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Deus V-Twin Festival

Posted on May 15, 2011 by Andrew in Classic, Other. 25 comments

How’s this for some kind of record. I dropped into the Deus ex Machina V-Twin show on Saturday and took some snaps for you all. Now let me define terms here. I took my first shot at 2:37pm, and my last at 3:57. In that time I took exactly 939 photographs. That’s 939 photos in 80 minutes, or about 12 shots a minute; one shot every 5 seconds for eighty minutes. I could have sworn I saw smoke wafting out of my camera afterwards and I’m only just regaining sensation in my right index finger.

See how much we love you guys? Heaps. That’s how much.

P.S. Yes, we know that some of the bikes aren’t v-twins. Despite my many loud protestations to the Deus management to have all non-Vees impounded on sight and their riders brutally interrogated, they refused and many different bikes mixed together in a crazy kind of engine configuration orgy. So, so dirty.

  • rod duran

    Cool bikes!,can't wait to see some more of the pics!

  • For that many shots, those look great. What are you shooting with?


  • @Steve It's a Nikon D90 with the standard 18-105 lens. Great camera. Hello Nikon Australia if yr listening… 🙂

  • One day I'll finally get on a plane and go to one of these Deus events. They just so damn cool.

  • holy crap awesome show and an awesome theme. Thanks for cranking out the photos for the rest of us

  • Kev

    Wow, what a turn out of high quality machinery, Thanks for effort of presserving it

  • damn, wish I'd known this was on, would've walked over to check it out.

  • For those who keep missing the Deus events, just friend them on Facebook and you'll get event reminders in a timely fashion. 🙂

  • great!
    where can we see the rest of your pics.. or a bigger selection?

  • @Lenny I know 939 sounds like a lot, but I tend to shoot the shit out of a scene once I like what I see, so there's probably ten to twenty more duplicates for any of the above shots with small variations in angle, exposure, zoom etc. There are some others that almost made the cut but probably aren't that great, and to be frank there's also quite a lot of crap.

    Consider the above the cream of the crop. Besides – as they say in showbiz, "always leave them wanting more".


  • Are you saying that they make more then one kind of V-Twin?


  • Beavis Black

    i agree with the overwhelmingly, and rapidly growing consensus view that,
    there most certainly is a need for good or bad, more photos of this event.

  • Ty

    Is Deus Ex Machina the motorcycles Mecca. If yes, I will have to come as soon as possible to pray the god of 2 wheels. Fantastic events.

  • Wish I could get over there but it's more than a hop, skip and a jump from Southern CA…

  • I'm curious about that orange/black bike.

  • I agree with Bullitt. But we do have a nice selection of events here in CA… 😉

  • @Beavis The more time I spend updating this post with photos, the less time i'll get to show you guys Iowa Kev's new cafe racer and finish writing the latest Pipeburn bike review. And let me tell you, it ain't no electric moto-sickle this time. Oh no – quite the opposite in fact! Watch this space…

  • Emaychee

    Particularly impressed with #3. you should make some of these available in several resolutions for wallpapers…. 🙂
    Good shootin' – Maybe someday I'll make it to the colonies…

  • Deus have just update their Flickr pages with some shots from the day done in their cargo container studio thingy. Plenty of bikes that seemed to have cleared off before I arrived. Looks like i'll have to get there earlier next time… Check it out here.

  • HRC RR

    lol andrew were you the bloke shooting the AMF-01 at the same time as a guy with a point and shoot? 😀

  • @HRC RR – there were quite a few cameras there & I do tend to "get in the way" a little when shooting. If you look carefully you can see my reflection in the red BMW tank above holding my camera above my head. Or just come along to the ride day and meet my ugly face in person!

  • Dave

    That’s my Guzzi at the top of the page!!!, cool photo.

  • Hamish Lamont

    Awesome pics! Hell damn! Wish I knew it was on. All subscribed to Deus and gonna fly over to Sydney for the next one!

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