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Evolution Motorsports 1976 Honda CB750

Posted on June 30, 2011 by Andrew in Brat, Classic, Racer. 46 comments

If having your handy work plastered up here on the pages of Tube deTemp Rouge earned you some sort of shiny golden statuette of a stylised, airborne motorbike with a windswept pilot barely managing to hold on while his rattly steed heads for the heart of the sun, then the boys at Evolution Motorsports would be kicking back right now, feet up, staring at four of the things up there on their greasy, old spark plug infested mantle piece. Undoubtedly the initial honour of owning one will have worn off by now, and the first spate of polishing and dusting and showing it to everyone who entered the shop will have subsided, now replaced with casual comedic additions to them including a beer bottle cap as a hat, some racing numbers added with a sharpie, and even a stupendous appendage grafted onto trophy number 2 using some used pink gum. But why? Because of late they have had something else to occupy their crafty, talented minds. What have they been cutting their fingers on and greasing up their cuticles with, you ask? This is what.

Here’s how Paul tackled the job: “This bike was brought to us as an unfinished project that our customer bought as is. It had the tank, a box of junk and was rolling. His brief was low and lean; a minimalistic theme with a fast back seat… on a small budget. First thing was to get it running to see what we were working with. We got it going without too much trouble but found the carbs needed a go through. So with a good quiet engine to work with we got on with the grunt work.”

“We ordered a set of shortened shocks with hard springs from IKON, pulled the forks out and cut 3″ off of them. Rohan (the owner) wanted a slim oil tank, to open up the rear section of the bike, so we fabbed up an aluminium number from a bit of 3″ pipe spliced in two and some sections added. When Rohan came to us he saw a racecar we were prepping and asked if we could use the Earls fittings with stainless braid to plumb the oil tank.”

Not exactly comfortable, but the laughs you’ll get from the weird shapes pressed into your arse cheeks will more than make up for it

“Next was the tail section, we fabbed this up from 1.6mm alu sheet. We added the dimple die holes for effect, though what effect I’m not sure. We just got the machine and wanted to use it. It came to us with Clubman bars, but I’m not a fan of this look so we made a set of clip-ons for it and shaved the bar clamps off the top clamp. The rear brake master was savable but the front was another storey, way too much corrosion from sitting unsealed with some brake fluid in it, so we got a GSX front master cylinder set up and fitted it with an Extreme Creations reservoir and plumbed it with some more Earls hardware. The stock clutch cable was now way too long with the new bars, so we shortened it up and re-fused the nipple back on.”

“Next was the mounting of the light and wiring the bike. Before stripping out all the old wiring, we needed to get it charging so we understood how it all worked. This proved tricky as it wasn’t charging, after a few hours of chasing, it turns out that this bike has a seperate regulator and rectifier. A quick trip to the auto electrician around the corner and we had a three pin stand alone regulator suited to the job. Now that we knew how it worked we could strip all the wiring out and start again with only a couple of fuses, an ignition switch, one Posh switch, one relay and the smallest battery we could buy that could handle the amps the alternater was going to give it.”

“We then got the slimmest, functional, and most legal tail light we could find. The indicators we happened to had in stock so we blasted them, put some matt black on them and smoked the lenses. For the indicator mounts we rifle drilled some bolts for the wiring, turned the heads round in the lathe and tigged them to the frame.”

“Rohan wanted a bare metal tank,  but when we stripped it we found someone had been there before, and they probably shouldn’t have done it with what looked like a 4″ grinder. So it was off to the paint shop for plenty of spray putty and a coat of paint. Rohan suggested we find the closest silver to the bare alumimium tail as we could.”

“I’m writing this without the bike to reference the work that went into it, but I think I’ve covered most of it. One thing for sure is, it was a lot more work than I thought it would be; everything on this bike needed some sort of attention. If it was a free world and money didn’t matter I would have liked to strip the bike when finished, blast and powdercoat the frame and reassemble. All in all though, I’m pretty happy with end result – if it was mine to keep I’d ride it everyday.”

