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Video: Depth of Speed

Posted on June 23, 2011 by Scott in Video. 36 comments

This sweet video is the first episode in a 10 part web series for Hypebeast entitled Depth of Speed. Shot by Josh Clason who is a passionate film maker and a massive motorhead – he pretty much loves everything with wheels. Josh has owned just about every brand of car there is but has a huge soft spot for vintage BMW’s. “I have a BMW 2002 and am looking for an old airhead to add to the stable” says Josh. He is currently working on cafe-ing a 1974 CB200 that is nearing completion.

This first episode is set in Salt Lake City and stars Andy Carter who is the man behind Pangea Speed. Not only is Andy building some great bikes but he has such a great philosophy about motorcycles. He pays respect to all machines, whether it be a chopper or even a sportsbike. This attitude is so refreshing and we wish more motorcyclist would adopt this frame of mind; with the plethora of challenges we all face daily, why are we so damn intent on drawing more lines in the sand?

Josh is planning to go travelling around America with his wife in search more interesting stories to film for the series. “We will be looking for stories on anything auto/motorcycle related and want to get a more in-depth look at the people that are behind these amazing bikes/cars/etc.” he says. If the first episode is anything like the next nine then we can’t wait to see what they discover. If you can’t wait till then, you can check out some other films Josh has shot on his trusty Canon 7D here and here.

  • lucas883r

    Finally someone else that doesn't mind ridin next to an r6 when on their cafe or harley or literally ANYTHING! But Great work on the video!
    Just one question.. Who makes that white full face helmet?? I want one! I've seen em a few times but never got the name.

    PS. Finally saved up enough and bought my first bike ..06 883r.. just before my 20th bday 🙂 .. guna be a fantastic summer!

  • Jake

    Great..a couple of hipsters 'riding aggressively'….cue shot of idiots riding off a pile of dirt on their 'choppers'

  • Hummbug

    Yeah I'm not diggin' this at all. He talks about the design of the WHOLE bike and then we see a handful of ugly ugly bikes… partially blocked by shots of his feature helmet. What's with the white, ice cream bucket bike!!??
    And then the dirt jumps…I laughed so hard I thought it was a joke! I tried not to knock this but it's so contrived that it's a parody. There is a lot of comedic value in this video.
    Other than that, nicely shot video, well produced and good on you guys for having a passion…seriously.

  • Brandon Schrichten

    I really like the dolly shots with the camera and the way it kept every shot in motion. Did a good job with the cuts and piecing the video together. Looks like the garage is always filled with bikes which is awesome. Always something new to work on. Even though people think the shots of the jumps are lame, doing that shit is so much fun. Good job can't wait for the other 9!

  • J. C. Tocchio

    No thanks. I'm not trying to be a snob, but this guy reeks of bullshit.

    Oh cool, you bought a DSLR that shoots film? Sick. Now go make an out of focus video with lots of fade-in/fade-out and sweeping camera angles, talking about yourself and your hipster friends and how deep you are.

    Why not make it black and white next time, to really sell how interesting you are.

    Nothing in this video was interesting, informative, or entertaining.

    QED it's a fucking waste of time.

  • Tough crowd.

  • Watched it again.

    It's just five minutes of monotone, self-centric, slow-talking.

    Why encourage these people to be such self-important dillweeds?

    I can't really see anyone giving a shit why you ride, what you ride, how you ride, or where you're gonna be riding.

    If I made a video about my life with motorcycles it would be real short. Because no one gives a fuck and no one should give a fuck.

    Maybe I'm wrong, or I need to just drink some rum and go to bed. Either way, that's what I think.

  • John

    I am beginning to wonder if anyone here that comments on Pipeburn actually rides motorcycles anymore. It seems that if you did that there couldn't be this much animosity for people who have a strong passion for doing what they love.

  • BC Passion

    Damn you all like to bitch and moan. If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    Sometimes I really wonder whether many of the people who post on here actually ride their bikes? Or do they spend more time on their computer critiquing wrapped pipes and nicely shot videos.

    I like this. It's pretty good. They look like their having fun and that's the most important thing. Isn't that why we ride bikes?

  • psbero

    To me its a nicely shot video with some good points in it. He's just saying that who cares if you ride a cruiser, cafe, or sport bike… as long as youre having fun and respect other riders then who cares? Sure, some of the bikes in there arnt my cup of tea but thats not the end of the world…

  • 865KNOB

    These guys arnt true, bullshittin hobby jumpers to me.

