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It’s Better in the Wind

Posted on February 4, 2011 by Scott in Video. 47 comments

If this doesn’t make you want to go on a road trip, I don’t know what will. It’s a trailer for an independent film called “It’s Better In The Wind” by LA based photographer Scott G. Toepfer. The 15 minute short film is due out later this year and uses a mix of Super 8 and Canon 5D Mark II footage. It features a group guys riding across the Western parts of America on their bikes and just experiencing life the way it should be — no ipads or crackberries. We should all take a lesson from this. Another important lesson learnt from this trailer is to always watch your back while ‘draining the snake’ on the side of the road.

Below are some still images from Scott’s sold out book, also called “It’s Better In The Wind”. If you want to see more of Scott’s impressive work, check out his blog.

[Spotted on Her Majesty’s Thunder]

  • lance Houston

    I own a 05" Thruxton my buddy a74 Bonneville , I was having flash backs while watching the short film of he and I
    running down the rural country roads of the Florida panhandle.

  • cap’n crunch

    this post was a bit gay for me.

  • Scott Pargett

    If you wanna be a real biker, built out a real bonnie/thrux. Shortcuts to cool leave you looking like a fool.

  • kik

    how can i be cool like them?

  • Nice video. Better than the "Ridding September" one, IMO

  • It is very cold and tons of snow here in Mid-West USA. so even this trailer did not really make me want to take a road trip. I like the part when one guy was shoving the guy peeing. My friend used to do that to me then I just turned around to pee on him. No one tried to push me when I pee ever since.

  • bum

    what song is that in the background?

  • Andrew

    I just wish they'd taken the time to make a mobile version of the video. On my iPhone I'm getting a message saying I can't view it…

  • Pop a Wheelie Burn Out

    These guys are rad. I don't know why everyone is being negative about it. Just seems like a couple of guys who are more into riding then they are living up to the image of the people on Pipeburn.

  • zig


  • This might be the best motorcycle video I've ever seen!!!

  • dead_elvis

    @ bum: "Young Men Dead" by The Black Angels, according to the director on his Vimeo page


  • negative nancies

    holy negativity batman. i enjoy pipeburn and thought fellow readers were likeminded. however now i realize many of them are judgmental and a bit stuck up. i actually read into this project and most of those who are commenting are missing the point entirely. they aren't trying to prove or claim anything. they aren't claiming that they have the coolest bikes or the most original lifestyle. if those are the things you worry about, then you're the one missing out. what is so "gay" about having common interests and enjoying life with your friends? if this is the new definition of "gay"…then spank my ass and call me a flamer.

    great project scott, i can't wait to see more.

  • zig

    The best motorcycle movie ever made is CYCLE SOUTH. I couldn't find a clip online, but you can watch it streaming on netflix.

    It looks like these guys are having fun and had fun making this, isn't that what it's all about?

  • Mr French Tickler

    Great Vid!

  • Peter

    Looks like fun but the challenge for any amateur photographer is to film motorcycling with a unique perspective. This is the same as every other hipisters on motorcycles video I've seen. Nothing original or all that interesting. Nothing against the guys or the bikes or whatever, I just find these types of videos boring. 'Guy on a bike with some depth of field effects, sitting by a fire, guy with vintage camera skipping rocks, cut back to same shot of guy on a bike. Kinda' lazy film making to me.

  • Ratchop

    The phuckers who complain wish they had the balls to ride that free. HA only a few of us know what its like to live like that. Pipe burns full of weekend warrior, gap wearin, sportbike rockin dick lovers. Rockers are real riders, call us hipsters or whatever you hip motherphuckers call us, but were the ones living. Were the ones riding. You all spend your days and nights on the computer, cracking jokes about the real guys, while secretly late at night, you pause that movie, and beat your punis to a bloody pulp cuz you dont have a girlfriend, and your to manly to come out with your true sexuality. phuck it and suck nay sayers.

  • Andrew

    That's probably enough of the hatin' thanks guys. Let's try and keep it a little more civilised, yeah?