So there you have it – the latest Evolution creation. “What’s next for Paul and the boys?” I hear you squeal in a giddy, schoolgirl voice you’ve developed ever since you hit that enormous pothole on your hard tail yesterday morning. Well they have sworn me to secrecy and threatened me by pointing to my groin and then motioning to a spinning metal lathe full of swarf, but let me just drop a subtle hint and say that it’s American, and it definitely does not suck. You heard it hear first, and rest assured you’ll also see it here first the very second it’s finished.

  • Maros

    actually i fell in low. so amazing bike.

  • jak

    this is a great looking bike, but would someone explain the logic of this and many designs to include a seat you would just hate to ride? don't all the best designs satisfy form and function to a greater extent? take the seats pipeburn sells or the wrenchmonkey one off seats, or the deus seats… etc.

  • Tobalo

    hey, they forgot to put the seat. Could someone tell them?

    Great looking bike, though…

  • walt

    ys everyone always bitchin about seats when i was a kid i rode a scooter w a recycling bin for the seat and that was alot o fun same thing here

  • JCKustom13

    Its a nice Bike, I like it.

  • revdub

    I actually really love the way this seat looks. In my opinion, the lines are perfect. And I am guessing it would only take a short time to get used to.

  • Dave in Kalifornia

    Very nice bike. As far as the seat: High-density, closed cell foam, properly placed will be comfortable enough. Obviously this isn't intended to be a long-distance bike… BUT- I would gladly ride the wheels off it to anyplace… Slick, smooth, simple. A little too low for my tastes, but damn, it looks good!

  • josh

    Bunch of pussies you always have to nag the form of something dont you! get over it! id ride it all day long just because its got balls! man up!

  • Drillmastertommy

    Oooooh that seat will be uncomfortable when I go touring and that pipe looks too loud, if you stop too fast you'll have an eye out on the fork adjusters and anodised bolts…well. Hang on a minute though, who cares!!! It looks awesome and I would love to ride a bike that looked this cool!!!

  • Clinton-

    Que Fantastic! Tu es tan bontito, me amor!

  • Jason

    That seat looks uncomfortable to say the least but other than that it's beautiful. I love all the ratty bobbers these guys do but it's nice to see they can do something a little cleaner for a change.

  • Ken

    I love what they started. Add a seat that flows from the tank crease to the tail and a spedo so I can contest what the local PD stated as my speed on the tickets this thing would get me!

  • sam

    if all you can see is a seat you need to quit riding because you've obviously forgotten what it is that makes it so great. the noise, grease, sore ass, burnt calves, blown ear drums, rubber in the nose…i love what they did to this beast, and would PROUDLY display my three welts. Why? Why not. This and any other modern resto is a testament to man's will to survive and adapt. if you're worried about everything on every bike, go ride one of those can am clown trikes, like every other pud. AMAZING WORK GUYS!

  • Jed

    Scorcher. Nice one Paul. Always quality. You may drag me away from ugly rats yet.


  • psbero

    great looking bike! and best of all, its not a moped 😉

  • swello

    Hey Paul (and staff) your work impresses many.Even old blokes. Max

  • Stu

    I love the look of this bike.

    Apart from lowering has there been any raking? It's seems amazing what a few inches off (and lowering blocks?) has done to the stance.

    Also where is the battery? It is under the oil can or under the seat. Either way it's very neat!

    Would love to see a pic of it actually being ridden. It seems that it would be a bit of a cramped ride unless you are a shortass.

    How do you go for roadworthy in NSW without a front and rear fender? I was given the rubber glove treatment for not having a front fender in QLD… Just wondering if you have the same BS in NSW.

  • simonthebeast

    I'll take it!!! <3

  • Rex Havoc

    Beautiful! This is very similar to our CB750 project we have underway.

    Didn't care too much for Evolutions first creations but really like what they are doing lately.

    Seats like that are no where near as uncomfortable as you one would imagine.

  • Tracta

    Better hope the owner isn't a giant, can't see knee caps tasting any good…

    unreal work from Paul and the boys…

  • finnladen

    What a weapon! I would say it's a shame the tank couldn't be bare as per the initial request, but after looking at those shots I love how this bike has so many different but similar shades of silver. The fast-back seat cowl is absolutely beautiful and gives the bike such a nice low line. Absolutely love this bike, most of the stuff I see from Evolution looks great, I definitely prefer this over their rats, but that's purely subjective. I bet it goes like a shower of shit too!

