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Big Bore Magazine

Posted on April 7, 2011 by Scott in Other. 9 comments

Here at Pipeburn Heavy Industries, we love ourselves some creative and original motorcycle content, which is why we wanted to show our support for a new motorcycle publication called Big Bore Magazine. The magazine is designed and written by Frenchman Franck ‘Castrol’ Samery — don’t worry the mag is written in both English and French. Franck is a graphic designer who has been restoring vintage bikes and cars for most of his life. He also has a Triton to die for.

The first issue looks anything but boring (sorry, couldn’t help myself) with an exclusive interview from Giacomo Agostini — do you know how hard it is to get one hour with a multi-time world champion motorcycle racer? Also… deep breath… an article about Ian Barry from Falcon Motorcycles, a feature on a bobber from the Wrenchmonkees, an article on Leslie Porterfield “the fastest woman in the world”, a history about the Triumph T110 – 1955, plus Paul d’orleans explains his passion for vintage bikes. And that’s just the first issue. There will be 5 issues of Big Bore each year at a reasonable price of 20 Euros ($28) — which also includes worldwide shipping. If you like what you’ve heard, you can show your support for this independent motorcycle mag by grabbing a subscription here.

  • Lukas Klima

    Yes, I will!
    Looks like great mag for a price of shity livestyle mag 🙂
    I hope that in the near futere (10 – 20y) there will be Czech mutation too 😀

  • Paddy

    I wonder if the mag is half English, half French. If so you are only getting half the mag plus pictures. Unless of course you speak both languages.

    If there is an English only version I'm a buyer!

  • Jurp

    @ Paddy: This is when you find some good looking young French chick to help "translate"!!

  • @Paddy in bilingual books (architecture, art, even cars and bikes I.E.) the same text is written in both languages. So, I guess, you will get a full versión copy.

  • Paddy

    Jurp, my girl is German so consulting a French chick is problematic.

    Kumo, you are a master of not making sense. Would you like to come to Canada and become a poitician?!

  • Paddy

    Oh shit, now that I'm sober, Kumo makes perfect sense!

    My apologies Kumo!!!

  • Ian

    Face… meet palm 😉

    Looks interesting. For that price seems rude not to.

  • Looks amazing. I just subscribed…

  • teddy

    I subscribed for the 5 but only ever recieved the first edition? did they not produce anymore?