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Peugeot 103 Custom – Cherry Coke

Posted on September 21, 2011 by Scott in Moped. 33 comments

The name ‘Children of Decadence‘ might sound like the latest reality TV show starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie bathing in Moet cocaine and snorting champagne. But in the real world, or at least in the European motorcycling world, the ‘Children of Decadence’ are a group of Parisian moped builders who are pimping Peugeots like they are going out of style. Their last build, a cafe racer-inspired moped that we featured got you guys talking, and we’re guessing this chopper-inspired 103 will have a similar effect. Thomas Patouillard Demoriane is the Frenchman behind this unique little moped they call ‘Cherry Coke’ – a little sweeter than usual but it still has that caffeine hit. Over to Thom to talk us through the build – remember French is his mother tongue, and we’re not talking about him kissing his old lady.

“After doing my job on the TSA with her particular cafe racer shape, I really want to do something with a strong american influence, like a chopper or a bobber.

This machine was given to me by an old guy of my neighborhood, just near my recent workshop. As I let the doors open when I work, it attract the attention of passers and one of them told me that he has an old moped sleeping in his garden. The next day, it was at my door.

After taking off all the parts of the moped, I made a check list of what was missing for the building in order to quickly make some orders. Once the frame was naked, I started by removing all useless parts : side covers, spool holder, storage box, center stand, luggage rack …

The specific chopper shape has been realised by shocks shortening and by adding some height on the fork. I also cut a large part of the frame and prepared my new seat post. The seat was stripped from its support and its suspension and refined on the slopes.

“Once all the cuts made​​, stripping for a new painting could begin. For the color, I wanted something classic: black, red and white, directly inspired by Hot Rods.

The originals star wheels were replaced by spoked wheels found here and there, and then painted in bright red with a white stripe brush job on the sides.

For the mechanic, I wanted something really fun to drive, especially in urban traffic. So I put my efforts on the velocity and couple of the engine : short transmission and some work on the engine cases and the exhaust intake. The exhaust pipe is made of several parts : Gianelli Black Gun body and a Derbi Senda cartbridge.A SHA 15mm carburetor was used with a replacement of the grid by a foam and a bigger bing main jet.

All the electric wires has been placed under the seat in the old storage box unit and the covers are in aluminium sheet riveted to the frame. I also add two switchers on them : one for the lighting, the other for the main circuit.”

French may be Thomas’s mother tongue, but we think he’s created one mother of a little moped. We know it would be a blast to ride, however, we’re not sure how comfortable that petite seat would be. To be honest, it looks like it could easily get lost up your derrière after hitting any bump at speed – c’est la vie!

[UPDATE: Thom has just finished another Peugeot 103 he calls the Tempest (pictured below). You can find out a little more about the build here]

  • kenoath


    Worst piece of carp posted on pipeburn ever? I think so

  • Andrew

    @Kenoath – so we'll put you down for two, then?

  • jack

    where's the rest of it?

    im sure this thing would be fun to ride, but it really isnt finished by a long shot. seems strange to me to showcase an unfinished bike on the web.

    also the placement of those footpegs makes me feel like it would be uncomfortable, so perhaps not too fun after all.

    i like the name though, and the colour combination looks pretty neat, but a bit more work needs to be done to this bike.

    • Toughguy86

      yup, all you hating motorcyclists can go fuck yourselves in your faggot asses. ;p

  • D.

    At least the exhaust on this one is, by comparison, functional.

  • Jon

    who doesn't like to ride mopeds?…and here's one with style too…I like it, it does look fun. I like the looks of the seat, but ouch! May it should have been a bit more flat? Possibly some padding?

  • Glenn

    Very cool little bike!

  • daos

    funky little number!

  • dave in kalifornia

    While I like me some hot-rod mopeds- This one leaves a little to be desired… I get the look- Stripped to bare essentials. And while it does look unfinished, that's kinda the point.. BUT- Needs an actual seat. Even if it's a metal bicycle seat pan. 'Capping' the frame with a flat piece of metal does NOT look inviting in the least.
    Also- Guys. Please. If/When you post your pics for the World to see upon Pipeburn (or other blogs) Please, PLEASE make sure the tires are aired up, and your bits are straight… (headlight being used as an aerial signaling device?)
    Note: This is NOT a criticism of the bike, or the builder- rather it is a criticism of the PICTURES.. Kinda like washing your face/combing your hair before school picture day…

    Neat little bikes, love to see more of what they do…

  • George

    It's really funny to see people who get up in arms about mopeds. As someone who lives in a crowded city, I would rather see something like this than all the dumb 50cc China-plastic scooters. Full disclosure: this is why, in addition to a 70s CB, I own a restored moped (not PB-worthy yet), and also a pedal bike. Most things on two wheels are fun (except for Chinese scooters)! The only downside to mopeds is, at least in the US, it costs almost as much to get quality replacement parts for mopeds as it does for real bikes.

    I really like a lot of the things that have been done with this. In addition to not using a huge expansion pipe (my main beef with street mopeds), it's a lot cleaner than a lot of mopeds on the American scene: no wires are hanging off the sides, cables are almost reasonably managed, the paint job doesn't look like a gross rattle-bomb, etc. No fenders and a taint-bruiser seat are a no-sale for me, but I applaud the effort here!