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    How about that? Vids about motorcycles that are in fact, reality…not choreographed simulations of reality TV featuring self involved "film makers". I like it.

  • nick

    This is a motorcycle blog not an art appreciation association. if you dont like the FREE content these boys have gone out their way to create and share with you dont watch it.

    Im at work right now. its friday.
    This video makes me super fucking excited for tomorrow when me and my mates can hop on our bikes and go for a ride.

  • @lucas883r Looks a lot like a Simpson helmet to me. A word to the wise, though – some of these helmets are infact car racing helmets and are really designed for bike use. They look stupidly cool, though…

  • Twostoked

    If you are a motorcyclist, how can you not like this?

  • swello

    Boys having fun on motorcycles, not realy a bad thing.

  • jack

    J.C. tocchio, i love how you claim "I can't really see anyone giving a shit why you ride, what you ride, how you ride, or where you're gonna be riding" while you look at a custom motorcycle blog, to me that is pure comedy. I frequent about 20-30 motorcycle blogs and websites a week becuase i love to see what others ride, how they ride and why they ride becuase i like to do all those things, and i like seeing how others do it. in other words, being part of the community of motorcyclists is pretty fucking rad.

    thats what we are here to see fellas, if you dont like it, shut the fuck up and deal with it. like an adult. not everything in this world is here to please you.

    okay, i thought this was really nice. its nice to here the opinions of a regular dude who loves bikes. it looks like he has a really original way of designing his rides and that should be respected not shot down like some of you knobs are doing.

    one thing im seeing alot recently is the kick ass simpson helmets. those things are so well designed, but like someone here already wrote, they are designed for racing, so i wonder how comfortable they are to ride in?

  • Hummbug

    yeah ok – I felt bad knocking this because I hate reading negative comments on blogs but these guys are making content about their business and they need some feedback in one way or another. I respect they have a passion for what they're doing and they're obviously making a living out of it BUT…the tone of this video asks the viewer to take them seriously and admire them for their laid back and relaxed attitudes on biking. Then we watch them all ride around on their modded HDs…

    Listen to the first line from our narrator – he's knocking other bike builders for their macro bike building skills — he needs to be called on that…
    ahh whatever – this video just irked me enough to comment that's all. Woop Woop! I'm going for a ride…

  • mick

    what is the song in the background??!

  • bum

    makes me excited to get out and ride after work, or even get into the garage and just f*ck around. well shot video, but i wish they didnt have the guy talking, he reeks of bullshit.

  • HAZ

    Here's the thing as I see it, the guy likes what he does and he rides. Do I like his style of bike, not so much, but he rides. Are videos like this going to seem self-centered, well it features a single builder, his vision, his bikes, and in this case, his friends out riding over "dirt piles" like many of us did as kids. So yeah, it's about him and his bikes and his dirt piles. If it's that upsetting to some folks, make your own video…put yourself out there; otherwise, it's "shut up & ride time!"

  • Jurp

    Jesus.. With all the REAL serious bull shit going on in the world, who gives a crap what this video is and isn't. Do what ya dig, at the end of the day its just metal and rubber. (steps off of soapbox).

  • Hummbug

    One more thing – it's a comments section, made for the inclusion of comments. There are no stipulations that they must be positive 'yeah you go biker brother' comments. As you said jack – shut the fuck up and deal with it.

  • Be nice, kids.

  • Jake

    vans. nice footwear choice for riding a motorcycle on asphalt.

  • dannyb278

    I hate to dig on guys that do seem like they love what they're doing. Bless them for that but…..

    1. I'm starting to get real sick of these overly pretentious videos that show hipsters on sportsters/cafe racers/bratstyle bikes, whatever wearing there vans, smoking their American Spirit cigarettes and acting too cool for anybody else, happy that they can finally grow beards.

    2. jumping harleys over 12 inch dirt speed bumps is not cool, no matter how fancy they shoot it. Its just stupid.

    very few of these videos are really good content wise, most are just 30 something guys like myself trying to wax philosophical about thier slightly modded largely stock bike. 99 percent bullshit.

    Its to bad to, because i've been to the Pangea Speed and he has a nice looking site, and what some cool bikes. This new way of presenting them on these emo videos just is starting to piss me off.

  • abeknows666

    F this shit, this is as fake as they get here folks

  • Emaychee

    If the 'negatives' were to go out right now with some friends and have some fun just riding or messing around, I get the feeling there would at least be a hesitation before pressing 'create post'. It's what you make of it.

