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Café Racer Concept

Posted on March 9, 2011 by Scott in Other. 36 comments

When it comes to countries I don’t know a lot about, Estonia is probably near the top of the list. The one thing I do know, is that one of the more interesting motorcycle designs from last year came out of Estonia – the love it or hate it Renard Grand Tourer. So why all the interest in Estonia? Well, last week we received an email from an artist named Kait who lives in Estonia. Kait specializes in post-apocalyptic sci-fi drawings but told us that he recently “spent an entire day looking at all the pages on Pipeburn and decided to build a bike”. The problem was, Kait doesn’t know anything about bikes. “Because I don’t know how to build one, in fact, I don’t know anything about motorbikes, I cheated and used a 3D application instead” he says. “There are many logical and technological errors, and probably not very comfortable to ride”. The wooden tank might not be to everyones taste, and it may be carrying a bit too much weight for a café racer, but we think Kait deserves his ‘café racer concept‘ to be shown to a wider community — so power down your ion phasers, depressurise your extra-vehicular spacesuits, and park that lunar module in a geo-stationary orbit while you take a few minutes to check out this beautiful concept bike.

  • Chris

    This modern-retro hybrid looks awesome. My favs are the big drum brakes.
    The wooden look is nice, but looks very expensive to me, so i would dig a aluminium or brass model.

  • Cafe Racer? Hmm, not. This is leaning far more closely to the pro-street concept than a cafe-racer.

    Cafe racers do not have raked out forks.

    Cafe racers do not have stretched swingarms.

    Cafe racers do not sport bobber style white walls.

    Cafe racers do not carry huge/heavy front tires.

    The only thing remotely cafe-racer about this concept is the use of clip-ons.

    C'mon, as quasi-designers, bikers and bloggers…let's all get a little real about using the terms that define our sport.

  • And I'll also add:

    Cafe racers aren't slung so low that they can't be leaned past 30 degrees before grinding cases.

    Cafe racers are not built on fantasy frames, they are built on modified existing street frames.

    Cafe racers don't use bumblebee seat pans.

    When you miss on so many points of a build's criteria, how can you just randomly call it anything?

    There is a whole new generation of designers and builders just coming to the point of imagining what to design. How the hell are they suppose to know what is pro-street vs cafe racer if every thing is mislabeld?

  • Bob

    Awesome bike, haters have fun with your bubble screened cbs, there is no definitive cafe racer model, appreciate the art. And that burl wood tank is super sweet.

  • yes, i was afraid that i may irritate many trueheads with this nonsense 😛 sry about that,
    but im glad that i made it. the whole project taught me lot about bikes, history and people. there is much more to learn though.

    and thanks for the information…here is enough criticism to make next one almost perfect :]


  • Glad to see you can take well-intended comments.

    I do appreciate your efforts in the design/concept aspects of your project. As a pro-street version of a mammoth parallel twin it is very note worthy. As is the venture into the software.

    The frame layout for pro-street is pretty damn sweet considering the imaginary powerplant. But for the concept maybe the wheel/tire/brakes are a bit convoluted? Maybe ditch the white walls, lighten up the front and really emphasis some air cooling scoops on those massive drums?

    Just thinking on it, not castrating.

    But then again, the whitewall tires on a non-bobber would definitely be a stand-outer.

    Keep up the efforts!

    For that other knucklehead poster …. there is most certainly a definitive model of the cafe-racer. Just because you don't know the evolution of a concept doesn't mean it can be applied willy-nilly. If you think that just calling a bike any old damn thing you please is politically correct, or whatever, why not just slap a set of apes on your 150 Chinese clone scooter and call it a chopper? Take a 850 lb Dyna, throw on a set of clip-ons and call it a Street-Fighter. Grab a GSX-R, take off the fairing and add cheap saddlebags and then call it a Grand-Tourer? Nope.

  • ap

    haters gonna hate… true cafe? no so much… but i always look forward to designers and builders from other disciplines that offer refreshing takes on bikes. as a 3d artist myself, i can assure you just because this isn't physically built in the "real world" that he didn't spend a lot of time and energy in building this.


  • That is beautiful!

  • hoyt

    cafe cruiser – the sophisticated bar hopper

  • @ap
    Okay, guess you didn't read my entire post or just choose to ignore bits and pcs to suit your drivel.

    I said it is an awesome effort. I said it is a great concept.

    So I am not a "hater". Could you please tune in your radar to something, anything, less than extreme blogging nonsense?

    But it what it is, a pro-street concept, not a cafe-racer concept.

    If you are a 3-D "artisit", hey, more power to you. I'd love to see some of your work. Where's your website? Mine is at Now, I'm not a OCC or any of the other well-known names in the news, but I actually work in metal and a few of my customer's bikes have won a trophy or two. They get the credit, not me.

    And I really appreciate the "conceptual artist/Photoshop guru". I don't have that talent. I take ideas others give me and grind iron and layup carbon.

    But back to the point, ap, if you take a boober frame and add twin shocks you ain't got a bobber no more. If you stretch the swingarm and rake the forks, you ain't got a crotch-rocket. And if your concept can't lean past 30, or isn't built on a factory chassis, or doesn't have any of the other pre-requisites for a cafe racer…it aint! Let me say it again in case you missed it, this guy did a hell of a job in the concept of a P-Twin pro-street, but calling it a cafe racer just because that is what sounds cool at this moment is nonsense.

    Oh, in case you missed it, where is your website?? I'd love to appreciate your artistic renderings, really. Share with us. Please.

  • @hoyt

    Hmmm, a new concept/category? Maybe so and could be interesting.

    Let's see…how about some criteria for this new genre?

