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2009 Yamaha TW200 – Machine 13

Posted on June 13, 2011 by Scott in Other. 16 comments

If you know what the Bones Brigade, Animal Chin and Slime Balls are, then you’ll probably appreciate this TW200 more than others. Built by Zack Taylor from Machine-13, who is a young builder from Phoenix, Arizona. Zack has managed to merge three of his passions into one business – skateboarding, art/tattoo’s and motorsickles. You see, Machine-13 is a tattoo shop, custom shop and every bike goes out with his unique ‘skate style’. Zack’s trademark is using skateboard wheels as tail lights and he also loves chopping up skate decks to use as rear fenders – it might not be to everyones taste but you have to give him points for originality. Let’s hear from the dude himself:

“I have been building bikes as since I was a little boy, started out with my go-ped haha. I am 28 now and am at my tattoo shop 5 days a week and every other day building bikes. It makes for a very busy life but really rewarding and fun. As far as the art goes my style changes often. Lately I have been on the Mexican kick and much of my paint jobs are scuffed up and old looking. The skatewheel tail light is definately one of my elements I put on every bike. I came up with the design a while ago and have not seen anyone else doing it still. I am working with No School Choppers on a collaboration right now to build a limited run oft skatewheel lights on there side mount license plates. Should be pretty rad.”

“I started Machine-13 to really just start building bikes that I like to ride. Most of my inspiration is taken from Japanese builders – they always have a great way with lines and are innovative with the materials they use and that is what I strive for. It is hard to completely re-write the book on cycle style right now but at least I can give it my own spin with my tattoo and skating influence. I built the TW as sort of a challenge. A friend of mine who had bought one of my bikes in the past came across a great deal on that yamaha tw… he dropped it off at my shop and said go for it. I wanted to build something that still could bonnets streets and trails but have a few elements that are classic and a little off the wall – hence the skate deck rear end. When it was all said and done it turned out to be an awesome bike. Super fun to ride and makes people smile wherever you go… probably cause it looks a little silly.”

[Spotted on Chop Cult]

  • Jimichero

    get Tommy G on that thing & blast it down the 'wallows' in Hawaii!

  • I WANT this!

  • psbero

    You're right, it's certainly not to everyone's tastes. I can appreciate the hard work thats gone into it though

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    You really have to appreciate the finer details of intelligent custom work on this bike…like removing all vestiges of front fork dust covers to give better access for dirt and grime to penetrate the fork seals and tear up the internal sliders and such. And who can't see the fun in taking a perfectly capable little off-roader and clamping on a set of mini-apes to make it handle just so Schwinn-like?

  • Stats

    Considering the lack of a front brake, I don't think off-road ability was top of the priority list on the build @AlwaysOnTwo. Certainly this is a case of form over function.

    So that said, my beef is with the gas tank. The kite-shaped plastic tank just doesn't do it for me. Otherwise I dig it and appreciate the creativity in blending of styles and use of materials.

  • James

    Let's HEAR from the dude. Not, let's here from the dude

  • Nope

    Just puked in my mouth a little…..

  • woods racer

    @ always on two….." a perfectly capable little offroader" ROFL! Awesome, thats the funniest thing I've read in a while….. Well done zack, those little bikes always needed a purpose in the motorcycle world other than being a trail block, cheers

  • Scott

    @James Thanks. Our proof reader is on holidays.:)

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    @woods racer…always glad to generate a smile or a snide comment…I did say "capable little offroader", not "awesome trials machine". The TW200 might well be more of a modern Tote Goat, but at least it functioned well as intended. This has all the practical inspiration of a Big Daddy Roth creation, with none of the admirable thought and detail.

    That said, it's just so way cool, neato, and slammin bad if you want to ride to 7th grade band class or impress the tots in the Burger Fry lot. Not much more inspired than his original mindset of morphing go peds. "Designed" for the same crowd, no doubt.

    It's missing the playing cards with clothes pins holding them to the front forks.

  • TCB

    I dig the ingenuity and insight in building something different than the same bikes we see again & again, ad nauseum. When someone puts something out there like this they know it's not gonna be to everyone's taste. It's not supposed to be, that's what customizing means. Zack deserves a pat on the back & a cold beer for being original, creative, and inspiring.

    Something to think about: Next time you feel like making a cutting remark about someone's bike, consider the fact that it's theirs – not yours. Then go out and build something you like better. Put your build skills where your mouth is. Your mama should have told you if you don't have something nice to say, keep your mouth shut. Don't tear someone else down because of your own insecurities, you're better than that … aren't you?

  • Y'all are a bunch of haters. I love this bike. I would do burnouts with it at the skatepark, and then I'd be hauled away by the loony patrol for trying to take it up a quarter pipe. Those "fork seals" that @Alwaysontwo mentions actually hurt more than help–gaiters don't seal anything, but rather trap grit & grime inside to funkify and scratch up the forks. The actual seals are those little black rings inside the lowers, and modern ones are incredibly well manufactured.

    I want to know more about fitting a skate deck as a fender, it seems like you'd actually have to form the deck rather than cut an existing one to fit.

    Oh, and I don't skate, but I'm still getting the taillight once they're for sale.

  • Chris Mc

    Awesome. Love this guys builds, Almost as much as I hate people correcting spelling on blogs. Like anyone gives a fuck James.
    Love what you did with the Rebel too… That was my first bike once upon a time. I would've kept it if I saw yours before selling it.
    The Beetleguice tank rocks.

  • Jesus Sierra

    i love the bike….but the bars are not for me…..sick bike thogh! love it when people mix interestes or have themes….very creative. skate wheels for tail lights? i would have never thought of that! i think those little details is what truly makes it unique! next thing this bike needs is a JDM extended swingarm! like check these out…

    (tw200's for sale in japan)

  • LA Whaler

    Seriously – fuck the haters. Practicality is for people who wisely choose to drive Corollas. Custom bikes are an expression of personal style, an offering to the 2-wheeled gods… And I'm stealing the skate deck idea for my XS850 bobber (I already have a seat made from a snapped skate deck, some junk foam, and an old leather jacket – why didn't I think of doing a fender, too!!?)
    K-k-k-kudos, Zack.

  • Drueb

    When you see a host of images on google for Yam’s TW200 this thing is amongst “da finest” executed, it’s what Suzuki’s RV50 would have morphed into…just gotta love it!