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2006 Triumph Thruxton

Posted on June 15, 2011 by Andrew in Café Racer. 26 comments

Thruxton. As in the English race track. Just so you know.

Thruxtons. They’ve always troubled me. Not in a waking up in the middle of the night screaming “THRUXTONS! NOOOO!” kind of a way, but more in the “factory trying to make a cafe racer when in fact the very essence of cafe racers is that you have to do it yourself” kind of way. That’s not to say I don’t like them, quite the opposite in fact. They look the shiz. But I was always a little confused as to how you would customise them if they had already been customised at the factory. Not any more.

Can you introduce yourself?

Darren Leigh Roberts. Father of three (one girl and two boys), I run my own business as a photographer ( I live in Sydney in Oyster Bay – 10 minutes from the Royal National Park and the gateway to the beautiful South Coast; great roads and the best beaches on the eastern seaboard.

Tell us a little bit about her.

I have always had bikes over the years like a Honda minibike from a merry-go-round (it’s true), my old man fixed it up and it was my local ride for many years after school. When my first boy was born I went out a bought a new Triumph Thruxton 2006 carby model straight off the shelf – I hope to keep it so he can have it one day and say its his dad’s bike. It sounds crazy but I remember the cool things my dad had over the years and wish he still had them now, just cool boy’s stuff.

Exhausts have no mufflers. Volume isn’t insane when the revs are kept low

The modifications started after a crash a year or so into owning it. I was in traffic with a few cars ahead and one decided to suddenly turn into a driveway causing three cars ahead of me to brake violently, thus I had no where to go and braked too hard sliding the front wheel, and saw myself upside down in the next lane with my helmet scraping the road while watching my pride and joy siding towards the cars. Luckily she stopped without hitting anything. I started ordering the replacement parts to fix her and that’s when I started the modifications.

I definitely felt like I have learnt more about the bike since the crash, coming off your bike I really think helps you become a better rider. I rode her for over a year without a seat with an old black rag over the battery so I didn’t fry my balls! I’m (6″3) and riding closer to the engine lowering my body to hug the bike just felt better for me. My inspiration is a mixed bag, I love classic black & white look, and I love the bobber hot rod look and also the Rat bike roughness. This made me change and think a lot about the modifications. I honestly don’t see myself as a bike builder (I wish I was that talented, and I wish I had the time too) I just made a few changes to my Thrux…

The idea was a chopped Thruxton. I wanted to create a custom bike that you would look at and say hey that’s a Triumph Thruxton BUT… something is different – it’s not standard.

Chopped fenders? Check. Custom cowl? Check. Checks? Check.

What’s she like to ride?

The best thing about the bike is that it handles and goes like a Triumph 900 Thruxton. You can ride it like a classic with that beautiful Triumph note or pull the throttle hard and make her scream like a hotrod and with no mufflers, she does!

Has she been in any shows?

I haven’t felt like she’s ready for a show – maybe one day. I’m not too good at saying “yes, it’s finished,” that would be too boring. It’s not about the finish line; I’m just happy to ride it.

Wrap it up, I’ll take it

What other bikes do you own?

My latest project was another baby boy, now a year old, so a Harley Davidson XR1200 is the next bike in the garage ready for a little custom fit out. The idea is to make it a little more flat track looking.

Like a black AT-AT with go-faster stripes

Can you run us through the mods to date?

I’ve added a white wall 10mm feature on the front and rear tyres thanks to made clean simple tips for the standard header pipes and removed the mufflers totally. White heat wrapped the header pipes. Cam covers painted ivory white to match the other white areas of the bike and to help highlight the white in Triumph tank badge. Blacked out the rear of the headlight for an older classic look. Smaller mirrors. Shortened front guard and completely removed the rear guard. Custom-made single seat with re-stitched Triumph logo on rear of seat (under cowl) – seat’s only 10mm thick, but still very comfortable. Custom cowl was shortened and flattened. Styled to look the same as original although a lot smaller – special thanks to for helping me with my crazy vision. Bullet indicators. K&N filters, air eliminator plugs.

Anything left to do?

I’d like to black out the rear springs, cut out the side covers to expose the air filters, remove the muffler brackets at the rear of the bike, widen the rear tyre or change the profile of the tyres to an older, more classic look but without compromising the bike’s handling or performance.

What’s your ultimate bike?

My ultimate bike is anything in my garage.

What’s yr workshop like?

Workshop? It’s more like kids toys and boxes of shit everywhere!

If it was a movie, which one would it be?

I don’t get to watch a lot of movies but it would be part of a dark city street scene… I can’t think of a movie, but I can see it in my dreams!

  • Johan

    Beautiful bike mate!
    Simple and clean mods that really create a great overall change.
    Great work!

