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Triumph ‘Accessories’ Project

Posted on January 15, 2011 by Scott in Other. 17 comments

A set of kitchen scales made out of a Bonneville instrument panel by John Doherty

Triumph has teamed up with students from Birmingham City University’s Institute of Art & Design on a project called ‘Accessories’. Eighteen MA Product Design students were asked to design and create alternative lifestyle products based on components from a Triumph Bonneville T100.

Nick Orme was announced the winner, for his design of a corkscrew (below) using parts of the Bonneville’s handlebar mechanism. Genius. Second place went to Wa Ya-Lin for her fruit bowls made from the T100 wheels, and third place went to Elena Matyas for her jacket and helmet stand made from mirrors.

Stuart Wood, Chief Engineer at Triumph and one of the judges, said: “We were impressed with all of the entries but Nick’s design, which used a Bonneville brake lever, master cylinder and handlebar grip, really stood out. His corkscrew was an innovative use of motorcycle parts that created a lifestyle product we could really see customers buying.”

We have to give a special mention to the beautifully crafted turntable (below). Built by Richard Underhill, it uses a motorcycle brake rotor as the disc platter and a cylinder head along the side of the plinth. Perfect for playing your old Eddie Cochran albums on.

[Spotted on Ton-Up Culture]

  • Dima

    Fruit bowl and turn table are the shite.

  • Steve

    OK, face it – this stuff is awesome.

  • kik

    steampunk all the way!!!!!! ! love it!! !!

  • WP

    I would pay good money for that turntable

  • Septic the Sceptic

    A lot of careful thought in these. Hope they don't start mass producing them in China.

  • Andrew

    Won't someone think of all the poor bikes that lost their lives to make these! Oh, the horror of it all…

  • Emaychee

    Pretty jealous. I'm at the BIAD and I'm doing illustration..maybe I need to jump on that product design bandwagon? 😉

  • +1 Andrew

  • Rich@BIAD

    Hi guys,

    thanks for all the comments and glad you like what you've seen! If you're interested in any of the designs please contact Triumph or the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design!…the more interest our products get, the more likely they'll be out there to buy!

    equally check out our MA Product Design twitter page….!/MAProductDesign

    mine's here too….!/Richard_Pants


  • D.

    Awesome. My kids can have Hannah Montana lunchboxes and I can have Triumph kitchen scales. I remember when motorcycles were about riding. Now, apparently, they're about merchandising.

  • TwoStoked

    @D. Relax, its only an art project. Triumph aren't going to start manufacturing kitchen scales for real!

  • Katie

    It would be a great idea for Triumph to start manufacturing some stuff from these projects ! Some of them are really nice and maybe that was the whole point of the project in the first place?!? The turntable rocks ! and I would need a that table and the helmet and jacket stand !

  • Lin-lin

    I WANT those kitchen scales!!

  • Mr Sprint ST

    Awesome, can I have the bottle opener and scales please

  • I love it – especially the turn table and scales, though the scales look like they could do with a little calibrating.

  • Ian

    Why not? KTM do a toaster 😉

  • oak

    Nice surreal atmosphere. Would have been really nice to use the vintage logo.