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Garage Company Customs – Negro Pantalones

Posted on May 3, 2011 by Scott in Bobber, Racer. 25 comments

It takes the average man around 30 days to grow a beard. Not a silly hipster stubbly beard, but a fully-blown Unabomber jobby. American Morgan Spurlock gained 11.1 kilos or 24.5 pounds after eating nothing but McDonald’s burgers for 30 days in his 2004 documentary “Super Size Me.” And it takes 30 days to grow a carrot. Um. Ok, so we ran out of more 30 day things, but it also took Garage Company Customs (GCC) just 30 days to build this rad bike named Negro Pantalones – or Black Pants in English.

They don’t usually build their bikes in such a hurry but this one was a special case. “We got a letter inviting us to build a bike for the Artistry in Iron Master Builder Championship in Vegas back in March of 2010″ says GCC owner Larry Pierce. “I thought that maybe they had fucked up and sent the invite to the wrong shop but turns out they didn’t. So we were stoked but broke and really didn’t have the cheese to build another shop project at the moment. So we just went about our business hoping to win the Lotto to fund this thing. In the meantime one of our good customers named Randy Dow hit me up on building a new bike. He wanted something vintage-style but with newer components.”

To cut a long story short, after Randy agreed to let them build his bike with the intention to enter it into the Artistry, they spent the next 30 days building the bike from the ground up. Starting with a Bare Knuckle Choppers Wishbone Frame, S&S Panhead and a HD Repop Springer fork. Nearly everything else was handmade including the bars, pipes, tanks, air cleaner, tail light, seat and even the foot controls. The stunning paint job was done by Blue Moon Kustoms – and yes, Harley Davidson is on the tank backwards.

Sadly, two days before they were supposed to leave for Vegas, Larry got a call saying three of his immediate family members had been killed. “At that point the bike wasn’t finished and I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it in time” says Larry. “Thank-you to Stewie, Nick and everyone else that jumped in and got the bike done when I couldn’t be there so we could make the show.” Unfortunately the bike didn’t win the show but under the circumstances we think they created one sweet ride. Imagine what they could do in 60 days?

[You can view more pics and read more about this panhead over at Chop Cult.]

  • noyes

    Larry, sorry for your loss.

  • It is A Nice Blog

  • Err… ummm… Ugly? Is the best I can say about she.

    Question, it's estrange to have a belt primary and a chain secondary, isn't it?

    BTW, "Negro Pantalones" is wrong. It sounds bad as "pant blacks" do. The correct form will be "Pantalones negros" with correct order and both words in plural form.

  • Jurp

    Needs a better looking headlight, but all n all good looking Harley!

  • bogdan d

    guys, have you ever heard of "Marmite"?
    you either love or hate this build… btw i usually don't dig Harleys

  • Andrew

    @Kumo – You say "ugly", I say "badass"!

  • Twostroked

    I've seen some ugly harleys and this is not one of them! Love it. Well done Larry!

  • Troy

    Not a Harley fan but this thing is rockin.. aggree that the front liight could be different but it doesnt spoil the fact that its still a good looking bike. note: I love the graphics and matching grips. Good work

  • redrumracer

    @Kumo – not so strange on the belt/chain combo. i believe only newer HDs tend to run belt driven wheels and chain's been driving rear wheels forever

    love the bike. some seriously original thought gone into that. it's amazing what pressure can do to someone. i can only imagine the crazy turns this build took in those final days of emotional turmoil. sorry for your loss Larry, bravo with the build though!

  • jack

    thats an awesome bike! i love the paint job.

    anyone else notice the photographers reflection in the cylinder heads?

  • Septic the Sceptic

    It's not at all unusual to have a belt and a chain, either primary or secondary.
    I'm glad the photographer was wearing pants, even if they were jeans and not Pantalones Negros.

  • Thanks @redrumracer and @ Septic the Sceptic. I thought it usually was belt/belt (lot of cruisers/harleys), chain/chain (most bikes) or chain/belt (some bikes), but not the opposite, never thought about that, since always I was told that you lose more HPs with belt driven systems (Than with chains).

    @redrumracer, belts has been here always also. A lot of the first bikes were belt driven, thought.

  • hangaround

    We have a saying in Germany:
    "If there wouldn't be the last minute, loads of things haven't been finished" (correct grammar?)

    I like the bike especially the reversed hd-write and the two-coloured grips…thats crazy and an badass eyecatcher.

    Keep up Larry and Co!

  • bum

    beautiful bike, what exactly are the springs on the pipes for?

  • Andrew

    @Bum – They hold yr pants up, I guess…

  • beavis black

    everything except the headlamp. that is everything is very cool, cept the lamp….


    Don't like the incongruity of mismatched wheels, I'd rather have the rear the same as the front wheel. Also, was never a fan of those duck bill rear fenders, otherwise I like the rest, engine and tank.

  • SR85

    Awesome bike! it just needs a fat circle headlight.

  • 522design

    Kumo you are a massive tool!!!!!!!!!! Go back to your hipster cave ( moms basement ) and do litlle research on finanal and primary drives! Thanks for the Spanish lesson ! Love that bike !

  • @522desing Looking your comment, maybe you need a English lesson, too… Or typing at least. And manners, for sure. But don't worry I will do my research about transmission systems 😉

    @Bum In my bike, the springs keep the pipe sections together and tight.

  • Love that paint work on the tank!

  • Kai Boy

    This is BIKE PORN!

    Now I can't stop looking at it!!!

  • filo

    @Maya, Glad someone caught this.

    Nice bike. Should just be called "Black Pants" though, I mean why teach everyone improper spanish.

  • Steve

    How does this bike stop? Can it really have enough retardation with just a rear brake? Please dont slaughter me I am not up to speed with this sort of thing, but Ive always used mostly front braking on my bikes. Just cant see how it wouldnt be sliding sideways with only a rear brake?

  • scott

    love the two into one pipe, complete with tension springs