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Triumph T100 Scrambler Video

Posted on January 28, 2011 by Scott in Scrambler, Video. 12 comments

This classic styled Triumph T100 Scrambler, commonly known as Jack Pine is no newcomer to the limelight. It was numero uno in BikeEXIF’s Greatest Hits of 2010 — a combination of most hits and most comments. Now Hammarhead Industries have released this short video of their scrambler in action. So if you thought this Triumph was all show and no go, then you don’t know Jack.

[Found on Return of the Cafe Racers]

  • Chris

    I wonder how they'd got rid off the oil cooler…it looks nasty, but whats with the temperature?

  • Excellent film, nice to see the bike getting ridden hard! They've changed the exhaust pipes though, what gives?
    (Ive had to watch it without sound so if they say in the film why the pipes have been changed I apologise)

  • Scott

    @Chris Yeah, you're right. Didn't pick that up until you pointed it out. Not sure why they removed the 'scrambler' pipes. Anyone?

  • Josh

    I believe you can order it with either the low or the high pipe set up.

  • james

    Thanks for the kind words. The bike EXIF jack pine with high pipes sold shortly after the bike was posted. The jack pine in the video was built for the Hell for Leather test ride, then damaged on our trip to Mid-Ohio. Because of the damage, I decided to keep the bike as our demo unit. This build features a custom compact oil cooler (see our facebook page for details) and the Zard low exhaust. I am really digging this pipe as it makes the bike very narrow. All our customers to date have opted for the Zard but the hi-pipes can be spec'd if desired. The rider, Greg Pamart, has claimed the demo bike as his own when we are finished with it — he definitely earned it. James Hammarhead.

  • Dave in Kalifornia

    Excellent film, sexy bike.

    Good Job, James!

  • Kim of Copenhagen

    First time I've seen a modern Triumph twin being used for something better than landfill. Honestly, I tried one for a day, but those bloody counterbalancers make it feel as exciting as – say – a Toyota.

    Still a cool vid.

  • I don't recommend watching this if you have Photosensitive epilepsy. I like the bike but the flashing effect bugged me quite bit to be honest.

  • Asshole Welder

    switchum is right, i just bit my tongue off and kicked my officechair down the stairs, thank you hammarhead and pipeburn!!!

  • Steve

    Good riding for sure! Do lessons come with each purchase? 🙂

  • Bob

    Two words: Hell yea!!!

  • thom

    take a stock Triumph, remove ancillaries, paint black, fit nobblies and ali mudguards, done….