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Riding September Video

Posted on January 25, 2011 by Scott in Video. 67 comments

Yesterday we were sent this beautifully shot video, directed by Clément Beauvais starring the guys from Blitz Motorcycles riding the roads of France. The video is set to the great folk/rock song by The Felice Brothers called ‘Frankie’s Gun’. The short film was shot for the aestheticly pleasing blog named Riding September – which contains stacks of sweet photographs and videos.

WARNING: The video may contain traces of motorcyclists riding dangerously and fashionable males in stylish collared shirts. You have been warned.

  • Jurp

    What its all about!

  • Scott

    @Jurp I think its an ad for Blitz Motorcycles

  • That really made my night!

    The weather here in the south of Sweden has been BRUTAL this winter. The thought of riding my bike in the summer to come makes me feel warm inside.


    • Ianscratchit

      You need to get out more mate! maybe just goe ride your bike!

  • laughing out loud

    cool vid…. Only complaint is the total hipster/douchebag look the guys are sporting… lol but, I guess that's the demographic they're trying to sell to…

  • Woody

    You're just jealous that they're way cooler than you, lol

    kidding aside, I dig that yamaha street tracker. Great video, whether it's an ad or not.

  • Brev

    ^^Laughed Out loud…Who gives too shits what they wear, could be a dress and blouse topped off with motocross boots. Their bikes are rad, looks like fun, hanging with mates, riding bikes, thats what it's all about! Do you only like looking at shit with dudes dressed like you?? Kind of narcissistic………

  • Perry Wilson

    Does anyone know what camera this was shot on, The flat contract is fantastic…

  • jack

    narcissism and motorcyles dont go together very well.

    posing on your bikes like your some 60's biker gang, real riders see right through this. these guys are after the "look" that comes with motorcycles

    Also, totally sick of dudes sporting yamahas dressed up like harleys, when did that start to be "cool". these guys website says "attitude does matter". wow, so deep. is that your philosophy?

    like the big designer clothing companies, people like this are obviously selling an image. people without a life along with lots of money buy into this crap believing it will make them a "bike guy". the biker bandwagon has gone to far for me. sure its good to ride with friends, be interested in fashion, blah blah blah, but this isnt that, this is showboating, this is "look at the hd video we made of how cool and rebelious we are."

    too much style not enough substance. anyone who buys into this crap is only into bikes for one reason, the same reason they wore those cool pair of jeans in high school, so you fit into the crowd, so you can hang with the cool kids. if this is what bike culture is turning into then im removing myself. it is so infantile and immature, to pose for the camera and show off your so called coolness.

    now not only are our suburbs being completely gentrified (see brunswick, northcote and north fitzroy in melbourne) but even our lifstyles are being infiltrated by the rich posers who are desperate for the next "cool" thing to do. my message to those of you who turn up to our bike meets, runs and swap meets: go somewhere else, dont turn us into the mainstream. dont turn us into the "cool". nobody thinks any more of you just becuase your posing on your fashion statement bike.

  • laughing out loud

    Dude. Actually, I could care what anyone wears… as long as it's (semi) proper riding gear of some sort. Looking like an extra from 'Hawaii five-o' or some slacker from 1974 is going to invite derision from "real motorcyclists".

    Jack, above has said it better than I.

    Hipster Douchebags. Shame that's the "image" that's "cool"…

    That's all I'm sayin'….

    Great friggen' bikes tho'

  • kik

    the bikes were amazing,but it felt like a commercial for the gap.

  • Youssef "Custom Junkie" Azmi

    i for one like it. no mater what bikes they ride or what brand or not they wear. it's not a videocam shot about guys just having fun on their bikes. it is a short film involving direction, production, lighting, sound, etc. the knowledge of that to some may give the impression that the "lifestyle" involved is artificial. it serves the purpose of the blog it was made for, and is enjoyable to watch. i wouldn't over analyze.

    Pipeburn, whatever happened to the KTM build-off???