  • Johan
  • Jesus Sierra

    i've always wanted a thruxton, they're not too popular over here in the USA, but i want one! this one just brought me one step closer to pulling the trigger…i might go to the Trimph dealer today for lunch…hmmm. trade in my 2010 Kawi Z1000?…maybe!

  • bum

    beautiful bike, custom, but still clean, not over the top. i would of liked to see that ivory white brought into the body somewhere else, and the instrument cluster cleaned up a bit, looks to heavy up front by the headlight

  • psbero

    Very nice! Thruxton's are a great bike, and I think youre bang on with the "thats a Thruxton, but somethings different" idea 🙂

  • Kenoath

    That clock on the bars is sweet! Is it stock? where can I get one

  • jack

    just a thought here, i think if your going to have no mufflers then perhaps in the future you could customize your exhuast pipes so they dont look so "unfinished". to me they just look awkward. perhaps if they were slightly shorter or longer, or if they followed the lines of the frame more, without the turn up at the end where its obvious a muffler was intended to fit.

    other than that, i enjoy reading about bike owners/builders that are in the same situation as me: hardly any garage to speak of, a passion for bikes and a lot of time spent working customizing their ride without the facilities of a full workshop.

  • dlr

    Thankyou for everyone's interest and comments about the thrux
    In reference to the clock

  • DP

    Don't know if its just me but i never realized how high the thruxton sits. I know itll change with a rider on top of her but surprising none the less

  • Lowflying

    The clock suits the clocks!

    Nice, subtle bike that looks like a real-world ride. I'm sure you'll keep tinkering. Maybe you'll come up with an exhaust solution that at least sort of looks like you attempted to muffle it. It makes it easier to have a hope of not getting a defect notice when you have the inevitable road-side chat with the nice officer.

    Many forks in the road in all of our riding careers. How do you feel about following distances since that day when you had "nowhere to go"? Not being smug, just asking as I too have had to make some adjustments to my riding over the years so as to reduce those moments when someone's elses bad driving creates an emergency for me.

    The longer I look at your pics the more I can make peace with the whitewalls. The wire wheels definitely suit the bike.

  • SZaman

    Dear 30 year old me, that receding hairline is a non-issue. Get yourself a Thruxton.

  • RidetoLive Cafer Racer

    Dude, this bike is sooooo sick!!!! It's crazy how different it is from what they look like stock!!! Good call on the clock, I have always wondered if they made little clocks for these bikes because I just have my calculator watch around the handlebars. Hahaha. What is that white stuff around the exhaust? Is that to help with wheelies? You did a good job painting it too. Must have been hard to mask off all the squares for that checkered stripe. I tried doing that myself on my Honda Shadow but it ended up looking like a weird MC Escher painting. Anyways good job!

  • @RidetoLive Such wit! Oscar Wilde has nothing on you.

  • Very cool. I have a 2004 black Thrux and love it. I'm loving the whitewall tires, nice touch.

    I'd recommend lowering the gauges by bolting them from the bottom instead of the top. I did it and it works wonders for the profile of the bike and it takes about 10 minutes. Again, nicely done up bike!

  • biller

    Bonnevilles and Thruxtons are fabulous, my dealer can't keep them in stock.

  • Sebastian

    It looks great. I just would change the mirrors for smaller ones at the top of the bars

  • GySchmit

    Make and Model of Tires PLEASE!  Bout time for a tire change on my Thrux and I love those!!!

  • Bingster

    Now that is one good lookin bike. Of all the 100s of thruxton pics iv’e seen yours is right up there. Love the back end and the tyres just set it off beautifully. I’ve already been checking out the web site. I have the 2009 model and added lots of  bling and minor performance parts so mines starting to look pretty good i reckon. Can i just say to all people reading this the 2 best mods what really made a really noticeable difference to my personal bike were going up an extra tooth on the countershaft sprocket and putting Ikon shocks on the rear and fork springs on the front. Still tweaking the front but the rear was a massive difference. Anyway top job and thanks for the inspiration and ideas.

  • Guest

    Where did those turn signals come from? Wrenchmonkees?

  • Milan Balaz

    Hi, this is the nicest Thruxton, I’ve ever seen. Do you have a video on youtube?

  • Nicholas L Lee

    I just bought one, and I am looking to do the same go fast stripes as yours. Where did you get these? 

  • trikili

    Hi! what’s the tires brand on your bike? they have a good looking with the white strap!

  • scott

    love it! where did you get the white walls? impossible to find…please tell me.

  • Valter

    The mirrors are beautiful.
    what model are thy?
    becouse i would buy them.

  • Steve

    Hi Darren the bike looks great and the white wall Tyre insert add to the look. I have the 2007 carbie model were did you get then the Tyre inserts from, I have been looking for white wall Tyre’s to suit but cant find any. Regards Steve Roberts WA

  • MoOrEz

    hi, i really like the rear mirrors you’ve put on that bike. can you please tell me what they are and were i can find them? thanks L