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140cc Racer

Posted on February 27, 2011 by Scott in Classic, Racer. 14 comments

They say good things happen in threes. Or is that bad things? Either way, this is the third low displacement bike we have featured in a row — and who could blame us. Just like the ‘Minimus’, this little beauty is another unique creation that’s in the running for Bike of the Month on Do The Ton. The bike was built by Brad Smith who is a art school grad turned contractor who has “found a new outlet” for his creativity. “I just get ideas of what I think would be a cool bike and I find a way to build it” Brad says. “So that said, I saw a video on Youtube of a Kreidler van venn 50cc GP bike and thought it was one of the coolest little motorcycles I have ever seen. Then I saw some pics of RC116, so I just wanted to build something in the spirit of those bikes.” When I look at the two bikes Brad used for inspiration, I think he nailed it.

This is how Brad describes this low budget project: “So I started with a $50 pit bike frame from ebay, added a $100 extended pit bike swing arm, welded tabs or dual shocks, added 2 frame rails to the main backbone, ct 70 knock off gas shocks and exhaust. The front end uses a 1976 cb 125 tripples (stem shortened) 2005 crf70 fork tubes (shortened by 1.5 inchs) 1981 cb125 lower legs, and 1976 cb125 front hub disc and mechanical disc brake laced to 1.2×17 rim. The rear is all 1981 cb125 hub and brake laced to a 1.4×17 rim. Bodywork is all original and I made it from one piece of fibreglass. Engine is a 140cc yx. Pegs and levers from moto bits, woodcraft clip-ons”.

Who would have thought a pit bike could be re-incarnated into a stunning retro GP racer — it must have been very good in a previous life. To see the whole build thread check out Do The Ton or Brad’s Flickr page for more pictures of this impressive little bike.

  • revdub

    I love everything about this. Great build! I also appreciate the show of respect for low disp. bikes recently.

  • kik

    shorten all those damned cables and give me the darn thing!

  • Jimmy C.

    That tank is amazing. Great work

  • Wow. As a CB125 owner, I've yet to get the hang of what I can get that will work with my bike. How'd you sort out all the stuff with the front suspension?

  • Saint

    That is a beautiful lil bike. Man I wish I was shorter, all the bikes I love, I look like a giant on.

    Nice job.

  • Larry Pearson

    Great looking little Tiddler, for sure. I'd love to see a fairing for it. Looks like it has the mount… I'm in the process of building something similar with a couple of SL125's. Just need some time away from working on other people's bikes for awhile.. It's like being a plumber with leaky pipes at home…ha.

  • I don't care if it is a 140cc or a 1000cc bike. It's ugly, IMO.

  • Davis

    So when do we get to see the front fairing?

  • daan

    i love everything about this bike….exept the motor…..But then i'm a 50cc 2stroke fan so that's just preference. I'd love to see some more small displacement stuff…The odd moped maybe?

  • drewblue

    this is just so SWEET and crazy cool!

  • Peter

    Love the look! Great job!

  • Art

    Beautiful blending of current tech with more contemporary components. The Fiberglass work is very impressive. Nice tribute to Vintage Honda RC machinery. Thanks!

  • betterthanyou

    wow. impressive. i bet that thing would fly.

  • eeibell

    Bike is for sale on ebay honda rc116