  • Tom

    WAOUUU…. You guys are ruff. We did this video without any money,
    Yes , they were wearing some clothes from a firend of us. Is it that bad to do help a friend with his new little brand ??
    And the purpose was just to do a movie and to tell the little story of our road trip, and trying to be seen
    There is no marketing bullshit in here. just some friends riding.


  • Scotty

    I can overlook the annoying tragically hipness of the vintage jeans, the Chuck Taylors, the band I've never heard of (which was actually quite good), and the devil-may-care hairstyles/beards. But one thing I cannot, and will not EVER get past is the dude at 3:23 sporting the trampstamp. Eww.

  • Benjamin

    Et bien moi j'aime cette vidéo. Belles images, belles bécanes, beaux paysages et bon son. C'est tout ce qu'il y a à dire sur cette vidéo. Ne prenez pas en considération les commentaires des jaloux. Longue vie à Blitz ! 😉

  • sgeechee

    I like it.

  • Kaw

    This is really cool shit I love this shit really

  • Boba mother fucking Fett

    I hope you guys got some peanut butter to go with all this jelly, holy shit.

    Look, I admit the people jumping on this bandwagon simply for the fashion, or cool factor(like many other hobbies and cultures as of late) are ruining a lot of the joy, and true camaraderie to this lifestyle.. But to call someone a douche bag because of their look is pretty fucking douche IMO. Sounds super jealous too.
    I feel like I'm in high school or some shit. I mean come on, every fucking post has these retarded comments, via armchair critics.
    You are all ruining the culture.
    Shut the fuck up and enjoy some nice motorcycles.

    Yours truly, Fett

  • Perry WIlson

    Hey TOM any news on what camera this was shot on?

  • Andrew

    @Perry I'd take a guess and say a Canon 5D DSLR. I could be wrong, but it seems to be the gear of choice lately. Tom???

  • Tom

    Yep nearly
    It was shot on a canon EOS 5D Mark II.

  • Looks like they're havin a whole lot of fun to me and thats what its all about.
    This vid reminds me of when I was a kid fooling around with my mates on old dirt bikes. People probably didnt like he way we looked either but we didnt care then and we dont care now. And I dont suppose these guys care either.
    They riding bikes, nice lookin bikes too, earning a few quid doing it and having a blast all at the same time, fairplay to them I reckon.

  • Tom

    You can see the camera on the little making of i did at 2:57 on

  • Twostoked

    I agree with Chris. They are having fun and thats what its all about. Who cares what they are wearing.

  • Chuck Norris

    I like how its all shown as this amazing motorcycle trip but…………they brought the bikes down in a van??….Only took them out for the filming then loaded them back up and drove to the next location? Rinse and repeat until you have all the footage…yes?

    So it was all a sham to look cool?

    "And the purpose was just to do a movie and to tell the little story of our road trip, and trying to be seen"

    "and trying to be seen" what? Like posing?

  • Chris

    Made me want to ride and hang out with my friends PLUS I also discovered some new music.
    Tom, thanks SO MUCH for this, you did a great job and I'm sure it was super fun to create.

    Hey Jack, relax. Breathe. It's motorbikes and friends. And I'm guessing these guys are just wearing what they normally do. I've worn the same Vans and jeans since I was 13. Do I need a big padded coat and chaps? That would seem like posing…right? I'm confused.

  • Perry Wilson

    excelent work man I know I might be pushing it but what kind of grade did you run it through… im actually a 7D shooter and beta tester… Ive shot probably 20 indi's on my 7D and am working on a feature right now… I love the flat grade and would like to use it if you dont mind giving up some of the details

  • Perry Wilson

    watched the making of video… great work man… nice 70-200 you got there. And handheld too? thats sick great work

  • bodhi

    Wow..lots of hate in this thread!!

    To me, this looked like an artistic trailer/teaser for a movie called 'Riding September'. Looks like a bunch of dudes who like to hang out, ride, and surf..Made me wish it was warm here, and that I could get out and ride.

