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Video: “El Mirage”

Posted on June 19, 2011 by Andrew in Video. 24 comments

This one’s a bit of a mystery, and when I say “mystery” I actually mean “floozy”. As far as we can make out, it’s a video shot by a talented character going by the name of Brandon Schrichten who made the film during the, erm, filming of the final chapter of Scott Toepfer’s “It’s Better in the Wind”. Check below for some still shots of the whole she-bang taken by Mr. Toepfer himself. Somehow, it’s also got a few of the guys from Dime City Cycles tied up in it as well. Maybe. And we also heard that your momma kept some of the guys “comfortable” between takes. Whatever the case, it’s a rich, sweet dollop of great motorbicycling action hand-made by virgins and then baked in a moderate oven for two minutes and thirty seconds until it’s all golden-brown and super delicious, and then served on our best Pipeburn china plates. Sit down, tuck your napkin into your greasy white t-shirt and tuck the hell in!

(Song is “There Aint no Grave that is Going to Hold us Down,” by Brother Claude Ely.)

  • Very nice video! And cool pics, too.

    Do you know when the finished film will be released?

  • @kumo The website says "late summer, 2011" – so I'm guessing that means August/September?

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    Hmmm. Not sure. Does this really have anything to do with motorcycles and/or riding, or just a flick about being silly and acting-out on a motorcycle without much skill? Well, looks like they're having fun, anyway. At least it isn't another bunch of Sport Bikers pulling wheelies and endos on the friggin superslab and giving truckers the incentive to grille-mount them.

  • rockhardabs

    alwaysontwo never has anything positive to say, shut up.. it's about having fun, not sitting on pipeburn posting negative comments about everyone.

  • Like it or leave it, fellas. In me opinion the itsbetterinthewindboys have a great time on their rides, and thats what it is all about.
    And leave that Anti-Hipstering back in the cellar, when you want to read learn more about the project, look & learn:

    By the way, Pipeburn is awesome – continue the good work!

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    Aww, gee whiz, the boyz are all like defensive and woo woo woo 'cause not everyone says what they want to hear. Shucks, just hurts me so to see you upset.

    Yeah, I already read the read the "visionary journey" credo on itsbetterinthewind…what someone needs to tell these guys is that it's already been done…to death. Education is a terrible thing, it makes you realize you're not the first mentat to come up with this sh*t. Staring at your navel and getting all metaphysical about the metal / /the wind / the bike and the half-baked quasi-intellectual approach to bikezendisim …. hey, we all have those moments, but usually before we pass through high school.

    Oh well, if you missed the first time, I said it looked like they were having hate to point it out, but we actually agree on something. They got that part right, but that's not enough for a movie.

    Keep those hater responses coming, luuuuv it!

  • Brandon Schrichten

    Hey everyone, my name is Brandon and I made the video. I got an email asking for some more details about the video so I wrote about it. This video was made just for my friends and I to share the memories, it got passed around so much that somehow it made it on here. I just hope everyone likes it and it's more about the friendship we all share. The motorcycles just so happen to be the thing that bring us together. But here is what I wrote:
    My name is Brandon Schrichten and have been some what of a film maker since my early teens. I have been a part of Scott Toepfer's photo journal project, "It's Better in the Wind" since the beginning. His enthusiasm, and creative drive for his project, sparked something in me as well. I realized the opportunity to start documenting our rides would help give me a whole new prospective on the riding experience. Through the years, I lived in California and went on almost every single ride and did what I could to capture the moment. Meanwhile, Scott's project was taking off and the success of his vision made my projects get noticed. I have never been a self promoter and have always made my videos just for our friends to see, but it seems like other people started to take a liking.
    In the recent months, I moved to Colorado, away from all my friends and family. That meant no more fun rides every day in beautiful California. Scott has been working on a film to go with his photo journal project and this El Mirage trip was supposed to be the closing chapter on his project. I couldn't wait for this trip and wasn't going to miss it for the world. With the weather against us with rain, sleet, snow, and a tornado warning, I shoveled a path in the snow so I can load the bikes in the truck and drove off into the snow filled Rocky Mountains. Two days of solid driving and my soul was rejuvenated when I saw my friends. I have the best group of friends a guy could have and they are the life of any event.
    I went months without being able to work on a video project because I was trying to get settled in my new home and was itching for a new project. Even though I knew Scott was out there filming for his project, I wanted to gather my own footage for my project and memories. Making this video has done nothing but help me relive the best trip I have ever been on. Every clip has a story behind it and I get to relive it through this video. I am glad that everyone else has taken a liking to this video and even though it was a video to be shared amongst my friends, I am glad it has taken a liking among the public. I am so blessed in all that life has given and there is one thing I am extremely grateful for is the absolute time of my life I get to share with my friends. Thanks again for all the support!

