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Stolen: Jed’s ’69 Harley Rat Bobber

Posted on March 2, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 17 comments

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Jed De Pyper contacted us today to tell us that his amazing Rat Harley has been stolen. Jed’s a good mate of Scott and I and he’s asked us to help him out by posting our Sydney readers for help. Naturally we said we’d do anything we could.

Here’s the lowdown. The bike was parked as shown on the Google Map below. We’re guessing it was taken at some point between midnight and dawn on Tuesday 1st/Wednesday 2nd of March. The thing is as loud as fuck and rather distinctive, so it’s a fair bet it was loaded into a van on this spot or close by. The bike has matching engine and chassis numbers; 69XLH7926. It’s number plates are RMZ-89. It’s originally a 1969 Ironhead Sportster. Note that headlight – you don’t see one of those everyday. There’s more photos of it below in it’s natural habitat just in case it jogs any memories.

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Jed’s offering anyone who can supply information that leads to it’s recovery a $1000 reward, no questions asked. If anyone out there has seen or heard anything that you think might help Jed get his bike back, please contact us here at Pipeburn as soon as you can. Confidentiality guaranteed.

  • Ugh, bike thieves are the W-O-R-S-T scum.

    I grieve for thee…… quite the loss of such a great bike. l.hope you recover the bike (and catch the absolutely cowardly bastards that took it)

  • The lowest of all scum that crawl this Earth, BIKE THIEVES!
    I'll be thinking good thoughts of the triumphant recovery of your machine.


  • Kim of Copenhagen

    The sad things is that a lot of non-motorcyclists who might have seen something – but who have previously heard the bike ride by – will keep quiet about it because they thinkt it'll be one bloody noise motorbike they'll never have to hear again. (Explaining that loud pipes are a safety factor doesn't really seem to register with them.)

  • Kim of Copenhagen

    Cool bike btw; a practical everyday runabout with a lot of fine touches. Headlight is the best.

  • kik

    midnite and dawn? this bike slept outside? are you insane?? i lived in new york most my life and one thing you learn quick is that if you love your bike (as im sure you do) you find her a safe place to sleep or sooner or later some asshole will either knock it down or steal it

  • Stu

    I had a friend who had his ironhead sporty stolen from a uni carpark. The police found it some time later being parted out at a Harley specialist.

    Might be worthwhile if he takes a trip around the workshops asking for ironhead parts?

  • Tom

    mother-less fucks!

  • Jed

    Hey guys. Thanks for the commiserations and kind words. And huge thanks to the Andrew and Scott and the Pipeburn crew for posting. Thought I'd made an ugly/unloveable/uncomfortable enough bike that no one would wanna nick it. Guess there's some toolbag out there with the same horrible taste as me. Apologies for invading Pipeburn.

  • Chris

    Sorry, to hear about this. Even when it is to late for you, but for everybody who wants to avoid something like this. There are Transmitters with a Prepaidcard available…when you miss your ride, you can call your transmitter via mobilephone and it will send you a SMS with the GPS of its temporary location. Buy it…install it (p.e. inframe, next to electrics) and you got a good chance to find your bike. This is better than any alarm system, because it works silently and the thieves may went to jail (or hell).

    Hope you'll find your ironhead soon, Jed.

  • Nate

    This sh!t makes me so Fing mad! I too have had a bike stolen. it's one of the worst feelings I've ever had. I'm truly sorry this happened to you Jed. I hope it turns back up unlike mine. Better yet, I hope you find it yourself and the trash that took it.

  • Le Renard Noir

    Effing assholes!… I use to live around the area and on a few occasions i would find my bike on its side and my guts would just drop at the sight. I cant imagine how you would of felt when you realised your ride wsa nicked. This prob could sound a bit far fetched, but if your willing, i would try and hook up with some of the businesses/bars around the are who might have street facing cameras and see if you could run through that nights footage. Id assume they would of had to of gone down Foveaux or up or down crown. So could try Forresters pub, The clock, and dolphin. Pubs generally have street facing cameras…As i said its prob a bit far fetched but that hog looked like one of your limbs with all the work that went in to it so anything is worth a go id say. Good luck dude.

  • Andrew

    Hey man, sorry to hear that someone else suffered the same fate as I. My custom xs650 was stolen from my front yard in Lincoln NE. I know your pain and your anger far too well. I really dig the bike, especially the headlight, mine had a antique military spotlight for a headlight. Good luck I hope you find it.

  • Andrew

    @ Le Renard Noir Not a bad idea. There would be heaps of cameras around there. Tho might be a little guesswork involved unless you could get footage of them actually loading the bike…

  • beavis black

    get that sucka on as many facebook and twitter pages as possible!!

  • Ratchop

    Find them, shoot them. Take teeth and fingers. Burn bodies.

  • Realist

    The price of scap metal is up. Seems fitting. As for loud pipes saving lives, why are Harley's the most died on bike then?

  • Kim of Copenhagen

    I was wondering how long time it'd take for anyone reacting to that claim. I don't believe straight pipes do much more than look good and really piss off people – my subtle point was that riding with straight pipes would make it less likely for the neighbors to report what they might have seen on the night the bike was stolen.