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Nitroheads Seats

Posted on February 28, 2011 by Scott in Other. 10 comments

We are pleased to announce that Pipeburn is now an official dealer of Nitroheads seats. We have three styles in the store now that fit easily onto your Yamaha SR400/500. They are made with quality leather and come with all the bolts you need to secure them onto your thumper. Due to the high cost of shipping these overseas, we are only selling to Australian customers. We have looked around and they’re the best price out there, especially when free postage around Australia is included in the price. Got any questions or requests? Then shoot us an email.

  • Frank

    Awesome! Wish I still had my SR500. Keep up the good work!

  • Mr French Tickler

    It's too bad they don't ship internationally!!! i've been looking for a website that makes the thinner seats (like the Wrenchmokee crew) for my cb750!!!

  • JR

    ….did not even realize this was an Australian site. Didn't read the accent I guess.

  • Ben

    Wouldn't it be better to offer international sales and let the buyer pay for shipping? Australia is a solid but extremely small market, if you could sell to Europe, North America, Japan and elsewhere your sales will be far higher. Shipping isn't too expensive, billions of items are bought and shipped internationally everyday on the web.

  • Scott

    @Ben We would love to ship them overseas but our deal with Nitroheads is Australia only.

    @JR G'Day maaaaate 😉

  • coop

    beautiful seats, has anyone tried fitting one to an xs650?

  • Scott

    @Coop The seats can be modified to fit the XS650, but you will need to drill 2 holes in the frame.

    Heres a link to some info and some pics of how it looks…

  • Christian

    The great thing about living in California is that you can get the same seat made in one of the upholstery shops all over L.A. for a fraction of that cost.

  • Phil

    The site showing the holes for the Xs650 isn’t working….any other pictures ?

  • Suzi

    Hi, has anyone ever tried fitting this seat to Suzi TU250X? Or are special brackets a must