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Bandit 9’s Chang Jiang 750 – ‘Loki’

Posted on October 20, 2011 by Andrew in Bobber. 25 comments

You’re a bike nut living in a strange new city for your job. The custom bike scene there is pretty dire. You feel weird, like a addict who’s dealer just got a non-refundable ticket to the big Lexus dealership in the sky. Slowly you realise that if anything is going to be done, you’re going to have to do it yourself. Do you (a) spend a whole bunch of cash to import a sweet ride from back home and then spend the same amount of coin again bribing local officials to turn a blind eye to the missing indicators and complete lack of fenders, (b) sell your soul and buy a Harley Nightster Fat Boy Bob ’48 XL1200S Limited with the fringed leather saddle bags and gold plated gattling-gun exhaust tips, or (c) ignore the fact that you are a stranger in a strange land with very little local knowledge and language skills and start your own damn shop? Well, please say a big “Ni Hao” to Daryl Villanueva or as we like to call him, Mr. (c).

“Beijing is full of sidecar bikes and scooters, and it’s pretty rare to come across true custom bikes here. Bike builders here claim to make custom builds, but the only difference is the paint job. Since I’m completely obsessed with custom bikes, this bothered me. I had to do something.”

“I built bikes for myself when I lived in Saigon but never thought of taking it to a completely new level – opening up my own shop, Bandit9. Loki is Bandit9’s guinea pig project. I needed to see the possibilities and how far I could push my ideas here in China. Loki is based off a Chang Jiang 750, an old Chinese military bike. They’re heavy-duty bikes, designed to withstand the elements.”

“Building the bike was a challenge because of the language barrier and because my partners are not used to the level of redesign.”

“What’s cool about China is there are no noise regulations”

“I tried to focus on the details of the bike. The customised leather seats sit lower and streamline the profile. I added springs under the seat to make the ride more comfortable. The 19 inch rims and Firestone tires are uncommon to CJ750. The fenders were customised to fit as snug as possible. I  also upgraded the suspension and added disc brakes. One of the most important things for me is the roar of the bike – it sounds like an animal. What’s cool about China is there are no noise regulations. I chopped off the muffler and reshaped the exhaust pipe to look like a bamboo shoot.”

“The shape of the bike is lower compared to a normal CJ750, giving it a more aggressive stance. The forest green tank with milk pinstripe and matte black frame is a combination inspired by a classic Jaguar; a colour great in sunlight and slick at night.”

“Bandit9, as a brand, believes it’s more fun to be a pirate than a sailor. Bandits, pirates and outlaws are the kings of style and innovation and I want Bandit9 to take the lead in custom bikes in China. There are a lot of gifted craftsmen here; they just need to be introduced to the possibilities.”

If you like what you see here make sure you visit the working site and blog for more photos and for upcoming Bandit9 projects, all of which you’ll see right here.

  • GuitarSlinger

    Great to see a guy recognize a problem and then resolve it , not with his wallet , but rather with his skills and abilities . Doing something , instead of Buying something . And to top is all off the M/c looks great . So a win in all columns

    • Gebeme

      Amen brother.  See a problem.  Do something about it.

      It is great to see somone living out the American dream…   in China… ?

  • Prinsepe87

    Here Here from Korea!

  • #skibum


  • gamnoparts

    I agree w/ GuitarSlinger… man’s driving force in life… find a hole & fill it…

    And I may be the only one, but that heavy duty door lock is bad-to-the-ass!

    • Mike

      That’s what she said…

    • Yeah – the door rocks. Makes the Pipeburn garage look decidedly low-rent…

      • That door makes every honorable garage look like a pile of garbage.

  • Daniel

    As a younger guy with plenty of motivation but little know-how I’d love to do this. The number of “moto-sages” To learn from unfortunately seems to be at an all time low. With the high intimidation factor I’m legitimately tempted to find an EFI enfield I like and do minor mods.

    • GuitarSlinger

      Daniel – I’m not sure where you are , but I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some older goat like myself in your area ( or younger for that matter ) who would take you under his/her ( yes there are some mighty fine ladies working/building/customizing M/C’s these days ) wing

      Offer to help clean up the shop / run errands and be an all around Gopher etc in trade for his/her help and assistance building your project . I’ll bet you’ll find someone decent who’ll take you up on it .Not to mention you’ll walk away with knowledge even money can’t buy

      Then focus on a project and follow thru to the end .

      Ask around in your M/C community . There’s somebody there I’ll bet .

    • Gebeme

      DO IT! 
      Find an inexpensive, older (simple) bike that runs.  Check online to see if there is an active forum where you can ask lots of questions.  Don’t buy a basket case because you will be overwhelmed and quit.  Get one that you can ride home and learn how to fix stuff as you go.

      Plenty of motivation but little know-how is a great place to start.  If there truely is no one in your area, don’t worry.  There is so much knowledge archived on the internet, all you have to do is sort through all of the filth.

      If the number of moto-sages is at an all time low, do something about it!  Become one and train more!

      while Im in preach mode…   don’t do drugs, look both ways when crossing the street, stay in school and keep yer dick in your pants.

  • Dtheis

    Love it!

  • smallbigcrew

    Chinese copy of Russian motorcycle Ural M72. Which was a copy of the German BMW R71)))

  • Stephen Kellie

    looks good, is that engine a redesign of an old bmw engine like a ural’s?

    • smallbigcrew

      China bought from Russian technical documentation and license

  • Ccc40821

    Is the name ‘Loki’ taken from the homicidal angel (played by Matt Damon) in the movie Dogma?

    • Loki is by the way the antagonist god in the nordic mytholgy.
      And that stuff is little hundreds of years older than ‘Dogma’.

  • Ugh

    Bike looks great.
    I expected Chinese custom enthusiasts appearing and saying there was a custom club only three blocks from this guy’s shop. It’s usually how these kinds of articles go.

  • mchaggis

    man, that flathead boxer is sexy.

  • There’s a guy lives right near me (Toronto, Canada) who’s selling these bikes refurbished and upgraded and painted to look like the BMWs they originally were. He’s got a website if you’re interested. All the models/styles come with sidecars too if you like. I’ve seen him tooting around the neighborhood with his cute girlfriend on the back, too nervous of the sidecar. 
    Here’s a great little video featuring a sidecar outfit. It’s called “the instant divorce kit”.

  • Bandit9

    Hey guys, just wanted to thank you all for the very kind words. I’m really excited about all the positive feedback. I never expected this. Hopefully, my crazy little story inspires a few guys here to leap over any hurdles in the way and just get to buildin’!

    I’ll be back with Bandit 2.

    Daryl (Mr. C)

  • Just
    an amazing bike which is visual treat with its mean muscular
    aerodynamic shape.

  • I like what he did it has that asian scooter to it yet at the same time it looks all muscular and agressive like a chopper. 

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