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1974 Honda CB125 – Uprising 149

Posted on August 28, 2011 by Andrew in Classic, Racer. 24 comments

Purple. It’s not a colour you choose to coat your beloved custom with lightly. If you’re anything like us, you’ll just default to rattlecan black, or maybe live on the wild side and go for a metallic white. Crazy! Hell, purple’s not a colour you’d often choose to coat anything with. When’s the last time you walked down the street in a purple shirt, or considered a nice shade of lilac to give your house a little zip. That’s right, just about never. Ever. Unless you’re four foot nothing and you have the words “formerly known as” in your name. How then, you may ask, do those mechanical magicians at Jakarta’s increasingly bitchin’ Uprising customs manage to make such a damn funky colour look so stupidly cool? Well, I asked them. And they told me something you’re not going to believe.

“The bike is a 1974 honda CB 125. The story of this bike was that it was my bike which I’d done with a builder who goes by the name Katros. Then it was bought by a good friend. He wanted us to make some changes – basically just the handlebars and the paint job. Then we took it to our friends Yusuf Abdul Jamil and Rio Hermanto at Pistone Terrasse to collaborate with on this bike. So we looked and researched and dug up this paint job that was from and old Italian race bike. We added yellow for the number plate in the front to make it sweeter and we put up the logos on the frame to get an old road bike feel.”

“I’m always inspired by all these crazy colors of racing bikes. Somehow for me it’s crazy how they can pull of those colors back in the day. The engine itself is fully rebuilt but standard.”

“The tank and tail is all custom made. The rims are TK gold rims in a size 17 to get that small, vintage cafe mood. Tires are Mizzles (no, we’ve never heard of them before either) in a 70-90-17 up front and a 80-90-17 rear. We also cut off the fenders. The original drum brakes of the CB 125 are really small, so we got the drum brakes of a CB 200. As mentioned, the engine itself is pretty stock, but living in a country with such a bad traffic record this bike suits it well. The exhaust is custom made as well. And last but not least we added the clip on’s. We didn’t put any sort of electrical starters on it so the clip on’s would look clean and simple.”

“This bike took a couple of months to build at first, and then a couple of weeks to revamp the whole bike again for the new owner, but once this bike was done it was like being back in the days when you just had been given a new bicycle. Small, fun and it’s one hell of an eye candy machine. We did so many sketches on the color, graphics placement and the gold rims… and with the yellow number plate – it was pretty much a gamble, it could’ve looked good or just way bad. Hahahaha! Even now the bike itself is a love/hate thing for some people. But hey, I love it and it was a real joyride designing this bike.”

What’s that you say? The purple story? Oh, ok. Firstly they turn all the lights down. Then they put some Hendrix on the stereo, but they play it backwards and very slowly. Then they meditate until they enter a trance-like hypnotic state in which various purplish meta spirits enter their bodies and take over their muscles and pretty soon they find themselves dancing. Dancing and spray-painting. Then everything goes blurry and they don’t remember much. Look, there’s a fish. It’s talking Spanish. And there’s some lights coming out of that man’s fingernails. And the air is thick, like hair gel. Look, there’s Charlton Heston! He’s wearing a jeggings. True story.

  • Charlton Heston in jeggings! I kill me…

  • revdub

    Normally, if I hear "purple and gold" in the same sentence, I'm getting ready to see something seriously tacky. This looks awesome! So much better than I could have expected. I really like the frame detail. The proportions are all right. Great little Honda custom.

  • Prince

    Could you be the most beautiful CB125 in the world, it's plain to see you're the reason god made motorcycles. Not many people can pull off purple, Prince can… so can you! Very cool, love the front headlight and the push bike style graphics.

  • How do those rearsets mount? it looks like it uses a plate and they're mounted using the swingarm axle?

  • Gloo

    Hmm …. not the swingarm axle, that is about 3 inches forward of the peg plate (or so it looks to be that way). The swingarm pivot (I think) is the large nut that's sorta by itself there next to the kickstarter.

