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Imaginary Garage Sacrilege Edition: 1925 Brough Superior Drag Bike

Posted on March 28, 2011 by Andrew in Café Racer, Classic. 30 comments

Hey Mister d’Orleans, how you like THEM apples?

I had the weirdest dream last night. At least I think it was a dream. I looked down to the end of my bed and saw a very well dressed gentleman sitting in my chair, smoking a pipe. “Mr Jones, I presume.” he enunciated. I nodded slowly, still not sure what exactly what was happening. “My name is Brough. George Brough. I have but two things to say to you, Mr Jones. Firstly, I’d like you to know that I think you are a cad, a scally wag and a imbecile.” There was a pause. He looked at me with a face that betrayed some kind of irrational rage deep inside. I wondered what I possibly could have done to piss him off so badly. “And the second?” I asked, cautiously. With barely a blink of the eye he stood up, rolled up the sleeve to his crisp white linen shirt, and punched me square in the face with a superb English Private School right hook.

Step 1. Take one Mona Lisa, and one crayon…

Step 2. Mask out the unnecessary parts. Rake forks. Add wheel placeholders to gauge size and position – in this case the front was a little too thin, me thinks.

Step 3. Clean up the tank, fatten up the front wheel, and start work on building the missing rear frame. Damn those girly leather panniers.

Step 4. Shorten the tank, add new exhaust, spoke front wheel and add rubber, more rear frame and wheel work. Also note dropped clip-ons and rear tire text.

Step 5. Almost there – add leather seat, blower, finish tank in more authentic paintwork, spoke rear wheel.

Step 6. Racing numbers, tacho, a general clean-up, and we’re almost done.

24 hours on the computer (not all in one go, mind you) and 400 odd Photoshop layers later… Many thanks to Davo (Shreko_the_Geko) for providing the genius, and for Brendan (RedRumRacer) for some really sweet additions. Also thanks to Paul d’Orelans for not getting angry. Hopefully. Enjoy the gloves, Davo – we’ll see if Icon can come up with a little something extra for Brendan for his help. Thanks one and all; see you next round.

PS. Anyone spot the hidden T.E. Lawrence?

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  • redrumracer

    beautiful job Andrew! love it!

  • D.

    That looks pretty good, actually!

  • s0crates82

    I think it's loverly. Only things I'd dare add are lights.



  • Gary

    That thing isn't ridable geeez.. Look at the lack of suspension and the tiny tank.

    By the way George Brough would slap you with a greasy white glove and challenge you to a duel.

    Great job, and great inspiration, congrats Davo.

  • Kudos, I think that looks fantastic!

  • Davo

    Great job! looks pretty much exactly like i was thinking… actually better than that 🙂

    I cant see the pipework from the charger to the carb, or are my eyes playin tricks on me? (wouldnt be the first time :P)

    My only regret is that it actually looks… well… classy. Not to sure if i can call it sacrilege anymore. 😀 Great work! I'd totally ride it.

  • norman

    Hell Yeah! It looks so well put together, you can only guess the amount of work – changing this little bit, altering this small thing – that has gone into it. Me like much!

  • You've got it all wrong…Above all Mr. Brough would be wondering what the bike could do at Brooklands.
    And willing to forgive all transgressions If (and only if) it did well.

  • SportsterMike

    Awesome version of a Brough – reminds me of my friends Hill Climb special running on methanol with very short drag pipes. His father (a classic car dealer had taken it in part exchange for £10!!) and Graham was using it as a field bike – he eventually restored it and sold it to a guy in Holland (20 odd years ago now)
    I keep looking at Broughs ever since I met the guy on Poole Quay's Bike Night (England) last year with George III (Lawrence of Arabias 4th Brough), a 1924 model . Its nice to see them on the road and being used – that particular week there were 4 in a row parked up..
    He had to go early as it was getting to dusk and he didn't have a headlight fitted

  • perfect! that gas tank is amazing and this way the engine details get more attention.
    your photoshop skills are insane
    please build that bike 🙂

  • Congratulations you made a cruiser chopper badass motorcycle out of a bike that was only badass. The best part is that you did it without lengthening the rake, lowering the seat or adding ape hangers. If only the rest of world could do the same.