  • Ben

    The negativity surrounding the post is astounding. "how can i be cool like them?", "this post was a bit gay for me.", and "scary gay". Did it not have a enough trucker hats, white trash, and monster energy jersey's in it for you guys or what?

    The photography that has come out of this project has been absolutely amazing, the concept is one of a retro-modern lifestyle that is naturally aesthetic being artfully represented.

    You homophobes are really missing, or are unable to appreciate, the concept if you can only think about sexual orientation after watching this.

  • Mike D

    Hey I'm equally disappointed as impressed with the comments… September was a great buzz, loved the vibe and enjoyed the film. i've been working with a crew of guys I an office for a while now and we are all into bikes. Some of us ride and some of us collect (thing
    Ducati, Laverda,BSA, old and Gold). we watched the Riding September and the thing I noticed is that the guys that bike everyday or at least on the weekends were into it (i'm talking Sport bikes and Motard) but the cats that were collecting and reminiscing were more concerned with the bike, the parts and the authenticity. In my mind they missed what rest of us were seeing… we just wanted to go riding and speaking as a marred man the gay comments just make you look like a fag.

  • Chris

    Back to the topic:
    I am really impressed because a lot of the shots had been taken with iPhone and an Vintage-8mm-App. And the results weren't so bad at all…but i don't like Smartphones. The videos of these guys helped me to forget the snowy winter….now spring came here in Germany, and i go out and have a ride. You all should!

    @Peter: it's a video with guys sittin' on their bikes. What are you expecting of an ride vid? The problem of our time is that everything had been there before. There isn't much you can create because of the huge diversity of subcultures, styles and hypes.

  • ed

    …dunno why everybody needs to be a "hater" in the comment section.

    Both this vid, and Riding Sept, are pretty dope vids.

    It's good for people to document what they're psyched on, in a creative way. These guys did it in the form of a video. What's wrong with that?

    Maybe the "haters" can document themselves being mad at the world, and make a video about it? So we can understand their frustration with life. Anybody else agree?

  • clevelandmatt

    I bet if you hadn't seen these guys in this vid and instead saw them outside your precious local indie coffee shop you guy's would be facebook buddies.

  • looks like it's time for some posting rules on pipeburn..
    first "Riding september" now this neagtive bullshit
    this sucks

  • too much negativity, if you've got nothing good to say maybe its better to say nothing at all. Or maybe all the people that are bitching about this film and riding september should go make their own film and put it up here and show us all how they'd do it.
    Im happy to watch as many films as Pipeburn are willing to post.
    I wont like them all I'm sure but I wont rip into people just cos their stuff doesnt float by boat.
    At the end of the day we're all here cos we like bikes, just cos some go about it differently doesnt mean its wrong.
    Anyway, Im looking forward to the next film that appears here.

  • Chris

    Chris with small h agrees to CHris with big H!

  • Johan

    Cool vid. Already making plans in my head to go riding/camping. Just hope my cb350 will be ready when the weather gets better!

  • From my experience as a craft-person,
    "You can not please everybody and learn to ignore negativity" and "If you can't be nice, go to Internet."
    You can leave comments with full of profanity and stay anonymous in youtube like cowards, but I really do not want to see that happen here. If you are gonna put some non-constructive criticism or just plain rude comment, you should leave your contact address as well. I find the term, "Fag" very offensive by the way. Are we allowed to use any derogatory terms in here?

  • dannyb278

    Nice vid. Are the Vans, Flannel and general hipster appearane for everyone? Of course not. I'm getting kind of sick of that too. But guess what. WHO GIVES A SHIT. these guys are out riding their bikes, which is something i wish i could do right now in frozen Minnesota. If you dont like it, than simply stop visiting this site. pretty easy. Or you could make a video on your sportbikes doing wheelies down the highway, or shoot some vid of you and your buddies on you obnoxious baggers with your "howl at the moon" wolf t-shirts on and have the balls to post it online so a bunch of anonomys a holes can tear it apart.

