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2011 Ton-Up Boys Rockers Ride – Sydney

Posted on November 6, 2011 by Scott in Classic, Other. 21 comments

Some things just don’t go together. Like politics and honesty. Aluminum foil and microwaves. And another one I learnt today – lycra and leather. You see, today in sunny Sydney it was one of the bigger motorcycle rides of the year organised on the same day as one of the biggest cycling events of the year. Both groups travelling the same roads. You can see where this is going, right? Unfortunately the organisers didn’t. Luckily the very eclectic mix of bikers were a patient bunch and no cyclist got hurt – except a couple of plump people pulling hamstrings. So as per usual we encountered a few problems shooting ‘complete’ bikes. Loads of people plus loads of bikes in a small area isn’t the best equation. So before you ask to see more of the actual bikes (not just the art house tank shots) be assured we have a few features coming up of these bikes and more. So for now, enjoy these tasty entrees…


  • Greybeard

    That clothes pin is just wrong on the Queensland rust bucket.

    Gives the impression the owner just doesn’t care!

    • redrumracer

      i’m more intrigued by what looks to be a set of “brass balls” on the tank. good luck charm perhaps?

  • hunter

    My favorite by far is the springer front bobber with the stop LED.  I also love the paint on the warthog(plane) bike

  • snuk_me

    I was there! 

  • snuk_me

    There was a Zero Engineering type 5 there from Deus did you catch that? It was on Trade plates

    • Oh yes – we’re all over that bike like ants at a picnic. Watch this space… 😉

      • snuk_me

        Niiiice can’t wait. Thinking of the Type 9 mmm style and a degree of comfort

    • From Gasoline I think you mean. See what I did there?

      Foster is a top guy. Are you getting the scoop Andrew?

      • We’re yet to unravel the ins and outs of this particular mystery, but I think you’ll find that the bikes have made and appearance in BOTH Dues and Gasoline showrooms.

        We’ve been promised a test ride as soon as the bikes get their full registration and ADR sorted.

        More news as it comes to hand…

  • SpamMan

    As a bicyclist on the Sydney to Gong ride, I felt for you guys & the traffic issues.
    I had a great time watching all those classic machines go by though. 🙂

    • snuk_me

      Took some doing, the heat was almost unbearable, but the company was fantastic, looked like a hard slog on the pushies!

  • jones.barry

    Great stuff. Love that silver tank with the air force/pinup graphic

  • jones.barry

    Good stuff- love that silver tank with the pinup graphic

  • jones.barry

    sorry for the double comment- I blame Google

  • mullet

    i,m the owner of the brown and silver bobber it for sale

  • rickoreach

    Sure would like to see pics of the whole bikes.

  • I like the Reverend Horton Heat sticker 

  • davmo

    Yeah,two Dallas Texas music references in the same set of pics ,Rev Horton Heat and the Five Americans (with their song “EVOL not Love”.)

  • GK

    It sure was a good day out, and heaps of cool bikes to look at. The yellow XCX Custom bike was great. Too bad they closed RNP from half way for the push bikes.

    Nice photos!

  • 4444design

    some cool rides there!

  • Pgsmash

    who the fucks that old rocker!