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McDeeb Six Day Scrambler

Posted on February 13, 2011 by Scott in Scrambler. 17 comments

When I first came across photos of this beautiful scrambler with the script “McDeeb” painted on the tank, I pictured a small company in the countryside of England, producing some classically-styled machines. After doing a bit of research and finally getting in contact with the owner, I realised how off the mark I was. Fabrizio Di Bella (AKA McDeeb) turns out to be an Italian with a penchant for Royal Enfields and classic motorcycles. Fabrizio has had an impressive career in the Italian motorcycle industry. “My career began as a motocross and road test-driver for some motorcycle magazines” Fabrizio says. “My technical background was formed mainly in R&D in the Kawasaki off-road and ATV’s Italian branch”. Then twelve years ago he got sick of working for ‘the man’ and decided to start his own garage and workshop which he called Classic Farm Motorcycles.

Classic Farm take brand new Royal Enfield Bullet Electras and turn them into three different models; Six Days, Clubman and a Thruxton — all branded as McDeeb. The bike pictured here is their stunning Six Day Scrambler, and a lot of work goes into each one. Some of the modifications include the chromed and painted tank, a stainless highset exhaust pipe and silencer, a new lighter Classic Farm shock absorbers, a scrambler style seat, smaller metal indicators and classic enduro handlebars. Other tasties include hand grips from Doherty, Lucas old style idiot lights, a steel engine bashplate protector, polished alloy engine parts and a Smith’s tachometer. They also modify the rear arm and chain guard to allow for a wider tire and squeeze a few more horses out of the Enfield engine by using K&N air filters, higher pressure fuel pump and some modifications to the injection. After these minor mods the engine still only lays down 32HP, but can be increased at the request of the customer.

The bike sells for around 10.800 Euros ($14,000 US) and seems reasonable for the work involved, especially considering it’s from a European shop. Fabrizio also sells kits for all the different models and ships them worldwide. Overall the bike looks amazing and we’re sure Steve McQueen would have been happy to ride a McDeeb in the Six Day Trial — not that we can really speak for him.


  • BB

    There are many people for whom this bike would be first choice in a garage full of motorcycles. Very nice.

    • Alyn

      They still have the kickstart, but also have the worlds least reliable push button start too. Many people, even in India and Nepal, remove the push button start, more because it’s crap than for nostalgia.

  • Ken

    Me like! In fact, it looks like something you could actually own and ride around on. What a concept!

  • Check the other models at McDeeb's website. Interesting.

  • mingh

    bike of the year!

  • Kristian

    Absolutely beautiful! I have to say, the most desirable scrambler I've ever seen.

  • Lawrence

    I understood the newer Enfields lost the kick-start feature, but the Six-Days model pictured seems to have one. Nice! I believe it should remain a feature of these bikes. After all, they are selling nostalgia, are they not?

  • SportsterMike

    The Six Day Special is a lovely looking bike- haven't seen one yet in the UK although there are a few people here making specials out of Enfields – mainly for trial use
    Would like one in my dream garage – thats a 'proper' bike that is… would I want to get it dirty though..
    Have seen a fair few ex war Department Enfields being used this winter as hacks (thats Indian War Department)

  • jack

    instant favourite. best bike ive seen all year.

  • Gerardo Isler

    Great talented guy, wonderful bike. Molto Bella.

  • D.

    The Thruxton is pretty sensational.

  • Hi mates,
    thanks for your warm welcomes to our road legal specials. It's great receiving it from the World most British country : UK ! 🙂

    We are uisy on manufacturing it in batches since december 2009 and still use brandnew Bullet Electra 500 EFI, which retains the kick starter.
    Your appreciation is a big support to our work to offer a true modern classic scrambler or cafe racer to nostalgic people.

    Now we're working on a Rickman-lookalike off-road and street-tracker, too and like to share the next sketches with all Pipeburn's crew, if possible.

    Keep on contact and drive loudly!

    Fabrizio "McDeeb" Di Bella/Classic Farm Motorcycles
    (manufacturer of McDeeb road legal specials)

  • Ooops "uisy" must be "busy"

    Sorry 🙂


  • CHETtheJET


  • Mark_2610

    Beautiful motorcycle… very aggressive concept.. super likes.. 

  • P

    How do you get one to the United States in Md.