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Honda NX650 Dominator

Posted on November 29, 2011 by Scott in Scrambler. 29 comments

Humans are addicted to all kinds of things. The usual suspects are cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs. Then you have people who are addicted to objects like motorcycles – you tend to find a lot of them here at ‘Pipeburn Anonymous’. They collect all kinds of bikes and they crave anything motorcycle. Then you have people who are obsessed with certain brands of bikes. They will only ride a Harley, buy Harley boxer shorts and even tattoo their skin with their beloved logo. And then you have people like Andrew Greenland from Wales who is addicted to one model of bike – the Honda NX650 Dominator. It’s probably not the coolest bike on the block, at least not when he finds them, but they usually are when he’s finished. This is the fifth Dominator Andrew has built in 18 months and we think this could be his finest work yet. “I was wondering what one of these bikes would look like in military style and decided the only way to find out was to build it, so here it is…” says Andrew.

“Major mods include reducing the front wheel down from a 21″ to a 17″ x 2.5” and fitting a rear tyre to it for that “sturdy” appearance. The handling remains sharp due to the overall diameter reduction and cancels out any adverse effects due to the width, it actually has more grip because of the amount of surface area now grabbing the road. Wheels are rebuilt with stainless spokes and powder coated for durability and for the right look of course. All suspension is rebuilt but remains standard spec.”

“Motor was completely pulled apart and inspected with various top-end bits being replaced due to routine more than real necessity. The rear frame section was cut away and replaced with a lower custom made section incorporating a battery box. Frame then powder coated to same finish as the wheels. Rear seat unit custom made from 2mm steel plate and is tough! Finished off with a replica 1980’s Honda XR tail light.”

“A brand spanking new Honda CG125 fuel tank was used. A Honda cr250 elsinore 1974 model replica side-panels re-shaped to accomidate the second-hand Honda crf250 twin silencers purchased from ebay for only £12.65! bargain! I used the original header pipes and joined them together with re-worked interpipes, makes a fantastic sound. Renthal black bars, HEL braided brake lines, trailtech stealth dashboard and billet holder (now painted black) and of course my favourite headlight of all time from Baja designs usa, this time with HID set-up and is quite simply fantastic, a real must for 2 in the morning mountain road adventures!”

Andrew tells us this is going to be his last Honda Dominator build for some time. “This will be the last bike for a while as I’m taking a break from bike building and concentrating my free-time on other pursuits” he says. We still don’t know what could be more important than the work he has been doing saving the lives of dated Dominators, but we wish him all the luck in his “other pursuits”. We know he’ll be back.

  • reinhartdavid20

    that is an absolutely beautiful bike.  I love it when people take rather dull, but practical machines, and make them into things of art.  This bike to me is not only beautiful, but makes me want to get on it and ride it all day long, anywhere I want to go.

  • fotografika

    lovely machine !!!

  • Jesús Learte

    That’s an obsession, really, I’ve just seen this one and I’ve understood where it comes from. I like these bikes a lot, although I’m not completely sure about their headlamps, too big in my opinion, althgough that’s just my taste.Congratulations for building so personal and recognisable bikes, and why not? try with another bike. A R80 GS through those hands could look superb.

  • Wes

    Andrew Greenland, I love you man. Don’t be gone too long, we need more revived Dominators from you!

  • Jak

    particularly with dirt machines i’d like to see pics with riders.  i’m a little on the fence with this one but hey, what do i know.  i think its the stubby tail that doesnt work for me. 

    • mtnsicl

      You are correct. The front and rear need fenders added. Otherwise, it’s beautiful!

  • The Honda actually looks really good in the military style, It looks like it could be used in the Military.

  • Jackwilliamsnowdon

    Seen a couple of these now, I saw one in the flesh at the uk Nec bike show a week ago. I saw it from a mile away with that big headlight, in this case yellow lens. I think that this guy has created something totally his own, Id buy him a pint or two just to see him at work. Classy.

  • Jeff

    Very nice build. 

  • Megawatty

    Sensational looking bike. Props to you Andrew. Don’t stop now as it looks like you’re on quite a roll 🙂

    Cheers Matt

  • revdub

    The styling looks off. The seat is too short and looks like an afterthought. Otherwise, the rest of the bike is pretty cool.

  • Mark@ TJ’s cycle

    Good job
    . From a practical aspect it could use a little more rear fender. (but who am I to talk as I have built and still own more than one bike that will get my ass wet.) Once again a very good job done.

  • Motorshag

    Stop being so awesome! Just stop it!

  • matt muellner

    That’s one hot bike.  Love the rear section, nice attention to detail.

  • luSca custom design

    really cool!

  • Dollarbil

    Good job!

  • Street Tuff customs

    Absolute quality,great looking bike,right up my street!

  • Bo

    Looks like something Steve McQueen would have  ridden. Nice.

  • Scott Halbleib

    i feel like I need this bike in my garage

  • Mach-X

    damned thing looks OEM.


  • Love that bike. Damn it, now I am going to be scouring the web for days looking for suitable projects, inspiration, etc.

  • Brilliant Honda model…just
    an amazing bike. It is visual treat with its mean muscular
    aerodynamic shape.

  • Awesome i love the Honda Monos

  • Chrissy_J

    That’s a nice bit of work!
    **has teh envy**

  • Holiace

    Oh wow I can’t believe that’s a dominator, amazing!

  • Norbertzimmer

    How can i contact with his gay,i will buy once of his bikes???

  • carl ward

    this is absolutely gorgeous! the military look really suits it with the aggressive style and i bet it could probably do some fantastic trail rides. i dread to think how much it’d cost though.

  • nadeem

    nice motorbike good looking smart…

  • Natiq ZM