    Seems pretty harmless to me..but I don't really care what others style is, or what clothes other guys wear.

    But I'm kind of biased, me and my friends like to hang out, ride, and eat good food and have good times..And we wear jeans, tshirts, and hoodies too, so I guess I'm just another douche bag..

    I work in a shop, and I can say I've seen 1000's of every kind of rider you can imagine, from the leathered out guy with tassles, to the scarf wearing Vespa guys, the 'hardasses' who only wear jeans and shop shirts and ride choppers, to the jeans and hoodie guys who ride bratstyle and bobbers.

    Just because I don't relate to their vibe or trip, I'm not going to hate on them.At the base of it all is just another dude who likes being on two wheels and feeling the wind rushing by..

    Isn't that enough to relate to?

  • Chris

    Thanks Bodhi. Very well put.

  • Tom

    This is how it happened
    If you don't get notice… people don't call to work
    So we decided whith friends to go down in south and france to make a little film
    about motorcycles and surf (to show what we do, and what we are abble to do in motorcycles, movie direction, photos…)
    … in the end i was really not a good surfer enough and screwed all of the surfing's images ,
    so they only did it on the motorcycle (good for me)

    This aim of this is simple:
    1. Have some fun, doing work and stuffs we like
    2. Making a movie and photos whith our friends (Clément, blitz, arthur ) and showing their and our works and "skills"
    3. maybe hoping to interest people ("and trying to be seen")

    4. we'll see… maybe we will have more work. (that's what i hope for all of us)

    We are are just really happy that people are watching our work.
    Nothing more

    Thanks to all of you!! even those one who don't like the video


  • Scott

    @Bodhi Well said mate.

  • Tom


    Jan ride, Mumbai India

  • +1 to @Jack

    I understand @Tom's point of view. And sure, they had fun making it. But the video says nothing to me other than buy clothes at Abrecrombie&Finch, GAP or whatever. Looks just like that. And the use of retro helmets and bikes support it.

    And BTW, it's not a matter of what you wear (GAP hoodies, fashion shirts, scarfs or whatever you want). It's only a problem if you pretend to be another ("cooler"?) person. Like in ads.

    And, of course, AGATT.

  • Exo

    If this is not a FAD and you guys are genuine then why are you on those types of bikes?

    Why are the bikes in the styles produced by "Bratstyle, Deus, Wrench Monkess" to name but a few.
    (Mostly single cylinder vintage looking bikes supporting Firestone Champion high wall tires)

    Why are you dressed in the same manner and using those vintage looking helmets as shown on these sites?

    Is it because that style of bike and clothing are part of a new scene that is cool right now?

    It just seems suspect to me that all these new garages are popping up everywhere building the same style of bikes. Dressing the same way and even filming and shooting photos in the same way using this faded bleach bypass / sepia look.

    Basically this statement says it all.

    " these guys are after the "look" that comes with motorcycles"

    This is not aimed specifically at you or your garage Tom.

    It's a general observation of this new trend that seems to be spreading rapidly and a whole new culture developing around these types of motorcycles.

  • Perry WIlson

    whats the big deal with delelopement in popularity in these bike?? Are all of the people on here bitching because they are old prudes who dont like it when another generation does something from theirs? So what! I happen to be 21 years old and I love cafe racers and wearing open faced helmets and leather jackets, I cant help it that I wasnt born in the 60's so I could ride them back then. As far as the burst of videos shot and graded in this style… its whats in right now. You could make the same argument about 3D… you old farts had 3D back in the day… we are reviving it now… its just whats in… sorry I cant be as old and as cool as you…

  • Exo

    Perry WIlson you have clearly failed to understand what I meant by that comment.

    You've somehow managed to make it into this whole "new generation VS old generation" thing whereas it has nothing to do with that.