  • revdub

    Nice moped build. Not the most exciting I've seen, but still looks like fun. These guys seem cool. If you have some time to kill, and want to see some more awesome moped builds, stop by mopedarmydotcom some time. The "moped porn" section of the wiki would be a great place to start. I love to see that moped culture is alive and well all over the world.

  • Zeke rigg

    of all the mopeds you could pick u picked that one? yeah it's a cool bike a lot nicer than mine. however "step your game" , devins pinto or paz's parma are just insanely nice bikes and hard to beat.
    as for massive expansion chambers, i love them. they look mean, sound awesome and the reason every one has one they give a ton of power.

  • Gloo

    It looks like something that you'd see some trailer trash teens doing stupid trailer trash teens stuff on just to make it ~viral~ on You Tube. Jumping over a car, or perhaps riding it into a filled swimming pool, or that Red Bull "Luftsunthin sunthin" contest each year where poeple dress funny and try to fly a lawnmower or a kitchen table with wings or a motorized unicycle or something into a lake.

    Being in the US Desert Southwest I'm not used to seeing too many 'peds. Out here it's high reliability long-ride sleds, where you ride on highways that go 100 miles between streetlights, let alone gas stations. But I gotta say it would be nice to see more Yanks on four stroke versions of these bikes. We've far too many cars on the road with one occupant (some countries are a lot ~smarter~ that way than we are here in the mighty mighty usa).

    I have a 1982 Honda CT110 (I think you Aussies call them "posties" or some such thing). It's ~similar~ to this thing. About as fugly too. But it sure is fun, and great for going to the store real quick. So I can appreciate the fun factor in this little toy presented here.

    Kinda have to agree a little with the poster that bitched about the low tire and the misaligned headlight. I mean, if you're going to go to the trouble of setting up a photo shoot in a parking garage somewhere (snore .. again?) then at least hit a few of the details on the bike too .. right? A bit of follow through perhaps? I mean, if stuff like that "doesn't matter, it's got nothing to do with the build itself" then why bother to shoot it in yet another concrete parking garage at all? Yea? 🙂

    Hats off to the French builder … anyone that is THAT good at turd polishing deserves a medal. Fun bike, nontheless! 🙂

  • ugh

    keep mopeds off pipeburn. i ride mopeds, and whenever a moped is posted all these kids come over from mopedarmy get up in arms about MOTORCYCLE people not liking it.

  • Walter


  • revdub

    I love everything with two wheels. No need for tension. I have been around this site for a few years and comment almost daily. I'm also on other moto, bicycle, bmx, and moped sites. I build and ride. Serious passion for two wheeled craziness. The diviserity of this site is one thing that keeps me coming back. Keep it up, dudes!!

  • I'm more interested in whats to the right in picture 3.

  • Scott

    @Paul Thats another ped he just finished. I just added some pics of it.

  • Chopping off things and give it a new paint don't make i custom to me!
    I don't like it. The caferacer build was way better.

  • Scott

    @Gloo Have you seen what these guys are doing to postie's…

  • Its a moped! I thought it was a modified Trials bike at first

  • Zeke rigg

    i guess i was a little critical at first but thats cuz it's a rat ride. i love them my ultimate bike would be that genera. then again it's on a website that constantly puts out pictures of beautiful bikes. so i am torn. yeah it looks good for that style but still its a rat bike. on the seat i love it.
    also the new one is sick nasty.

  • Ash in Bali

    I own a cafe racer but also have a 125cc Suzuki moped as an everyday surfboard-racked-grocery-getter. It is a lot of fun with it's short wheel base and cruisy twist-and-go automatic transmission. Some of the custom mopeds you see here in Bali are very creative with thousands of hours spent on them and small build-budgets. It takes more than a spray can of matte black and the French connection to hoodwink most Pipeburn fans. But I am sure that tempest cafe would be fun for thrashing through St Germain.

  • Ryan

    A pet hate; a headlight that is aimed at the sky and unusable. It makes the bike look like it's never been used.

  • GuitarSlinger

    We've got a bunch here in KC,MO,USA I fondly call the Moped Marauders , due to them riding around posing like a 1% Biker Club that are doing fantastic things with mopeds

    Choppers , Cafe Racers , Bobbers , heck even fully faired Race Replicas out of simple basic Mopeds .

    Bloody brilliant if you ask me . Wish I'd of thought of doing that when I was their age

  • Thankfully, there's no pipewrap on this one.

  • thedon

    thats nice, keep enjoying what you do

  • Gloo

    That Tempest looks like fun. My nards kinda sucked up a bit when I first saw that backbone. Haahaa! 🙂

  • AndrewF

    I would just like to ask Thomas whether he ever sat on his bike for more than two minutes?

  • MC_Kloppedie

    Love it

  • I'm actually riding it everyday, and the seat is realy not a problem…. remember guys that this is a MOPED, not harley and you're not going to hit a lot of miles whit it at once, it is very cool only for small traject in the city…

    I'll sell it tomorow to a girl who test it and fond it very cool and did'nt notice me about the seat..A GIRL !

    Sorry for my english !


  • steef

    IT’s A Good Ride