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Imaginary Garage IV – 2011 KTM 450 SX-F Salt Flat Racer

Posted on January 26, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 16 comments

Thrusty demons of desert. Anyone from KTM reading this?

It wasn’t until the morning of the fifth day that we emerged from the dark, twisted forest and onto the salt plain. At first it looked like another planet; or more accurately a planet made of light. It took many minutes for our eyes to adjust to the flooding glare – not helped by the fact that neither of us had food, water or sleep for the entire time. I saw it first. Norman (aka “Sgeechee”) was still surveying the surreal landscape when I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. It was the same bike we had ridden here on all those days ago, but only just. You’d be forgiven for not recognising it as it was really only the colours that were the same. The rest? Well… it was lower; MUCH lower. And faired. The lightness and tippy-toe stance of the old bike was gone, replaced with a bad-ass single-minded focus that was screaming “speed” like a million wailing megaphones laid end-to-end. We both grinned like idiots and instantly forgot the epic struggle of the last few days. Like ancient heroes we had dreamt a fantastical dream and made it real. We were gods. Motorcycling gods.

At least that’s how I remember it. Ahem. Photoshop can do strange things to a guy’s brain without sleep. Ladies and gentledudes, please meet our latest Imaginary Garage creation – the KTM 450 SX-F Salt Flat Racer. What the hell happened to the original bike, you ask? Come with us now on a journey through time and space…

Step 1. Start with a factory-fresh KTM 450 SX-F and a healthy disrespect for Austrian industrial design. Lower the bike and then lower it again. Extend the swingarm and strip off the unnecessary bits.

Step 2. Add a fairing from KTM’s 1198 RC8-R. Now I’m feeling the butterflies in the stomach – I’m beginning to think that we really might have something here…

Step 3. Add a belly fairing. Lower the screen, stretch the nose, and replace off-road tires with something better for setting speed records. Add a nice little aerodynamic seat.

Step 4. To finish, a little forced induction, a basic exhaust, and some footrests way back there. Then simply add salt, and ride. Yes, oh yes.

Many dankes to Norman who had the original, and brilliant idea. And for his patience and attention to detail – please enjoy the gloves. Also, thanks for the runners up – Job, Gary and Austin. Missed it by that much. Below is a “city dweller” rough mock submitted by Adam D. Beneath that is a bobber from Travis. Great work, guys. See you next time…

  • sgeechee

    I`ve already emailed again, so here I`ll just say that it was great working with you…and the bobber is also quite nice! Fatter tires were nice…and…oh my God, it starts again….

  • RocketRobinHood

    That looks mean and fast and light. Also it looks like a Creamsicle. These are all very good things, and maybe that's why I keep looking at it? And I think it's making me have the Crazy Eyes?

  • Asshole Welder

    a salt ktm good idea, ktm bobber no no!!

  • Asshole Welder

    the ktm bobber looks like something roland sand would have built, and that is not a compliment!

  • sgeechee

    Mmm…as i said before, I think with a few tweaks (wheels, rake maybe…) the bobber could turn out quite good. There surely is potential.

  • Adam.D

    Thanks for putting these things on guys, too much fun, can't wait for the next one!!

  • charles

    Holy crap, this one came out sweet. Sorry I was away from the internet for a bit and wasn't able to participate. Can't wait for the next installment.

  • jaiks!
    the front is so wrong
    hayabusa ugly
    the rear is nice

  • D.

    Like the top one quite a bit. Radical.
    The bottom one looks like a pocketbike.

  • Bravo for keeping the spokes!

  • kik

    love the chopper,.

  • iwannagofast

    Second from the top AWESOME!!!!!!!! Bobber style very nice!! All the rest so so.

  • iwannagofast

    Sorry just read the other threads…… "Hayabusa Ugly???????? Really????? You have never owned one obviously!!!!

  • Andrew

    @iwannagofast I'm with you. It's not Pipeburn's usual fair, but I'd not kick one out of my garage for backfiring. C'mon! It's a HAYABUSA, dude!

  • Ha, that's pretty cool man!
    Using some similar ingredients we came up with something completely different a few months ago:

  • Fokker

    I honestly have these plans in the works for my 03′ 250sx that has been
    sitting in the garage for a few years. Minus the fairing and was
    thinking of going a little cafe with it though. I figure ~40hp and
    ~200lbs should be quite the handful. If I ever find the time to get the
    project out of my head and into the garage I’ll let you know how it
    turns out.