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Video – Pipeburn Meat Burn and Burn 2011

Posted on November 12, 2011 by Andrew in Video. 19 comments

Well, it’s taken five months and we’ve endured a few very frustrating set-backs but finally and without any further a due, we’d proudly like to present to you the third in a never-ending series of Pipeburn videos. This time it’s a little ditty to let you all share the fun and action of our winter ride-out, namely the Pipeburn Meat Burn & Burn which we undertook in June of this year. It was a damn good day and we can’t wait for the next one with the boys from Sydney Cafe Racers on December 4th. Many thanks to Toby and Semih for shooting the whole thing on their trusty DSLRs. Also thanks to my trusty partner in crime Scott for his fly GoPro skills. No one stares into a wide angle lens quite like you, bro. And thanks of course to all the riders who attended – we hope to see you on the next one. I’d also like to add an extra bag of thanks to Toby, who not only put up with me directing him on the day, but then came back for another serving of my farcical ineptitude by helping me edit the thing and then grading the whole kaboodle to make it look real pro-fesh-shin-al like. You sir, are a true legend! Music is a track by one of my all-time favourite bands; their name is Pavement and the track is called “Father to a Sister of a Thought”. Please, you likey likey?

PS. The guy in the orange bubble visor is Jordan. Yes, he seems to appear in quite a few of the shots. No, we didn’t plan it that way. He informs us he and his Red Bull-powered Honda are currently looking for a manager and will be available for weddings and bah mitzvahs in the very near future.

  • Clyde

    Excellent video of what looked like a lovely day

  • Philip B

    Cool video, I’m wrapped that it’s finally seen the light of day 🙂 I had a ball on that ride; looking forward to the next one!

  • revdub

    Cool video. Makes me wish I was there. Looks like a lot of fun.

  • Roger.

    It was a good day, looking forward to the next……it’s kind of funny watching yourself on video, glad I wasn’t doing anything dumb. Nice video work and editing too.

  • Mspears

    very inspirational

  • Mick SV

    Great day – looking forward to December run

  • $22174061

    Perfect edit !

  • Me likey!

  • I feel like a superstar!

  • redrumracer

    lovely work Andrew, almost worth the wait!

    great choice of soundtrack. takes me back many years…..

    oh, and ‘further ado’ just to be picky. sorry, having a teacher as a mum i just can’t help myself!

  • Metricmotorbike

    Reminds me of our Owl’s Head run in September. Would love to get down there and ride with you all! 

  • Great vid! Looks like an awesome day. Do you have any still shots of the bikes from the day? 

  • bum

    what exactly is the red bull can doing on the honda? just to catch carb over flow?

    awesome video, great edit, great music. i hate the great white north, need to get down under

    • Jordan might be able to answer the question with a little more detail, but yes I believe that it was there to catch overflow. The strange part was when he drank it later on in the day. He’s a weird guy, our Jordan..

      • Originally it was put on as the float was sticking open and I was getting overflow on the ride up that was going all over my leg, it was a temp fix. Then I discovered the extreme performance gains provided by the wings that attached thenselves to my bike. So it stayed.

  • Great Video! Looks like it was a great meet!

  • PGearbox

    I had forgotten about the video made that day. Great day and finally made it into shot at the end….. I thought I was cutting floor material. Thanks Andrew and Scott for organising!

  • Turbosteve84

    I liked that ’70-faded-Kodak/brownish tint. All my ’70s memories seem to be covered in that shit.