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1971 Honda CB750 Café Racer

Posted on September 28, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 19 comments

There’s no denying that the Portland café racer scene is alive and well. Especially when we keep coming across stunning bikes like this 1971 CB750, owned and built by Portland local Phil G. It has been his project and obsession for the last 2 1/2 years but doesn’t want to take all the glory. “I would like to sit here and tell you that I did it all myself but i have to give credit were credit is due” says Phil. While the overall concept and design of the bike was all Phil, there are a few very important elements that would not have been possible without the help from his very talented friends. “I have to say thanks to Sam Hill for welding the custom oil tank and the 5” stretch into the fuel tank, also to Sean Smith for laying down the beautiful black paint, Paul Burdette for the stage 3 port job and general engine building help, Ginger McCabe of New Church Customs for the seat pad, and to Deon Staffelbach for the awesome photography. Other than that I pretty much did everything myself.” I asked Phil why there’s so many custom bikes coming out of Portland and he replied “maybe it’s the long wet winters, plenty of time to build, not a lot of time to ride.” With winter approaching over there, we look forward to seeing more impressive builds after they come out of hibernation.

Spec list:
Engine bored out to 850
Stage three ported head
Super flow valves
Webcam 63a grind
Cyclex super rods
Balanced and lightened crank and rotor
Under cut tranny
All new bearings and chains inside
CR 29 carbs
Custom aluminum oil tank
Stock fuel tank stretched 5″ with knee dents
Custom rear sets (modeled after dunstall rear sets from the 70’s)
Custom s.s. muffler

  • mingh

    shouldn't this site be called CBburn? half the bikes posted here are CBs. About time we get to see some other stuff.

  • Well CB750 has changed motorcycle world in '69 and Honda managed to manufactured more than million units in 9 years of production, so it is hard to avoid the vintage model since there are so many and parts are cheaper and more available than others. So complaining about seeing too many CB models here is like bitching about fat people taking up space in Kansas. Sorry.

  • Scott

    @Mingh Our inbox receives more CB750's than any other bike. I have actually held back featuring many of them but as Switchum mentioned, they did make a hell of a lot of them! Having said that, your point has been taken and noted.

    • head full of snakes

      hey phil. love the bike so much that i would be highly greatful for info on where your tank and rear cowl(fairing,seat assembly), as i have a ’82 900f and would like to build a beefier version with the same classic lines. would love to wind the clock back a decade on my project. the classic lines are unbeatable.color scheme is perfect. if you’d help me out the royalty cheque is in the mail.

  • Triumphant

    the copper and black combo is killer.

  • Riotbike

    He should learn to install the front tyre facing the right direction

  • xcaptainxbloodx

    ^ you should learn which way the tires tread is supposed to go before you start criticizing.

    I saw this bike at motofactory towards the end of last winter. you would be hard pressed to find a cleaner, more gone through cb. great build.

  • Drake

    First off, More CB's please. Hands down one of the coolist bikes ever made.
    Second this bike's engine is the real jem here! WOW
    Third. The tire is mounted correct. I have the same set on my CB750

    That reminds me. Are you going to post the pics of my other CB750. The Silver and black one?

  • phil g

    @mingh, like what was already said, there were a ton of cb's made and they lend themselves perfectly to this type of build.if you dont like them then you are probably just going to be pissed off a lot.

    @riotbike, i assure you the tire is installed correctly

    dammit!! i forgot to give props to oliver and everybody at motofactory, those guys are awesome and helped me out a lot

    @drake, yeah man,this bike is crazy to ride, it revs very much like a modern sportbike, it starts to come alive around 5,000 and you better be holding on, not have anybody in front of you and be ready to shift quick. i'm not trying to compare it to a new gsxr or anything but for a 39 year old bike it will surprise you.


    ABSOLUTELT STUNNING! Congrats and thanks for posting!

  • Mark Swidler

    Beautiful bike. It reminds me of the feature bike built by Bob Braverman back in about 1971/1972 that he did over multiple issues as editor of Cycle Magazine. At the time I thought it was about the most attractive motorcycle in the world. Seeing this bike makes me think that I wasn't far off.

    Nice build.


  • DennisT

    I saw this bike today at Phil's place. He did not know me but invited me over to look at his finished bike since I am starting to do one and saw he is located close to my home. This bike is stunning in person. The workmanship, the mods, everything on this bike is well thought out and executed. I got a bunch of ideas from this bike for mine. What you don't see is what he put in the motor, a real ripper! Plus Phil is one hellva nice guy to boot! More guys like Phil are needed, he shares everything about his build and is humble about it.

  • phil g

    thanks denny, it was a pleasure meeting with you guys,
    ill be seeing you soon

  • hei drake…

    i would like to post that silver one on my blog!
    may i??


    and of course…
    my compliments to the guys of the!
    i follow u daily!
    great bikes!




  • slyons6270

    That is beautiful, quick question…feel free to flame a newb, what tail is that? I have a 71' CB500 and want to convert it to a cafe racer and I love that tail. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

  • phil g

    the tail is from carpy at

  • Tate

    It's awesome to see a fellow Rose City cafe builder on this site. Awesome build!! Dig the color scheme!! If you have Facebook, you should join the NW ROCKERS group. Cheers!

  • David

    How much money is in that bike, like 20 grand!? Pretty funny since the bike was so popular because it was so cheap, $1495 to be exact!