    A P-Twin. Not V-twin.
    Not an RR rated engine or chassis, but punch above the average P-Twin.
    Low and mean.
    Raked but within street handling capability.
    Sport styled with B-Twin stance.
    Massive initial impression, not lightweight.
    Doesn't have to carve, just sh*t and get.
    Bars below the top triple tree.
    NOT on a factory frame.

    Love to hear more.

  • ap

    @ always on two,

    i apologize if it sounded like i was attacking you, that was not my intention. "haters gonna hate" is just an expression that you're not going to please everyone. i did read all 3 of your posts in their entirety, i did not chose to ignore bits and pieces to suit my drivel. on the contrary, i agree with you… i guess it was taken another way. anyways, nothing negative towards the artist or commenters intended. i simply posted my thoughts as an encouragement to all who have a creative idea and follow through with them.


  • @ ap
    Ain't no thang. We're cool. It's not personal.

  • kik

    too cartoony,

    • Lochan varagappa

      hello kait 🙂
                      1st of al i appretiate ur design…i have seen d classic ford woody-wagons                     but not a woody cafe racer…honesrly i felt lik sleepin over ur design man…. actly i ws planin     to get done a caferacer … i have is a 1983 japan buiilt RD-350’s motor…rest i have to           assemble…..i feel i can refer ur design.. 🙂

  • JR

    Has anyone mentioned the wild split twin layout on the engine? Most of the above concepts are people giving reasons why this isn't a cafe racer (yawn), but has anyone seen such an engine before?

  • lance houston

    Kait needs to bring this creative interpritation closer to the Renard Guzzi Grand Tourer ..Always on two made a good point
    about the raked front forks ,and extended swing arm .. Kudos to Kait on his forward vision to our industry !!!

  • Chris Mc

    Hmm… buying a cafe would be cheaper than racing to one on that thing. But as a concept I really like it.
    Sometimes designing something from scratch (that you have no previous knowledge of) can allow some really nice thoughts to the table and that is definitely the case here. Nice one Kait.

  • Eric

    I like it!!!
    Totally Bad Ass, whatever you wanna call it.
    Good Job!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    This thing needs to be build. Sooooooo….when can i buy it, kait?

  • Hey, thanks to everyone. I promise that the next one is more down to earth :]


  • Daapo reo

    In Summary!
    This is the cafe'd out version of the ridiculously stock bikes coming out of year 2023 and beyond. Get it?
    if the designer says its a concept cafe Racer who are we to decide its not. what we need to start imagining is what the stock bike would look like.

    Stop Hating and start imagining!


  • Andrew

    @Kait As always, I'm interested in how you actually created the images. If one of us wanted to do something similar, how would we go about it?

  • Emaychee

    As a designer living in the UK, I usually hate it when people do these from a position of no knowledge. However I have to say that your hours of studying PB must have paid off..The only thing I can think to mention is the particularly low ground clearance, making this less practical and more of a show bike (which I suppose it is by nature anyway, but I guess is just not my design perspective 😉 )

    A very good job indeed.

    oh, and @Andrew; a lavishingly created wireframe and a whole lot of render time. haha

  • paddy

    It's a nicely done chobber all right. As for the hot and cold, bait and switch bitch-fest from alwaysontwo, that's a classic example of passive-aggressive disorder if ever I read one. How amusing!

    AlwaysOnTwo, your first two posts did come off as aggressive and insulting. Then when challenged you ran for the cover of constructive criticism. Sorry mate, that horse done left that barn.

  • Emaychee

    "If you are a 3-D "artisit", hey, more power to you. I'd love to see some of your work. Where's your website? Mine is at Now, I'm not a OCC or any of the other well-known names in the news, but I actually work in metal and a few of my customer's bikes have won a trophy or two. They get the credit, not me.

    Oh, in case you missed it, where is your website?? I'd love to appreciate your artistic renderings, really. Share with us. Please."

    I just realised what incredible irony it is that there are absolutely no photos on your website, despite your attempt to call him out.

    After a second look I think a nice alternative option would be a version with lowered seat and cruise bars. alternative 'Chobber' (thanks Paddy!)

  • No problms Paddy.
    But there are some things that i didnt understand. for example, what is "carve" ? also, i couldnt find A P-Twin engine.

  • unitedguitar

    I believe the P-Twin is referring to parallel twin engines like a Yamaha XS650 or 2 cylinder Honda CB. This would be opposed to the V-Twin that is so popular with custom choppers and of course Harleys.

  • Andrew

    @kait Don't worry, English is my mother tongue and I have no idea what AlwaysOnTwo was on about either… 😉

  • @Kait, people will always find something to whine about. I think you did a brilliant job! I know guys who have been building bikes for decades who don't have the same inate design instinct that you do. Keep up the great work and I'll forward to more from you in the future 🙂

  • scott

    kait – nice work! from someone who rides and designs, and for this being your first shot at it, i'd say you did a hell of a job. i think it's the cafe label that's throwing some off. then again some people just need a reason to bitch. i'll agree that's probably not the correct category for your design but that doesn't deter from what you've created here.

  • Iamthe1

    hey, what kind of software did you use to make the model?

    • I’d guess he uses Maya. Why don’t you shoot him an email and ask?

  • TonUpSoul

    isunno.. when building a frame for a cafe racer that rake is waaay too stretched.. it’ll kill handling, so if anything this is a showbike.. but def not along the lines of a cafe racer… more like a designers wet dream… shorten the rake, build a few bikes.. then see this through.

  • Slashn

    I am astounded what an absolute thing of beauty. I hope you get to realise this concept

  • Cyclist

    It's a V-Rod………