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Honda JX110 Café Racer

Posted on August 14, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer. 18 comments


Up until now we had never heard of a Honda JX110 – probably because it’s most commonly found in Thailand. In Thailand there are various models of 110-125cc Honda Motorcycles including cb, jx, cg and gl models. Almost every models use the same frames and engines, but have minor differences like fuel tanks, seats and shock absorbers. This model is a 1981 Honda jx110 and has been turned into a Norton Manx styled café racer by Thai resident Torsak. “My dream motorcycle is a racing-style one with long fuel tank and single seat like former British café racer” Torsak said. “I spent 6 months modifying the whole bodywork except the frame and engine. The work includes a set of Yamaha vr150 shock absorber system and disc brake, change front-wheel and back-wheel size from 17 inch to 18 inch by using vintage D.I.D.’s wheel aluminium rims, the front tire is a Dunlop F11 and the rear tire is a classic Dunlop TT100GP. Fuel tank is from Custom House Stinky in Japan, rearsets from Yoshimura and the headlamp is from Vintage Bike UK .The seat, exhaust and front-back mudguards were all hand made.”

Torsak has done a marvelous job creating this stunning little cafe racer. Also have a feeling Torsak may have read our ‘Shoot your Bike‘ article – impressive shots as well.



  • Joey

    Great!! Love it small bike is my favorite.

  • Fantastic job!!! Even small cc bikes look awesome with good taste mods.

  • Jeff Day

    Beautifully done!

  • MikeMachine

    very clean and very classy

  • Alan Racer

    I just search in google images of honda jx110
    and be more surprised with what you make it happen

  • tom

    really nicely done, love it

    • Mike

      Torsak, maybe a silly question but what tail light is that?!

  • jesus.sierra

    Great build! Awesome shots!! I wish i could find a fuel tank like that!

  • ethanol

    You can get a tank like that. Costs 147,000 yen which is about $1700.00.

    A little steep for me.

  • niphol jx125

    I have jx125cc I make same picture

  • wan

    My name is Wan. I'm Thai. I really like this bike. Could you please tell me how to contact or get in touch Torsuk? Do you have his phone number or his address? I would like to discuss with him about this bike

    thank you


  • Mel

    Hi what is the D.I.D. wheel specifications for the front and back? It looks like you are running on 90/90 by 18 up front and 110/90 by 18 in the back. Congratulations. excellent work

  • Torsak

    D.I.D on front is 1.85 and back is 2.15
    tire on front is 3.00 / 18 and back is 4.00 / 18
    hope this help


  • Mel

    Thanks again Torsak. great bike excellent taste. Beautiful.


  • Andaman

    Torsak, I am in Thailand,, want to talk with you about this bike. Have you an email? Can message to me from the website. Thanks

  • Tank costs almost as much as the entire motorcycle lol

  • gexer

    hi torsak
    is the tank from a norton? was thinking of getting a tank like this. can share where to get your tank from? can contact me via thanks a mil bro. awesome bike

  • Dublo

    I can’t stop looking at this bike. I keep coming back to it. It’s just beautiful and it’s the biggest inspiration; Can’t wait to build my own bike.