    I actually like the fact that some of the bikes are quoteunquote 'ugly ugly bikes' – it goes to show that not everybody has the same cookie-cutter ideas about what is and what is not aesthetically pleasing. In fact, a lot of them have elements of retro styling that hasn't blown back up in the 'revivalist' way yet – perhaps it will?

    Pipeburn – Keep enlightening our narrow minds!

  • Brandon Schrichten

    I think people forget that if you were riding down the road and the guys who made the video were riding by as well, you would both wave to each other. And then the other person would quickly turn their head as they rode by to see what kind of bike that was. And if the two of you just so happen to park next to each other some where, you would both stop and talk about each others bike and then acknowledge the fact that they did some awesome work on their bikes. See, when we are on the road, that's when the "brotherhood" lives true and it should always live true even off the road. But it seems like people are stepping off their bikes and then use the internet as a shield to shit talk as if some how now you are better than the guy you just waved to moments ago when riding. I can't say that I don't have a strong opinion about how certain things are done via bike culture world, but it gets me down to think that the culture I say I am a part of are these arrogant downers. The point is I wave and talk to a guy who rides a Goldwing or rides a Triumph. Shouldn't you?

  • Hummbug

    If the 'arrogant' 'negatives' didn't put forth their points of view then you would have no context for your point of view. I used to think badly about people who wrote negative comments on blogs but I'm now seeing it from the other side. I think the important thing to remember is that people do have different opinions on everything and you just have to accept that.
    I agree that motorcyclists have an unspoken bond and that's a very cool thing BUT differences of opinion are only human and you can't generalise them by saying that 'they' are all hiding behind a shield of the internet etc…

    You only have to watch this video once to hear Andy Carter's opinions on 'other bike builders' and how he thinks they aren't designing the bikes a whole. How his dad was into the whole cafe scene 'before it was popular' (is that possible in America?) and how he accepts any other bike riders regardless of what they ride ( and then rides around with his mates who all ride the same make of bike).
    I disagree with his opinions and his bikes are not aesthetically pleasing to me . And I reserve my right to say so.

  • Brandon Schrichten

    You make a good point and i understand where you are coming from on this. You are right that there will always be a flip side of the coin and we need that as a society or we would all be conformists. Right? I just hope in the motorcycling world we can balance the negative with the positive. Either way, I think you are right on with this.

  • nick

    yo, Yeah agree with you as well. though i do think there is a difference between

    "No thanks. I'm not trying to be a snob, but this guy reeks of bullshit.

    Oh cool, you bought a DSLR that shoots film? Sick. Now go make an out of focus video with lots of fade-in/fade-out and sweeping camera angles, talking about yourself and your hipster friends and how deep you are.

    Why not make it black and white next time, to really sell how interesting you are.

    Nothing in this video was interesting, informative, or entertaining.

    QED it's a fucking waste of time." (J. C. Tocchio)

    and what you have said. specifically, you are pointing out some bike related shit you dont dig (and i agree with you). our mate J. C. Tocchio is in my mind having a go at these boys FOR sharing not for WHAT they are sharing.

  • jimcore

    I park my vintage cafe next to my '05 gsxr1000. They don't seem to mind at all. There is a way for any adventurous "kid" to have fun in the world of motorcycles. I bet all of you are looking forward to your next project and/or ride

  • sampson

    Of course his dad was "into cafe racers before they were cool"…

  • -pipe burn, thanks so much for posting this video that josh made for me. I just kinda stumbled upon it on here and was stoked that you guys put it up.

    -Everyone else, I think you guys are missing the point here…. The point is, Have fun, don't take your self to seriously, try not to get stuck in a box. Smile! The fact of the matter is that none of this stuff you are getting all fired up about even matters at the end of the day. Its a motorcycle not jihad or the red scare. I am probably still going to wear vans like I have been for the last 17 years and I am still gonna go to work and build weird looking motorcycles, because that's what i like to do. If you like to put a wassel tank on a wishbone frame with a knuck and a dbl hump seat like every other dude in socal, go for it I will probably dig your bike as well. it really it means nothing. Like I say as long as you are having a good time that's really all that matters.

    As for the helmet, it is made by a Japanese company named TT&CO you can buy them in the states from Jason Craze of eternal combustion.

    Thank you to all of you guys that support me and Pangea on here your unwavering support is greatly appreciated.

  • Brooklyn

    The part i dont get is why everybody gets mad about wearing vans? What shoes should we be wearing? Cowboy boots? Flip Flops?