  • Jay Allen

    thanks for a) sharing the results of your hard work and b) showing us the thought process along the way. Now somebody has to build it!

  • paul

    I'll build it, that is one sweet looking bike Andrew. Very fucking cool!!

  • Hummbug

    Great work – not only in the design but also the execution. Gotta love all the hard work and patience it must have taken for what is ultimately just for our amusement…and inspiration!

  • hoyt

    done right !

  • Nick

    Actualy that thing isn't rideable. Well not far anyhow! By shortening the tank you now have no fuel tap or fuel feed to the carburettor! :-)) You've removed the oil feed control valve from the Petrol tank top! So it would probably seize solid in short order deven if you could get it to run on no fuel ! And when you stop you'd have to dump it on its side or prop it against the wall as by shortening the rear mudguard you've removed the stand!
    Finaly why did you leave the acetyline generator, that canister down toward the front of the engine, but remove the lights?

    Nice try but no cigar. Give me the original please! :-))

    Yeah I know I'm an anorak!

  • Phat Phreddy

    Is there an El ' Orance (on camelback no less) on the center of the seat ?? And of so might it not look a little like a wet fart in actual use 🙂

    Superb 'shop.. Love it..

  • Andrew

    @Nick Imag·i·nary. adj \i-ˈma-jə-ˌner-ē, -ˌne-rē\. Definition of IMAGINARY. 1. a : existing only in imagination : lacking factual reality…

  • Ah, why should I get angry? I've OWNED a more radically altered big JAP v-twin; a 1925 Zenith with a supercharger, and it was built up in 1930! Her name is 'Super Kim', and she lives!!!

    As for Broughs per se, George was a sprinter par excellence, undefeated in 51 starts, and appreciated a good hotrod.

  • Troop Throwback

    Fantastic! I love the back and forth about the impracticality and imagination. Ahhh, Howard Hughes would be proud! Oh, and proper English insists that you are "a scallywag and AN imbecile".

  • GB would probably enjoy the bike immensely. He built the hot rods of his day, cutting and pasting together the bits that he liked and that worked well for the desired visual and performance effects. Remember, he named his bikes "Superior" to set them apart from the staid old-guard styles like his father made. And he didn't have any qualms about 'proper' restorations. In the first Pioneer Run he rode Oily Karslake's Dreadnought, which was a bitsa of the highest order.

  • Also, kudos on the design work. I remember that the car magazines in the old days would show how to photograph your car, then cut and paste the photo together to see how many inches looked best in a chopped top or sectioned body. New software tools make it much more realistic and detailed. thanks for sharing it with us.

  • @ Paul Thanks for taking part. You sir are a rider AND a gentleman!

    @Everyone Thanks for the cool feedback on the 'shopping. 🙂 Also, it seems that I have unfairly tarred Mr Brough esq. with the snob brush. It now seems certain that the good man is an upstanding member of the quarter mile club. Jolly good show!

    I'll stop talking like Englishman now.

  • SportsterMike

    @ Andrew
    I'll keep talking like an Englishman – cos I am one!
    If you ever get to the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham (England) there is a room full of Broughs (Superior and Unsuperior)
    Until I went there I didn't realise George Brough had a father (in the business – if you see what I mean)
    Ta for a good online mag
    Snow now all gone in England – the bikes are all out on the road now the suns out – my Swedish friend still cheesed off as still one metre of snow at his place!!

  • Randall

    ahhhhh what an insperation I have stubled upon !! Super great work ! As I am working on cleaning up a 24 SS80 , I would be so inclined to make a radical rod like your pic !! Man O man !!Reminds me of a chopped and bobbed 40 indian I saw.

  • Jon Dudley

    Of course you could have one just like it built by that fellow in Austria….magnificent Photoshop work! Congratulations.

  • Sam

    This… this is so very, very good.

    I love the intro too!

  • Those Japs are so beautiful you could do anything around them and still look fantastic, but in your best so far sacrilege, its bitchin right!

    Less is more!!!

    Also love the boarding school super hook part… jaja!

    keep on speeding A!

  • HJ

    Cool concept- nothing is safe -next time a strange man wakes you up -shoot him in the forehead like "AN" American Jones.