  • @Chris… nothing was made using an iphone app. Footage was taken using a 5d mark ii, and a Super 8mm film camera.

    Thanks everyone for the comments, both positive and negative. Love to have a post on Pipeburn, hopefully you'll be seeing us again.


  • I live in Portland, where you can't run in place without stepping on the loafer of some hipster. At least these dudes ride. Hell, in Riding September the guys in the video have a custom bike shop. But because they're dressed better than some, they're hipsters. I have a feeling you guys are more obsessed with fashion than the guys in the videos.

  • Scott

    Alright guys, sadly we're going to have to start some new rules on commenting. Please keep it clean and no derogatory words. If you have negative comments, keep it constructive. We will delete any comments that are pushing the boundaries.

    Lets get back to being motorcyclists – not teenage girls bitching about what people are wearing.

  • Chris

    @Scott: U were right, i was checking out this site. A mate of the better in the wind crew, i guess:
    the 70km/h Apple vid was made with Iphone…nice one, too. It never came to my mind eating healthy food while riding! Nomm nomm 😛

  • kik

    3 days later and it is still kinda gayish…not fully gay but gay ish…

  • Mattro

    i hate them. because i'm f*#!ing jealous of them. WARM WEATHER NOW!!!

  • Andrew

    @Mattro Be careful what you wish for. I cancelled a Pipeburn video shoot AND a ride with mates last weekend due to a 43˙C heat wave in Sydney. SEND SNOW NOW.

  • Dave in Kalifornia

    This vid was cool… NOTHING like the 'September' vid. (except it's guys on motorcycles) 'September' just came accross as an Ambercrombie ad. This one is simple, and just *is*. There's a fine-line between artful/inspiring, and 'look @ me' type bullshit…

  • DeltaLimaXray

    Dunno about you guys, but I like this video. Someone put a lot of time and energy into making something creative that takes me away from my daily grind.. cool. Thats why I come to Pipeburn, to indulge my passion.

    Maybe I'm missing the point, but anything that promotes ridership and makes you dream of the open road can't be all bad. Who gives a shit what you look like, life is short and full of crap. Just get a leg over.

  • kik

    i think we need the occasional gratuitous babe in here…

  • Andrew

    @kik Your wish is our command. Check out the latest post… 😉

  • geoff

    yeh, they're riding, but this video even used the same song as kemosabe and the lodge video, which in my opinion, was way fucking more inspiring. people can put whatever footage they want on motorcycle videos and that's all cool and good, but knowing the internet, they probably saw this other video, and maybe thought it would be fun to do the same shit. maybe they didn't, maybe it's a coincidence. but kinda weird if that's what it was. see for yourself:

  • mckier

    Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the freedom to choose his attitude in any given set of circumstances.

  • Rip Off

    this video is a rip off, even the song used in it is ripped off another moto vid teaser. the whole concept has been done. I'm all for the hipster moto biker, just like i'm for guys on FXRs or Honda's or Ducati's…who cares as long as they are riding. what i have a problem with is some guy making a video/zine and ripping off other people while doing it, then trying to pass it off as original art or concept. seriously, it's one thing to take inspiration from existing content, but you need to mature it and contribute to that idea in a positive way to call it your own and take credit as something new. this is my opinion is not worth a second look.

    to everyone, keep it rubber side down and get those knees in the breeze!

  • Rip Off?

    I don't think the dude ever claimed his stuff what the genuine article… if you read the intro to his book, or any of the artist statement stuff on the websites, it's all about just building on what has been done before and taking photos with his buds.

    Ya…the song thing, that's kinda lame, but it's a rad song, and even Cadillac is using it so whatever.

  • Luke

    This vid and the website/photojournal are really cool. Having a blast following this!!!!! Good looking out reposting this. Don't pay attention to any of these internet opinion-ists. People just don't get it.

  • kevin883

    i really dont understand the complaints, jealousy? most likely riding is riding get over it

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