    The simple fact is…..When you're into motorcycles and you enjoy building / riding numerous different styles and are into it because you love the sight, the sound and the smell of roaring engines on two wheels and the way it makes you feel. You inadvertently want to guard it and protect it. It is your little underground. Somewhere you can go when you get sick of all the bullshit.

    Then all of a sudden you see this whole new group of people show up. All fixated on the one style of bike. Who all seem to only be after the "image" of being seen as a "bike guy".

    It all feels degrading like they are wrecking and sucking the life out of something you hold close.

    "whats the big deal with delelopement in popularity in these bike?? "

    If you take something that wasn't all that popular before and you suddenly see a huge increase in popularity, with people following the same style and portraying the same image. It represents a FAD. When the whole scene dies down they move on to the next "in" thing.

    It's like back in the day when surfing was big or skateboarding for that matter. There were people who were truly into it and then there were those who dressed the same way had surfboard and skateboards but couldn't actually surf or stake.
    They were there just for the looks and the image.

    How would you like it if a bunch of people ran into your house. Sat in your living room opened your wardrobes and wore your clothes and yelled "hey look at me!, look at me!" and pretended they've been living there for ages.

    Then you walk in and think to yourself "who are all these assholes?"

  • Perry WIlson

    that doesnt make sense to me… the only reason I would be mad at the situation you presented to me is the fact that they were cloths that I bought and in MY house… now if someone bought the same house and the same clothes then good for them, IMITATION IS THE #1 FORM OF FLATTERY… If you truely love something then you would want as many people to experience that same feeling you get everytime you hop on your bike… I wasnt basing my retort soley on your comment it wasnt meant as a lash out at you… it was based off all of the negativity in this thread. I love my art being in the film industry is the greatest thing in the world in my oppinion, the way technology is these days its easier than ever for the average joe to make a movie, and that excites me that they get to experience what I do every day. Im not worried about all these people making movies and undercutting me or taking my job because I have made myself valuable to the industry. I also build bikes in my spare time, if I didnt want "posers" in that realm then I wouldnt build bikes for people, I would keep them to myself

  • veiovis

    I think it's hilarious that the people on here can assume that these people are fake, non genuine riders because of the clothes they wear, and the bikes they ride based on a movie trailer as an advertisement for their shop… You also forget that these guys are French I believe, and you are losing what they are saying in translation.. ie, when they say they want to be 'seen' , they are saying that they are advertising, and getting the word out about their shop, their bikes, and their friends clothing line w.1910.

    They are absolutely selling an image, like every other business does. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But don't hate on a group of guys that are trying to pay their bills while doing what they love..It looks really high school.

    i think it's cool that a new generation is 'finding' the look/style/feel of the vintage bikes. I've been riding 'vintage' bikes since the early 90's, and it doesn't offend me one bit. They are taking the old, and putting a new twist on it, and enjoying it..

    Why you gotta be hatin'?

  • Perry WIlson

    agreed^^ I love old bikes, much more than new ones, I think this company is bad ass and love the absolute peices of art they have made

  • clevelandmatt

    while everyone was reading blogs and sharpshooting, they were riding. go outside, get on your bike, get over it.

  • Drake

    I thought the video looked fun. I'm sure it was fun to make. I also think its OK for people to not like what they represent. I'm not a fan myself but I am getting tired of people saying don't hat on me. If people don't like to hear me hate on something don't listen or ignore it.

  • veiovis

    @clevelandmatt well said!! I wish I could get out and ride! the curse of living in Mi..Gotta spend all winter wrenching, dreaming, and reading pipeburn!

