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2006 KTM 950 SM – Miss Hyde

Posted on August 25, 2011 by Scott in Other. 22 comments

Hilarious – now step aside so we can see the damn bike

Ever got your hands on a bike that is so captivating, so enthralling, so stupidly fast that she somehow takes control of your senses and transforms you from a law-abiding citizen into a law breaking, twist it to the stop, foaming at the mouth and giggling into your helmet lunatic? Fun, huh? And you’re not the only one who thinks so. See, this is the story about another mild-mannered man like yourself, named Osiyuyu, who is a Fine Arts University Scholar and a “recognised antique art restorer.” He too has a penchant for creating scary motorcycles – and a little bit of woman chasing on the side. Meet the latest creation to crystalise out of his deranged brain… a KTM 950 called “Miss Hyde.”

She started life as a tough little 2006 carbureted KTM 950 SM which has been nipped and tucked, tuned and tortured into the beautiful beast before you. Osiyuyu isn’t a professional bike builder but he wanted to have complete control over the rebirth of this KTM. So Osiyuyu found the right team of plastic surgeons, metal medics and painting practitioners to make his dream a reality. It took them a year to complete Miss Hyde’s makeover and she has finally checked out of the custom clinic.

Some of the fabrication work that Miss Hyde underwent was done by local shop owner Raul Inox. He fabricated the subframe, relocated the battery under fuel tank and chopped the front fender. The handlebars are manufactured by Neken for KTM Racing with EMIG Racing Triple Trees. The tank insignia on the cut up Honda CB750F tank was carried out by steady hand Raulowsky and the painting was commissioned to Lana’s Paintshop. The uncomfortable looking cafe racer cowl is a reinforced carbon-fibreglass plastic Vespa 50 seat. Lastly, all the mechanical and electrical work was carried out by Tino Mallo.

Unlike the tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, this story ends with a happy ending. After a little bit of surgery, Osiyuyu got the girl of his dreams. They now live happily ever after, spending a lot of time roaming the streets of Spain. She gets a lot of looks from other men, and she doesn’t always treat him kindly but we think that’s the way this well mannered scholar likes it.

[Thanks to ESMC for finding this gem – El Solitario is also the decapitated guy in first photograph]

Unable to afford insurance, Osiyuyu resorted to voodoo to protect his bike


Wheels: 2x 17′ Kineo with Pirelli Phantoms.

Brakes: 2x 320mm Brembo front discs and calipers.

Custom Fabricated: subframe, battery relocation under fuel tank and front fender.

Fuel Tank: chopped Honda CB 750 F, with 10 LT capacity.

Handlebars: Neken for KTM Racing with EMIG Racing triple trees.

Rear Cowl: carbon fiber Vespa PK seat.

Intake: SAS and EFC systems were scrapped for improved performance as well as the Motohooligan airbox and Cayenne filter for a new total output of 110+ HP.

Pipes: Laser GP Extreme.

Extras: Rizoma mirrors and license llate holder.

Photography by the talented Kristina Fender.

  • Matt Ward

    Very nice bike. I like how he integrated the CB750 tank on it and that exhaust is crazy! Too bad there isn't a video of it.

  • Sully

    That things is beastly! Incredible. Pure sex on wheels

  • voodoo is good doo

  • Gloo

    How much would a bike such as this end up costing in the end? Roughly.

    I'm not familiar with Duc's. So my question is dumb. But what's up with the pipe wrap on the (what is that .. a) crash bar? Is it just for looks or does that bar looking thingy get hot to the touch or something?

    Sorry, all the sense god gave a box of hair here. Ex-dirt biker learning the roads.

  • revdub

    100% awesome.

  • Must have co$t crazy money…

  • pete

    Funny, it looks like a moped 🙂

  • Ash Bali

    Looks like it's set up to pull wheelies and scare the shit out of his girlfriends and mother…like all good bikes should.

  • SVA

    Man, how I want to see this thing run! Anyone knows of a video of this beast?

  • G unit

    Love it, would prefer 19" wheels on it. Pretty sure its just a wrapped crash bar Gloo. You would need 7grand sterling for the base bike and the sky literally looked the limit for the parts. 15grand all in I guess. What happened to the imaginary garage w8oo Mr pipeburn?

  • Beavis Black

    That is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. What a filthy waste of money and what started out as a very cool bike. Boooo I say booooo!!!!!

  • Sebastian

    wheels are way too small

  • Nattymo

    Spit Grtzr

    It's not a Ducati. This bike started life as a 06' KTM 950SM. You can pick up a stock used one for $6-7k in nice shape. This example has a load of $$$ aftermarket parts. If you stick with the still very nice stock bits, triple clamps, calipers, wheels, bars and the like, I'd bet you could replicate the look for $11-12k total, less if you can fab the rear sub frame, relocation bits and tank yourself.

  • Gloo

    "It's not a Duc it's a KTM" …… DAYUM!!!! Boy did I miss that one or what! Haahaa!! Holy Crap …. shows you how little attention I was paying (I gotta buy better dope!) I suppose it isn't a Ducati after all! Doh! HAAHAA!!! Sorry fellas, that was one dumass thing for me to say! Haahaa!!!! Some people's children, huh? Haahaa! I'll try ot pay better attention next time. My bad. DOH!


    +1 on the wheels looking too small, especially the front. I understand that the 16's are better for this or that, but I've been an early 80's AMA Superbike fan for a while now and I've grown accustomed to the 19 inch fronts. Yes, I know that a front wheel that big is less sporty, but I've just gotten so used to the old lumbering Supers that anything else looks cartoonish to me. Call me nuts, hell everyone else does! Haahaa! 🙂

  • The unenthusiast

    It would look cool with a giant monkey on it !!!

    Without the monkey though…..

  • mgm

    The bike looks like an odd assortment of parts instead of a brought together bike. Tank/seat look like they were set in place, to see what if. The tanks sits much too high on the frame & the subframe without side panels looks much too high as well, too big. If the tank sat lower, more like it should, and the seat followed suit – it would look better. Honestly, it looks like it's designer had broken eyes. Apart from it being one hell of a ride, I'm sure, there is nothing I like about it.

  • g

    Its odd, In the 4th pic (the one with the blue door and the tits) everything looks great. Well proportioned, parts flow together, etc. Quicly scroll to the last pic and everything falls appart! Front wheel and muffler are way too small and the seat looks tacked on.

    Its probably just the tits that make me like that picture. Once the distractions are gone you realize how odd the bike is.

  • cholo


  • scoot

    Don't care how much cash has been casually launched at this, it's bloody horrid !! Less is more !!

  • Topota

    The seat is a too high!!

  • NaZTaR

    Is the best piece of cecina of the world!!

  • Grump

    How to ruin a lovely bike !!