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1989 Yamaha SR250

Posted on January 27, 2011 by Scott in Bobber, Rat. 7 comments

Doesn’t look like the usual SR250’s you see on the road, does it? No siree. This bad boy was recently built for the Metamorfosis Masiva — which is a SR250 build-off in Spain where you can’t spend more than €1,000 on parts. Although, there was no limit on the amount of hours they could spend building, and that’s what D.B from El Solitario MC did. Spending more than 500 hours creating this one-of-a-kind motorcycle. The bike, which D.B has named ‘The Winning Loser’ didn’t win, but ironically it has probably gained the most attention, being posted on numerous motorcycle blogs around the world and therefore living up to its name.


• Front end lowered 4″
• Metric wrenches used as struts to lower rear
• Vintage bicycle handlebars on vintage flanders risers are positioned upside down
• Vintage fog light
• Wilson perforated leather grips
• 19′ avon speedmaster front tire
• 16′ firestone deluxe rear tire
• Custom leather “rock star” seat
• 2.5 gallon stainless fuel tanks with brass petcocks and caps
• 1983 yamaha xt250 kickstart installed in order to simplify the layout
• No battery – 68.000 microfarads capacitor for sparks
• Chopper Dave “cheat death” pegs
• Custom 50-tooth rear sprocket and new regina chain
• Vintage smith tachometer on custom aluminum bracket
• Rear light from an old bultaco hidden inside the cowl
• Rearset foot controls
• Insignia designed by his friend Raulowsky and painted on the bike by his mom.

[Spotted on Biker Metric]

[Photos by Kristina G. Fender]

  • Sascha

    BAD ASS! I love it… Reminds me of Shinya!

  • Jurp

    KILLER!! Great Job!

  • Nice and cheap (money, not worktime) but a little "too show" for me. And not very street legal. Anyway, it's nice to see works with smaller and not so old bikes.

    There's a lot of pics of other SRs in that link you posted.

  • peter

    Looks cool, but the engine seems to have pimples…

  • Andrew

    Loving the speedway references and the twin tanks. I've seen double tanks done before, but never as well as this. Luberly.

  • D.

    Bicycle handlebars and wrenches for rear struts, eh? I guess hard braking and bumpy roads weren't a concern during the design phase…

  • KD

    I would love to know how they've lowered the forks 4" without sliding them up the clamps? anyone?

    would really help with a rebuild i'm doing right now