad news about people and their cell phone.If in your place there are bunch of people with cell phone stuck in their ear or even texting while they are DRIVING, i have the worse case here. People operating their cell phone while they are RIDING. Imagine that!

    @scott: i think it’s not a bit looser, i said it’s the biggest looser. So sorry to say that, but it’s true…

    @jeff & pamberjack: thanks bro. Although it is small, the rear view mirror is highly convex, and absolutely, it’s work and very helpfull. i got a great view with it.


    You have a nice modification, i like it. I have also suzuki EN 125 2009 Model.

  • Paijo

    thank you, bro.. don’t be all mainstream. custom your EN now!!… 😀

  • wayandogler

    best jap ever. light, simple, and works…..salut !

  • Paijo

    Thank you, Bli…. c'mon, send your works to Pipeburn, i know that it will be very nice 🙂

  • Glenn

    Brilliant little bike, wouldn't suit my traffic conditions but mine wouldn't suit his either.Very nice job.
    Greetings from Australia.

  • Paijo

    Thank you, Glenn. I have many friends in Australia, i hope i can visit Australia someday, and of course, enjoy your traffic with suitable bike. Warm greeting from Yogyakarta… 🙂

  • andy

    hmm…small but nice…keep working bro

  • pieraun

    boleh juga nih,,, mau kalah2 kan honda.. mana bissaaa

  • Paijo

    Gak ada yg mau ngalahkan honda, mas… tapi setahu saya, di beberapa negara eropa, semisal jerman, honda selalu kalah sama suzuki dalam popularitas maupun penjualan. dan setahu saya, di eropa juga, honda gak bisa menang melawan ducati, triumph, atau aprilia. setahu saya lho… peace!

  • Gustavo

    I would love to hear the sound of this piece of art.