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Pipeburn Video: Bonita

Posted on March 21, 2011 by Andrew in Classic, Video. 26 comments

As you may remember, we recently featured a very beautiful Honda cafe racer called “Bonita” that got quite a respectable response from you, the good readers of this here blog. Actually, it was more like Beatles riot come to think of it. Basking in the post-victory afterglow, Pepe and I were shooting the poop on all things Bonita, and he mentioned that he was really impressed with the two Deus videos we had recently posted. Luckily for us (or more correctly, me) it didn’t take a genius to figure out what to do next; we’d celebrate the the hottest girl we knew using the magic of modern video. And after many hiccups (including delaying the shoot due to a heatwave) we have managed to finish the thing. What an epic odyssey. Hope you like it.

Many thanks to Pepe (of course) for letting us dance with his babe on the roof of a supermarket at midnight, and his trusty sidekick Pablo. Thanks to Toby for his eccentric yet genius DOP skills and Banana Joe’s for letting us shoot on their roof. Also thanks to Lee from BJs Custom Choppers for letting us stay after the lights went out (long story). The song is “Some Kinda Love” by The Velvet Underground.

  • Glenn

    Very nicely done. Congrtas man, a deserving bike!

  • b.a.

    Do I love you
    Do I lust for you
    Am I a sinner because I do the two?
    Hey Bonita
    Glad to meet ya
    Your the kinda stunner Miss
    I must beseech ya……….
    Bonita Applebum you gotta put me on
    Bonita, Bonita, Bonita………….. (Tribe Called Quest)

  • SportsterMike

    Nice video and nice bike
    My local supermarket (Lidls) doesn't look like that at any time of day or night!!
    although they do sell good motorcycle gear occasionally

  • hangaround

    Well shot. This is maybe the first video of an bike at night, i'd ever saw. Great idea, Andrew'n'Crew!

  • VespaGirl

    Where are the vespas?

  • Yep. Nice video.

  • Pepe

    Thank guys 🙂

    It was a long night, probably 4hrs worth for a 3 minute clip, well worth it though. So glad we called the shoot off that hot weekend, both the bike and myself would have melted into black liquid metal..

    A very big thanks to Andrew for professionally organising the whole thing and big props goes out to Toby for his skills. A shout out also goes out to my main man Pabs, just for being there hahahaha

  • Joker

    Just finished a SR 500 Cafe…
    Thought I'd be good for a while…
    Planned a SR Street Tracker as next Project…
    Resisting a colleague daily about buying his mint condition CB 500 Twin…
    Sneaking around BCR Homepage for a while now…
    This clip wasn't exactly what I needed right now!
    FAB-U-LOUS Bike. And a nice video to.
    Got such a Flashback when I saw the Vision Shoes!!! Had the same ones, 20 years ago…Sweet memories…

  • gr8scotny

    I love the bike and the video is beautiful. The problem is why didn't you let us hear some real music and let that engine rev up? Watch Ken Block's first gymkhnana video and you can witness how well sound can invoke emotion. I really wanted to hear the bike 'ause I have two Honda 360's I am going to build up. Again, great video!

  • Great artsy video and camera work. But for a motorcycle video? No thanks. He only drove the bike about 25 feet! Such a let down. I was hoping for some engine roaring, fast riding, curve taking, motorcycle riding footage, not art worship. Oh well, to each his own. You damn well better believe if I ever finish my project, that a heart-pumping, hooligan riding, lane-splitting video will follow.

  • Duncan

    Love the video and the bike. Only criticism really is when the guy rides off towards the end….and clearly fluffs it up and uses his left leg to push himself off due to some fairly terrible throttle & clutch control……

  • Tobalo

    Muito bonita! Congratulations! Cheers froms Brazil…

  • Pepe

    @ Duncan

    That would be my poor riding ability. Im glad you didnt pick up on the adjustment of my boys before I did the double shuffle take off LOL

  • Andrew

    @Stephen F Stationary bike in empty car park + camera + tripod = easy shoot. Fast moving bike + public roads + fast moving camera car + police = hard shoot. Good luck with that.

    @Duncan Maybe you would have done the same if a bunch of stranger, know-it-all bloggers asked you to ride in complete darkness without any safety gear in an unfamiliar car park covered with metal poles, drain covers, expansion joints, and odd slopes on a bike you built by hand with only 18 kms on the clock…

  • @Andrew: It's just such a beautiful bike and one of my favorites from the last few months, that I really had my hopes to see the bike running and hear the engine. And good point about the hardness of the video. Seems like I'll have to find someone willing to follow me at speed with a camera huh! Might not be as easy as I was thinking. Who was riding the bike? The builder/owner? I'm already nervous about dropping my bike and it's not even finished.

  • Pamberjack

    @Stephen The rider is the man himself – iPepe. 🙂

  • D.

    That ain't no Q-Tip.

  • KrookStreetRacing

    This is why I love the Internet: free, cool stuff!

    (and the occational babe)

  • Fantastic. Beautiful bike and nicely shot video.

  • Mel

    I love the video and the tunes that go with it <3

  • Do you have fun? yes we have!

  • Johno

    I hate this bike and I hate the video, that would be because I am SO jealous. Fabulous build and the video had me right at the beginning where it reminded me of the Star Ship Enterprise entering a scene.

  • Diesel

    Fucking brilliant!!

  • Andrew

    @Johno Ha! That's exactly what we said immediately after we took the shot. Though to be geekily correct, I remember it being more of a Star Wars type reference than Star Trek…

  • Duncan

    @Pepe and @Andrew – yeah, sorry wasn't really criticising the fluffed start – we've all done that at various times….

    …was just more surprised it was left in the video after the edit really. The rest of it is seriously slick and cool, so it''s like watching Steve McQueen trip up on a kerb and faceplant in Bullet.

    Anyway, the bike is magnificent and the video is a fantastic tribute.

    And I really like this website too.

  • Slideways

    Brilliant! Both the bike and the video. Very original, the night setting.