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Posted on March 22, 2011 by Scott in Other. 19 comments

How DUU you do? As far as motorbikes go, this one’s about as subtle as an enema at a tea party
As a concept, the ‘DUU’ caused quite a stir when it was launched back at the 2009 EICMA. Now two years later and CR&S (Cafe Racers and Superbikes) are taking orders for this macho Italian. Thanks to the impressive write ups by moto journalists around the world, the entire 2011 production of 130 bikes have already been sold. So even if you had the $29,000 needed to buy the DUU, you would still have to wait till 2012. Now that price may sound steep for a production bike, but these are no ordinary plain Jane motorcycles. Each DUU is bespoke built to the buyers specifications in the small CR&S factory in Milan, Italy.

The bike’s engine isn’t one we come across too often in an Italian built frame. The Amercian 1916cc 50th anniversary X-wedge V-twin engine by S&S sits perfectly inside the CR&S sporty rolling chassis. “One look at the engine’s fins is enough to be seduced by such a pure shape, devoid of radiator. And for a lot of motorcycles fans, the air cooling system and the pushrod distribution are elements issued from a rich historical past” says CR&S. And if by that they mean that v-twins kick epic ass, then we’d have to wholeheartedly agree.

The DUU’s styling couldn’t get any more masculine, unless you let Chuck Norris loose in their R&D department; we particularly love the fuel tank (16.5 liter) which is seamlessly built into the stunning frame. Another nice feature is the adjustable handlebars, footpegs and foot controls – which will appeal to many odd sized riders and those into getting their bike set up juuust right.

The CR&S DUU won’t be to everyones taste (and I’m sure the comments will highlight this), but there’s no denying the Italians have again created a truly unique beast that deserves the hype its created. For more pics and information visit the very manly CR&S website.

The DUU rolling chassis – we’d be happy if they just whacked a seat and electricals on this…

  • Extraordinary chassis wrapped around a monstrous VTwin. What a brilliant example of engineering and workmanship. I'd rather not say anything negative, but those headlight nacelles would have to go deep deep deep into my recycle bin. I also like pizza and Italian salami.

  • Ken

    Curious how 'macho' the whole theme is, yet the means to de-ball you stands proudly on top of the tank! The headlights are gruesome, the whole thing is over-styled and the rear wheel would require a Valium prescription to clean, but an interesting design nevertheless and it might even be fun to ride with that monster twin trying to shake you off the saddle.

  • @Ken
    LOL! Anyone with their nads that far forward on the bike either has a pair sooo large they really need a LOT of trimming down or harnessing up, or, has mistaken this for a stunt bike designed for endos in which case he should just be castrated anyway. Grin.

  • P.F. Flyer

    It is too industrial for me. The Italians have built some of the most beautiful bikes in the world, but this is not one of them! Funny, stripped to the bare essentials; frame, engine, tires, forks and handle bars, it is a good looking piece. Everything added after that just detracts from the bike.

  • Love the engineering that went into this, I can't help but think it looks like the sort of bike that spends all it's time trying to kill you though…

  • Mike

    I see Ken is not familiar with what may happen when the bike stops but you keep going. Duh!

  • Mike

    My comment should be driected @ Alwasyontwo, not Ken. Ken is correct.

  • not too keen on this one but it's nice to have a list of bikes never to buy as well as ones to buy! 🙂

  • @Mike
    Hey, Mikey, hope you noticed the LOL and the GRIN! But seriously, if a rider of that bike, with the seat pan several inches below the top of the tank/cover/filler tube, it would take the impact of a head-on conference with a Mack grill to get the crotch hung on that filler cap. Which would pretty much mean there would be other concerns to your manhood. Wouldn't make toodles of diff whether the nuts survived or not. BTW, after over 1.5 million miles on two wheels, a few nasty experiences both on the track and the tarmac (and a few missing OEM parts of my own bod) I can tell you that my gems have never hung up on any part of a bike and I'd love to strap them over this Italiano.

    Hope all the other readers take the time to visit the DUU website. These guys are serious dudes in the R&D department as well as the production. I wish the PipeBurn Powers would have featured more of the actual real steel (u hum, the alum) instead of the renderings. You don't see this skill level on reality TV. It is amazing how exactly close both models are from the 3D inception models to the production model.

    The "styling" is more a function of the frame/chassis design than anything I have seen recently for a VTwin (excepting those light nacelles), and, like it or not, if it ain't rad, it doesn't get the press. And for the price of a true custom production model of a Vtwin humper built for getting between points to catch your breath, this is a bargain. 130 lucky riders, all of whom have paid up front and just waitin on delivery, all of which will be overly concerned with the no-nos posted here. LMAO.

    The last time I saw anything wrapped as closely as that XWdege is in the frame, Uma Thurman was wearing a painted-on latex suit! It may not be perfect, but DAMN!

    I'm done.

  • Kim of Copenhagen

    Looks like it's aimed at the same people who might buy one of the new V-Max powercruisers. Obviously not popular with most of the commenters here (who feel the need to tell the world so), but in visually expressing POWER, the design works. Glad to see the X-wedge used this way too.

  • Kim of Copenhagen

    (Thumbs-up to AlwayOnTwo)

  • Herpderp


    I had a 30mph collision into the side of a car that pulled across me. If I'd been riding that bike, there's every chance I'd have lost my balls to it! As it was, I left a sack shaped dent in the tank as I slid up over it.

    Just my 2c from a bad experience

  • Fez

    I love the idea of getting men in assless chaps bent over a little farther.

  • Davo

    great bike! my only beef with it is the "blingy" look… not my thing. I'll leave bling to those who are best at it – the Americans.

  • Andrew

    @Davo Italian design, while mostly sheer genius, can get a little "blingy" every now and then. A great example of this is the dash on the Pagini Zonda which, in my eyes at least, looks like a cross between Jar Jar Binks and a cheap cappuccino machine.

  • JIm

    Oww, my eyes hurt.

  • Walter

    I love the look of the stripped down bike before all the cheeky body work. The engineering is nice to look at but I see too much style
    and muscle over function. I love a torquey motor but with the mass of that monster lump slung way up high in the chassis it screams TOP HEAVY to me. I imagine any bone stock 600cc sport bike would put this thing to shame in the twisties so whats it all worth?
    Having the most power between your legs going down a six lane highway? I love outside the box thinking , I would just like more emphasis on function.

  • Slideways

    The Jessica Rabbit of motorcycles.

  • Randy Garcia

    wow..its awesome..this is the ultimate bike i have ever seen in my far..I’m dying to have this bike when i get rich…congratulations to the team who did there very best to come up with such engineering design..Two Thumbs Up….