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Video: Bike of Bolts

Posted on August 1, 2011 by Scott in Video. 14 comments

This unique HD Sporty has been cruising around the intertubes for a while now but we could never find out much about it. Now Jeremy Jones and Seth Huot have released this sweet little film which gives us pretty much all the details we were craving. It stars the bike’s owner Jake Hobbs and features him riding his “Harley dirt bike hybrid” and then chatting candidly to camera about his vision and the specs of this one-of-a-kind creation. The standout feature on the bike is a 1972 Harley Aermacchi Rapido tank which was kindly donated to him by Photographer Steven Stone. Enough words – take a look and tell us what you think.

Directed by Jeremy Jones and Seth Huot. Video and Edit By Seth Huot. Canon 60D/FCP 7

[Spotted on Moto Mucci]

  • Harryfxr

    It's amazing what you can do with the video on a good digital SLR camera. Very interesting bike although I was disappointed with the lack of static shots that were included. Rather then so much video of the owner sitting there talking it would have been much more interesting to have him talk over a selection of static shots to give the audience a better look at the bike.

  • Doug d

    I think the reason for that is because the bike is a do'er, not a garage piece! Still a very nice and functional ride, tear up the back roads American style!

  • 10 Bones

    Meh. This is some seriously mundane stuff for the likes of Pipeburn. Not doing your efforts justice with this entry, fellas.

    I grew up on bikes like that. My dad rode a Triumph 500 in the dirt when I was a kid. This bike is nothing special … it's just "another 883" with some bolt-on stuff on it. Oh and some tricked out gas tank … whatever.

    I've rarely been *unimpressed* with the bikes on Pipeburn, but this one is definitely an average, and rather un-noteworthy very common build .. with some sortof covetted fuel tank.

    C'mon fellas, I don't come here for this stuff. We're getting into that place where photography and "art" has become more important than the subject again here. The owners of Pipeburn might be aware of that and perhaps keep it in mind.

    Please allow the bike to be the artwork that you display in this museum called Pipeburn. When presentation production overwhelms the subject .. this place becomes something other than Pipeburn.

  • revdub

    I'd like this video more if there was less talking and more riding.

  • Mr AZT

    Yeah seen this video elsewhere and wasn't into this bike then either. I guess it'd be kinda fun to ride but it's way more show than go. Seems a bit pointless to me to take a heavy, unwieldy bike like a Harley and make it dirt capable. Nimble singles, sure but this is just a bit silly from my point of view. Each to their own, I guess, I'm sure the owner loves it and has a blast on it.

  • Heinrich

    What I've noticed reading through all these Pipeburn comments is that people are very negative. You all say there's something wrong with this or this doesn't look that good or that isn't impressive. Where's your awesome, flawless bike that you're working on? To me, every motorbike has it's own beauty. Who gives a shit if this bike didn't take a long time to work on. 10 Bones, don't bring your daddy issues in this website. You don't run Pipeburn. If you wanted to criticize everything then make your own damn website talking shit about motorcycles you'll never have. Thank you.

  • Dave

    Great video/sound track and I loved the bike. Looks like he was having fun and that’s what it’s all about.

  • The bike is or more likely isn't something special, depending on your opinion, but it is exactly what the owner/ builder wanted and hats off to him for that. The video was less than exciting but was exactly what the producer wanted so hats off to him.

    Heinrich, if super awesome 'pat on the back' comments are what you want why don't you go build you own website and moderate out all the negative comments? Who are you to tell everyone else what sort of comments should be here? The only negative comment is yours, the others are just opinion. Daddy issues, wow, what an deep intelligent comment. Where is your "awesome, flawless bike" so we can pick it apart, or are you afraid to show it? You don't run Pipeburn either. Yet you are the one telling other how to post comments. Keep up the good work.

  • 10 Bones

    @Heinrich: … um …. Daddy issues? I worshipped my stepdad, man. He was Grand National #57 in his day. He taught me everything I know about riding. Won two state champoinships under his guidance. His death was a sad day in my life.

    Btw .. I do happen to have my own website of my lousy bikes. I am also a founder and moderator of two motorcycle customizing forums. That doesn't make me any kind of authority on anything though. I'm just another Pipeburn participant with an opinion like everyone else here. I'm not the one that set the standards here … Pipeburn is … and they're standards slip sometimes. It's hard to tell if they're about photographic art, or bikes sometimes.

    For the record, I did compliment the bike and builder, what I'm critisizing for the most part is the mundane POST by Pipeburn. 883s of that design are very VERY common in these parts. That's all I was saying.

    Deal with those anger issues of yours elsewhere. Try to be nice, hmm? You KNOW you know how too!! 😉


  • Scott

    @10 Bones. All good buddy. We can take constructive criticism here at Pipeburn. We just like to mix it up. You can't please all the people all the time.

  • 10 Bones

    You can't please me because the only thing that pleases me are my daddy's bikes. Pipeburn, please try harder. I have no girlfriend, and the only thing I have are these sites where I can talk bad about other people's bikes.

  • Scott

    @10 Bones We can't help you with the girlfriend but maybe we could do a feature on your dads bikes. You still got em?

  • Jurp

    Screw going to school to learn about diplomacy! Just go to PIPEBURN'S comment section and get schooled on compromise and real diplomacy. Great site! gives us something to do until cancer and death comes.

  • Jake

    Anyone know what tires those are? Do want!