  • Donald

    Couldn't bother reading all the comments… read 10 of them you read them all! some like it, some don't (lovers, haters : same old story)

    Tom, who has been answering a few comments here, and Clement are my best friends as well as business partners. Our business has nothing to do with bikes and we don't know shit about bikes; we don't even ride bikes. Tom sat his ass on a bike saddle for the first time during this trip!
    We're into image (still photos, motion, illustration…)

    Early autumn is a beautiful time to take holidays in the south west of France : weather's still perfect, everyone back to work, empty roads, winter swells kickin'in (yeah I know, I'm a bit of "a hippie surfer sportin' a bad trampstamp")… So to us it was the perfect time to have a nice holiday with friends.
    Making image to us is more than a job : it's there all the time…there's no holidays from your passions.
    And I guess it's about the same with our friends making bikes, riding them; I tend to think it's not only a job

    So here we are, in a beautiful place, with friends enjoying life…. how about we make a short clip out of it?

    Some of you thought it looked too professionnal to look true… best compliment ever, at least we're good at what we do. And if the brands you compared our clip to think the same……. then bingo.

    I understand that the image of motorcycling in this movie can upset some "true bikers", but really I couldn't give a rat's ass… the thing as been watched over 50k times in 4 days, and I'm stoked


  • Andrew

    Well, I'd like to hate on the complete lack of existentialism and beautiful, semi naked girls in the video. Has 100 years of French cinema taught you nothing!? This video is a black mark on the French nation!

    I demand that you guys reshoot immediately and add more titties and more angst. May I suggest moody topless girls smoking cigarettes and riding dangerously? Keep the current bikes, though. They rock…

  • Twostoked

    Maybe the haters of this vid would prefer the new Harley Blackline vid. Full of biker cliches…

  • bodhi


  • Tim

    All I gotta say it was a great video, love the music, loved the bikes, loved the concept of riding with friends, love the concept of riding your own ride. (for all you complaining about the clothes, bikes, and calling everyone posers, remember. "Ride your Ride and let others ride theirs!")

    Thanks for sharing your roadtrip, look forward to future endevours!

  • Poet

    Authentic fun, Frenchcool – I love this video, wish I'd been there. Respect

  • dannyb278

    Nice vid. I might not be cool enough for school, but its better than the "wolf howling at the moon" t-shirst with chaps below and do-rags above look that is popular with so many dicks around here.

  • niclas/sweden

    Wow, this stirred up some feelings! Here is my:

    Iḿ buying the 5d mkII NOW!
    I got a boner from the photo! Very, very nice camerawork & post!
    The bikes made me put up my cbr on the "locale Craigslist"
    Concerning the look/clothes:

    If a couple of guys who all look like they could lay any bird in the bar actually found eachother through a common interest in building custom bikes, then wow! Small world.
    Iḿ growing a beard and burning my mastercard at the cool shops from here on out.

    And one more thing:
    If this annoys you, get a life. Relax a little

  • Suessmaus

    Yesss That's it!

  • Mattro

    i don't get it. aussies make nice custom bikes out of old bikes or cheap oem bikes, open shop, sell their shit, wear fashionable clothes, make hd vids, the entire motorcycling world is on their nuts like wayward vegemite.

    mon frere tom the gang does the same and they're douches? poseurs? i mean, really, guys… is it no luck with the good looking hipster girls bringing out the hate, or what?

    for the record, nice threads, real nice bikes, and & hope tom and the boys had a great time on real nice bikes wearing the nice clothes.

  • raymund60

    no zajebiste

  • Marck

    "what happened to the video?"

  • Love the video , Love the bikes, Love the music…

    Guess i just get it because I am older than most of you guys who seem to hate it, I was riding bikes when bikers were looked down on as scum and bars had signs saying things like NO Bikers Allowed

    Back then being a biker was all about heading off and just riding with your friends , messing around , not giving a shit what anyone thought …then the doctors and the dentists realized that biking was cool and if you didn't wear the right kit or ride the right bike you didn't fit in..

    Stop reinforcing that view!

    Hate me i don't care 🙂

  • EofA

    They should have taken these bikes off some sweet jumps….hahaha. I was going to rip back and agree with most of the neg. posts on here, but ya know what??? These guys look like they're having fun in their own trendy-I wanna rough it way.