  • Brandon Schrichten

    @ AlwaysOnTwo: I know where you are coming from.It's hard to be creative in new ways without repeating the past. That is something I struggle with in every aspect of artistic expression. I get amped on a video I just watched or a motorcycle someone built and that gives me the drive to want to emulate what I just saw. I think I do a lot of imitation of other peoples work (but still with my own twist) before I can start to find out my calling as an artist. I criticize and critique other peoples videos and bike builds just as bad as people are saying you are doing, but then I can never figure out why I am being so critical. I started to realize that most people on this website or other websites have always made a video or a motorcycle just for themselves and then the exposure came out of no where. I mean, that's what happened here with me. I build bikes because it is therapy for me and any little change I make is making my bike look less like someone else. The reward of compliments keeps the spark going and the constructive criticism makes the next project be all the better. Take a look at my other videos I made and let me know what you think. Hope all is well and safe riding.

  • bum

    awesome video, with all these teasers i cant wait for the full video. great music, great editing! colour me stoked!

  • Clancycoop

    Great video. Looks like a lot of fun. I wish all my friends were into motorcycles. Sadly only one of them is.

    Seeing someone eat out of a tin can reminded me of eating beans from the can in Bryce Canyon National park on a motorcycle trip. Good times.

    Brandon, don't listen to the haters. Sadly nobody seems to like anything anymore.

  • mick


  • Shaun

    Awesome film, also can't wait to see the rest of it. Anyone know of other films like this? The only one i know is "Cafe Society" set in England.

  • ben

    I don't care who you are, that looks like a freakin blast!

  • Benjie

    Hey Brandon! Love the vidz like always. I'm so jealous that i cant document the rides that me and my friends have like you do. 10, 20, 30, or even 50 years from now, you and your friends will always have something to look back and videos like these will even make the memories stronger. I say keep doing what you want and dont let the critics stop you from doing what you love. Critics are there i guess to improve your craft. Anyway keep them videos coming and ride safe! Ohh and love the custom metal tank on the triumph 😉 -benjie

  • Brandon Schrichten

    @Benjie Thanks Benjie for your support. All the positive feedback has got me pumped on everything we have been doing and it makes me want to do more of it and even better than the last time. As you know, I love the tank! Everyone else loves it even more. They want to know when it will start to be available for the public.

  • bob

    Alwaysontwo likely doesn't ride a motorcycle. This video is awesome!

  • madvillain

    i mostly agree with the guy everyone is hating on for being a hater. These 12 min "documentaries" or home videos or whatever they are make me sooo uncomfortable. Dose anyone else feel the same way? Maybe I need to see a professional, don't know. Anyhow, I really wish pipe burn would stop posting them- I keep thinking its gonna be something interesting and informative like a feature on a builder but it ends up being some kids playing grab ass or whatever. No offense to Brandon of course, i don't think having me watch the vid was your intention. Your friends seem cool, nice bikes, skilled camera handling, editing and response above.

  • very cool! looks like it was a blast and the filming is really nice work Brandon. Look forward to seeing the entire film.

  • jak

    hey brandon, great film. i'm in colorado too, welcome. i'm interested in making a video perhaps. have you ever shot a music video?
    how would one get in touch with you?

  • Brandon Schrichten

    Contact me via facebook. Would love to hear from you!

  • Curtie

    This is the best video yet from brandon. alwaysontwo probably rides a chromed out harely and wears a refective jersey

  • 10 Bones

    Ok, so this looks like about any section of On Any Sunday. It looks like an EXCELLENT record of a great time had by close friends. It was obviously not a production made for publication. I love it, plain and simple. Who cares if the influence is obvious. Who cares if some ~approve~ and others do not. Facefarting is becoming a regular national passtime as it is easy to say antything that comes to mind when hiding behind a monitor. People regularly say things online that they would NEVER say face to face. Tis a home for cowards … cowards with opinions.

    Yes, the vid does look a bit like a popular liquor commercial (I found myself waiting for a "Sam Adams" logo to pop up) So what? The man is obviously influenced by everything that surrounds him. Pop culture is nearly unavoidable in this day and age of everyone having a PC in their pocket. How could he not be influenced by these things? I would imagine that if nearly anyone would have made such a video … no matter the era … evidence of that era would be obvious in the end work.

    "Done to death"? Hmm … dunno about that. Done before? Yup. But in reality, there is no such thing as anything "new". No new music, no new movies, all the stories have been written. "New" productions are usually parts and pieces of existing bodies of work. It's unavoidable.

    In my mind, this video is something peresonal done to remind it's producer of (probably) one of the most fun times of his life up to this point. Whether anyone else likes it or approves of it is moot.

    Great work. I have memories of times like that. I wish to the gods that someone would have documented them in video. Precious stuff, man. Cherish this, and these people. Life is brief. All too much so.

  • John

    I thought the coolest part about the vid was the fact that after working on these bikes and creating what they have …. they had no qualms about taking them out and what looks to be beating the crap outta um. Hahahhaha! I just got done with a winter build and tho it's being ridden daily I don't think I'd want to take it out in the desert and ride it like a KTM EXC.
    Bravo!! I applaud their reckless abandon!

  • james

    Great video. Looks like a lot of fun. I wish all my friends were into motorcycles. Sadly only one of them is.

    Seeing someone eat out of a tin can reminded me of eating beans from the can in Bryce Canyon National park on a motorcycle trip. Good times.

    Brandon, don't listen to the haters. Sadly nobody seems to like anything anymore.-Marc Jacobs Shoes icon