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Matt Machine Video

Posted on October 17, 2011 by Scott in Video. 12 comments

Last month we had one of those light bulb moments. It was simply brilliant. We should put our new Canon camera to good use and shoot a short film starring one of Australia’s leading custom bike builders, Matt Machine. It would be shot on the ‘Machine Farm’ showing Matt in his element doing what he loves – building jaw-dropping bikes. It would be kinda like that stunning Shinya video, but with Aussie scenery and would feature Matt riding some of his creations like the Guzzi Le Mans Mark 1 and the ’48 Panhead. We couldn’t wait to see if Matt was keen to be part of it. Why wouldn’t he be? Then after we mentioned it to Matt he quickly breaks the bad news to us. “You guys are too late, some of my mates just shot a film down here, should be finished in a couple of weeks”. Bugger. Oh well, a few weeks have passed and the film has been released. And what a sensational short film it is. Directed by Mat Harrington, he has truly captured Matt’s spirit and passion for motorcycles. It’s not quite as good as the one we had in our heads, but we can only guess that their budget didn’t stretch to huge clouds of purple smoke, a giant guitar-playing robot and an army of scantily-clad bikini girls with machine guns. Come to think of it, neither did ours. Maybe next time.

  • GuitarSlinger

    The video is great . The Bikes …. well heck its Matt Machine so of course they're good .

    The music though ? Needs a bit more bass and a whole lot less high end in the mix . Couple of engineering tweaks and it'd be perfect .

    As is ( recording wise ) its a bit thin and tinny . Little more depth on the distortion from the amp is needed as well

    Just a couple of ……. from a long time pro , both live and music for film . 🙂

    FYI ……. its kind of nice to see a M/C video sans Bimbo factor :o)

  • Alfa Male

    Very nice video and was that an atomic coffee machine i spied?

  • revdub

    Sweet little video.

  • Jay Allen

    @ 2:28 – my favorite part of the soundtrack!

  • dave in kalifornia

    I've said it elsewhere, so I'll say it here too: This is one of the best 'shop' videos out there. Akin to the Shimura video… Understated, simple, and honest. Man and Machine. No pretension, no cheezy indie-soundtrack, no hipster-posing. Simply beutiful scenery, wonderful angles and lighting. Very nice. Matt should be proud.

  • i am proud, its beyond all my expectations, everyone involved did an amazing job….everything aligned for this project perfectly.

  • It made the Vimeo homepage!

  • redrumracer

    absolutely top shelf! you're an old world craftsman matt, much respect

  • TheBishop14

    This is a BEAUTIFUL video. Really makes me want to move to the country and build motorbikes…

    Shame I lack both money and talent…

    Guess I'll just daydream until I win lotto…

  • PGearbox

    Love how it captured the true essence of why we love bikes and unique Australian spirit. Definitely want my next bike to be a Moto Guzzi!

  • Awesome video man!

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