    Quality of film and editing looks good. Most likely a Canon 5D or 7D = Check
    Riders look like scumbags = Check
    Trendy Fashion = Check
    Pretty Sweet Bikes = Check
    They put out a short film, and you didn't = Check

    I will agree with one poster (Scotty), please force your buddy to get his gay tramp stamp removed or get a whole back piece done. That area alone says, "Hey guys, I'm ready to party…in my butt."

    Not that being gay is a bad thing… it's just that I think most gay dudes won't even get that area tattooed.

    Overall, besides my own ivory tower opinions, I give this a thumbs up.

  • MSP

    Vintage imported bikes, open faced helmets, young fashionistas…yes, it's a scene. Harleys, overweight mid-life dentists, barbecue, pricey Harley leathers…yes, it's a scene too. Motorcycling is full of scenes, some more current than others, and some are more costly than others. Suffice to say, I've seen plenty of crappy vacation videos of old fat guys on Road Kings touring pie shops, and I'd rather watch "Riding September" anyday. Great job, Hush/Blitz.

  • mick

    great video!!! what is the title of background song,and who sings it?? thanks!!!

  • mick

    ups,I guess I didnt red the text underneth the video ;O)

  • Whitney

    What a bunch of haters. At least these guys have the balls to post videos of themselves doing what they're into. What if you post a video of you doing what you do and everyone talks shit about that? Who are you to judge? How narcissistic is that? Oh yeah, you're better than everyone else that wears nice clothes and gets pussy. How does it feel to sit around jerking off to porn in a room lit by a single lamp surrounded by the stink of jealousy and sexual frusteration, talking shit about a bunch of people who didn't do anything to harm you? I would hate to compare a video of you haters hanging out versus these guys having fun, dressing however they want. What would it look like? Some burnout losers who would most likely trailer their bikes to Sturgis and then talk shit on all the "crotch rockets" they see strolling by straddled by people who actually ride their motorcycles themselves? Whatever guys, get a life. These dudes look great, they're having fun, the video is aesthetically gorgeous, and they only ride bikes they've custom made. What have you done, fags?

  • Peatrich

    OK so its an advert for a bike shop and clothing disguised as a film about guys hanging out together and having a laugh on their bikes. I have a BMW R80 that I have been working on for months to get somewhere like these, I'm much too old for their clothing but I wear it anyway and it would be a laugh to hang around with your mates in warm weather and on empty roads riding for the fun of it in the wide open scenery of France.

    The Felice Brothers are great too – check out their albums.

  • Matthew

    Wow. You people are children. Who cares what they're wearing. Who are you to say what a particular individuals style should be.

  • Joe San Diego

    No matter what anybody says: A) Great bikes. B) Great cinematography. C) Beautiful scenery. D) Great song. E) Friends riding together and having fun. F) Did I mention 'great bikes'??

    Anybody who really has a problem with how the guys are dressed is focusing on the wrong thing here, and besides, sure they're dressed in a 'style'… EVERYBODY dresses in a 'style' whether they realize it or not.

    I tell ya one thing: I wouldn't have to be asked twice to join in on a motorcycle trip like this.

    Cheers all!

  • Ailton

    @bodhi weel said brother.

    Anyway… Here another jeans wearing, motorcycle riding douche bag… ^_^

    Holy macaroni, it's amazing how much people care about what is right and wrong, well isn't all an "in our mind" thing??? Come on man, let the guys have fun, cut the crap & accept that not everyone like the same shit as you. Jalousie, lame, hate, love, I'm 40yrs old and i've seen all the trends, brands, haters, lovers, and i ride motorcycles since that wasn't cool for school so i know where i'm talking about.
    Like the DicE magazine says: Fuck this, Let's ride!!!
    And Jack please remove yourself out of the scene you hate so much, let the real bikers ride their bikes, the fashion dudes ride their bikes, the hipsters ride their bikes and for the haters >>> SUFFER!!! You should get a life man, or at least get a motorcycle ^_^

    One Love, Motorcycle Love!!!


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