  • SR85

    This is fucking wow. Seat is as comfortable as it needs to be.

  • Astound

    Bikes like this make riding real, big ups to the Evolution guys. The CB750/4s are underrated and well worth customizing. As for the blue slip it would be 'contacts' ha! The low lines of this bike are unbelievable, eff the seat! The power would be awesome, can't wait to see this hammering through the Sydney streets! Paul, you're a genius.

  • Ash in Bali

    The head stock looks like it has been raked a bit. Increasing the wheel base could compromise its cornering capabilities. But the lines, the minimalism and paintwork look great. That exhaust system really suits it too.

  • paul

    Stock rake, three inches removed from the forks (machined, no lowereing blocks) and three inch shorter shocks take care of the stance.
    The battery is under the back end of the tank, in front of the oil tank. No more elec start, very small battery.
    Thanks all the great comments, very inspiring!

  • Saint

    Clean & naked, done right. Its hard work to make something look painfully simple & clean. Nice Bike.

    • Sean

      Hi George
      I bought the bike 8 months ago & would like to ask a few questions if possible . Sean

  • hmmm

    a lil strange..
    but ok.. i like it!

    i would have cut the gas tank too…
    just o aline it with the seat-fender!!

  • Angus

    beautiful bike! although the rear clearance could be a tad lifted, especially after a heavy bump and that seat. but stunning none the less. love it.

  • Stats

    I would probably be just so-so on this bike if not for the Earls fittings. They totally complete the look.

    The only thing i'd be worried about is tearing the tail light off with a big bump. I suppose you checked the bottomed-out clearance though.

  • George

    Hi Rohan, Love what you had done, I always wanted to bob it but didn't have the time or inclination. Great to see it has gone to someone that has vision for the honda 750/4. email me and I will explain what I had done to the motor. I'm not sure what happened with the tank, but it looks great in the different tones of silver, not sure about the the seat but luv the look and the rear cowl.

  • Joe Attard

    hi to the new owner. I still see that the right foot peg is still kicked up, it only needs a touch more milled off the contact surface to make it drop level. I made it this was as this is what my oldest brother wanted as this felt comfortable for him. (2nd owner before you and you bought it from my other older bro in Canberra) I have the sister bike to her as my bro and I built them up at the same time in the 90's with our own little differences. If you want to know more about it contact me at I love what you have done so far with it and would love to see the finished project. If you send me an email address I'll find a pic of mine to send for you to see if you like. I don't know if you know this but the Honda 4's are the Grandmother to all superbike built. They were the first of the OHC bikes made.

  • mavz

    Beautiful bike Paul!!!! What are the tire sizes front and rear?

  • lincoln

    Nice bike! Had to read the first paragraph a couple of times to figure out what was going on though!

  • cadugas

    Love the bike , Clean……. .Did you fabricate the spoke front wheel with dual disk.

  • George

    My Brother origonally put this wheel together. The hub and dual disc are off the boldor. The hub comes from a comstar mag which has been machined and drilled to take spokes. The rim is a 19" harley rim.

  • jj

    why on earth do honda, harley, and them all, not realise this is all anyone really needs, it isn't since the model t ford, and vw beetle that manufacturer have got it right, we don't want ABS and blue tooth in our vehicles. power, and the look of power only.

  • Jason

    Is the frame stock? I have an 82 super sport I am going to start on soon. I love the simple design. Although I don’t have the option of going Kick only, as my bike has no kick.

  • Luke

    love this bike so much. So much Energy!

  • Luke
  • Alex Lukeman


  • Dirt

    I didn’t see any mention of the exhaust. Is the exhaust custom, or store bought?

    Regardless, I love the bike. You guys should be proud with your build!

    • oicuride

      why do people ask questions here, as though someone is going to answer them?
      seems silly.
      sick bike for sure. something i hold up and would like to duplicate in some manner.
      i ride 70 miles a day with a seat very similar to this one. it’s not an issue. if it is to you then just get a tougher bum.

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  • NoBrakesFK

    looks like you answered:) if someone on here knew if these were a jobber set of pipes they might have an answer;)