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Moto Guzzi Le Mans 3 – Kaffeemaschine

Posted on November 10, 2011 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 30 comments

Imagine you are a really fast cyclist. So fast that you won a silver medal in the 2008 Olympics. One day you realize your feet can’t peddle any faster but you still want more speed. Lots more. So you do what every self respecting speed junkie does and you purchase a motorcycle. You decide on a Buell xb12s which you love but unfortunately ends up getting stolen. So you go looking on the interweb for a new motorcycle. And then you see it. A bike that stops you in your tracks and you just know the search is over. This is what happened to Swedish Olympian cyclist Gustav Larsson. After seeing a few pics on a website of a stunning Guzzi cafe racer built by German perfectionist Axel Budde, he knew he had found the guy to build his new bike. “I saw Axels race bike and I decided I wanted something similar!” says Gustav. “I had some different ideas from the beginning. But it turned more and more into a 60’s style cafe racer.” After a few conversations with Axel from the Guzzi specialist shop Kaffeemaschine (Coffee Machine – isn’t German cool?), he knew what the basic brief was. “Red frame, raw alloy tank, black Lafranconi’s – although it started with golden cast wheels” says Axel. So he got to work…

The donor bike was a Le Mans 3 – a bike Axel has been using for over 14 years. The engine was modified with 950ccm cylinders, balanced crank drive, performance cam, electronic double ignition and a lighter clutch. It already had a rare, straight geared racing transmission, which was updated. The classic wheels are Morad with stainless spokes.

Shocks are Ikon, the fork has new tubes and Fac dampers. A minimal electrical system including a motogadget instrument was built. All special components on the bike have been handcrafted. The dry weight is 180kg and the horsepower is 82hp – which is more than enough to break away from the pack.

Axel spent over 300 hours meticulously building this handsome Guzzi cafe racer. The crazy thing is that Gustav still hasn’t seen the bike in person because he has been busy getting married and he is still away on his honeymoon. “I have still not seen the bike! As soon as I can I will bring her home. But from the pictures I could not be happier!” he says. There’s nothing like just getting married and all you can think about is another girl.

  • revdub


  • classicjapanesebikes

    Man that’s a looker! I appreciate especially the back end view because Gustav didn’t insist on a monstrously large back wheel/tire combo.  (Hello OCC Tuttles?)  Nice restraint there buddy!
    I fear that look will be wrecked by the necessity of fixing one of those HUGE European plates on that slender plate holder. 
    Is it legal to just attach it to the rear of your riding jacket? Back protection too! 

    • Ccc40821

      Not all European motorcycle license plates are large, and where they are, occasionally people get away with making them smaller themselves.

    • Frank

      Here in Germany we are quite happy that license plates got a bit smaller this year. In fact we can go down now to 180x200mm which can be a huge improvement depending on where you live. So no more baking trays for german riders any more even if other countries can do better than that. Fixing it to your jacket is still illegal though…

  • J Learte

    It’s difficult to improve a Guzzi Le Mans II, this makes thing it’s possible. Enjoy that first ride!

  • Thomas Vanbel

    I love this bike…..that thin rear wheel look rules

  • redrumracer

    very clean, very understated, very desirable! 

    love the restraint used in the finishes. spot on!

    the euros just love those bar end indicators don’t they? ……not that there’s anything wrong with that

    • Coldsunshine

      Yeah, the bar-end signals are cool because they take care of the front and rear at the same time.

  • Typerider

    Like the powder-coated exhaust pipe and the contrast between the chrome and the satin steel. 

  • Coldsunshine

    Looks nice. I like Moto Guzzi anyway, but this is the cleanest one I’ve seen. Only thing I would do differently is replace the leather bump with steel and carry the paint (and stripe) all the way to the rear tire.

  • Very, very clean.. Great lines, great stance. Nice choice for a baseline. Beautiful bike

  • From Cycling to Motorcycles. I gotta admit when I look at the bike now I can see some cycling influences in the bike.

  • right click, copy, paste into guzzi inspiration folder. Open new tab, go to ebay, get into trouble.

  • Sportster Mike

    Great looking Guzzi… love the gap under the seat and the small bum stop

    @classicjapanesebikes re: the number on the back of your jacket idea..
    Have seen that a few times here in England – mostly on Harleys where the number plate fell off due to the vibrations.. or painted on cos they hadn’t brought a plate yet…

  • lu Sca

    very cool gas tank!!!

  • Den

    Love the rear view!

  • Herbert

    I just soiled myself.

  • clintonius monk

    Good design cohesion between the rear sets, disc brakes, lincense plate bracket, headlight bracket and speedometer. These forms all reference each other to help make the piece more formal. Strong elements to the bike as a whole. However, i feel how the seat meets the frame is confusing to the eye. Right where the rear shocks meet frame meet seat. The way the red frame seems so truncated and abrupt. Now I can’t get my eye off it. I think “coldsunshine” makes  ainteresting observation also. I would be courious to see the leather buffed by a suggestion of the tank metal but i think it also works well as is. thats a classy machine you got there friend. Well played.

  • Marcusroelver

    Job well done ! Clean and Smart

  • Greybeard

    My V11 Sport is quivering in fear as I contemplate my cutoff saw and gas axe!

  • Randy S

    Where in the hell did he hide the tractor battery? My LeMans II needs to know.

    • Aapochan

      under the gearbox, but its probbably a smaler gel-battery

  • classicjapanesebikes

    Sportster Mike,
    That’s hilarious! The English. My god, they’re mad.

  • They sell a newasfuck LeMansIII Caffracer (950ccm, same exhaust, racing oil pan) in a shop in my town for 11k€, and i am like a dog lurking around a huge bone every time when get into that shop. Shall i buy it, but then i need a garage for two bikes. But i need a garage anyway! And why do i need two bikes? But it is hot as lightning and it is like my mind gets switched off and i want to spend all me money for that guzzi.

    Guzzis can drive you crazy!

  • peter pepper

    This is identical to Ben Parts ( of Sideburn fame ) ‘Zagato’ if you like this check out the original.

  • Jaydubb

    PS cant use Lithium/iron battery on 2 wire Guzzi’s mid 90’s on

  • Jaydubb

    Sickass bike. built one like it in 90’s at Big Twin in Boise
       -Jason, Moto International, Seattle

  • Jaydubb

    round barrel valve covers on square barrels really makes the motor

  • beavis black

    yowza!! it’s perfect!! what a smokin hot guzzi!!!!