    This looks like such a fun bike! Great job, nice attention to detail. I had one of those engines (TL125) in a trials/dirtbike back in 1974 .. ran the PISS out of that thing and it just kept on running. Reliable as all get out. Just rode the unholy hell out of it. Haahaa!

    Seriously fun and sweet machine, mondo moto guys! 🙂

  • Gloo

    Dirt bike controls/throttle? They're clean in any case!

  • very very cool!

  • Ash in Bali

    It's great that more and more crew are getting into cafe racers in Indo. Indonesia breathes motor sport . The whole country is glued to their television watching Moto GP on Sunday nights and hoons rule the roads here in Bali…although errant cows and dogs often send people flying back to reality. I like the long tank shape, the front brake set up is well done, and taking a hint from those 1960-70's Italian small cc racing bikes is a step in the right direction. Check out the 'Piccoli Bastardi' and "Classic Yams' websites for more inspiration. As for the purple, not for me but overall the bike casts a fine silhouette.

  • GuitarSlinger

    #1 Purple was huge in the 60's and 70's

    #2 This M/C's so over the top 60's & 70's its insane

    #3 Purple and Gold just accentuates the era

    Conclusion ;

    Brother doe this ever work ! Two thumbs up !

  • pete

    Wow man, that bike is so awesome! It looks better than anything that ever left the Honda factory. I'm gonna start building an exact copy for my self right away.

  • Gloo

    My memory of Indonesia holds a lot of small go-to-town type bikes just like this one (in it's stocker form) scattered around like kindling. There are tons of bikes there (or at least WERE a ton of bikes there, I only know about the time from my military experiences there). Hopefully with the world getting smaller via the internet more talent will pop up from places such as Indo and we'll be blessed with even more goodness.

    My very favorite guitar amplifier builder is from there/works from there, so talent abounds. 🙂

    Again, that's one cool beans bike!

  • thedon

    i would have left it stock, bahhh

  • reminds me of the "plum crazy" paint from MOPAR

  • SoHipIBleedPureWank

    Love it…

  • Robert

    Would a cafe like this be a good first time rider bike? I mean, not this gorgeous, but the set up of bars and no more than 250cc?

  • Andrew

    @Robert – I think it'd be perfect for a first-timer. Most sporty bikes will seem a little awkward at first, but you'll settle into them soon enough…

  • Robert

    Thanks Andrew…I'm obsessed with cafe bikes as art and the story behind them and I'm looking to get my first bike. No, it probably won't look like this one… Right now I'm looking at cleveland cycle works misfit if anyone would like to weigh in…I appreciate the input and thanks Andrew.

  • Ash in Bali

    Actually, when you put that Purple People Eater bike in the context of its era you are succinctly correct, Guitarslinger. Maybe the owner puts the headphones on full blast for a thrash ride listening to Deep Purple's 'Space Truckin'. I personally dig Motorhead's 'Ace of Spades' for a suicide ride. 70's guitar rock still rules the road.

  • rubbersoul1991

    love the tank and seat shapes. really cool. I would prefer an polished alloy motor but otherwise a very sweet little bike. purple is my favourite colour so I can roll with that easy.

  • Robert

    Is there a name for a longer, skinnier tank like this?

  • Claude Hutasoit

    I've personally tested this bike, the machine runs great. It looks so good too. It kick starts better than some new bikes I've ridden. These dudes & the Pistone Terasse boys are seriously coming up. If you live in Jakarta, the bike is currently being displayed in Tribute.

  • yall outta see a picture of my ’74 cb125. think…mad max meets crustpunk then that somehow makes it out to farm country. i like yer idea with the brakes, mine has none right now, i just engine brake and try not to hit stuff.

  • Ronald

    Wow.. I knew that tyre.. Power Grip from Mizzle motorcycle tire.. No 1 Motorcycle tyre manufacture in Indonesia. Cool..!

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