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Bandit 9’s Chang Jiang 750 – ‘Magnus’

Posted on December 3, 2011 by Andrew in Bobber. 27 comments

Ebony. Ivory. Livin’ in perfect harmony

China and business. The two are inseperable – like Harley riders and pony tails, or Youtube and funny cats. And in the big, fancy pants world of business and money, when you see a hot prospect you snap it up and get on board in the hope that you can turn a relatively small investment into a big pile of cash that rains down on you like a money storm – or a “golden shower,” if you will. Now the world of custom motorbikes seldom ever sees such large amounts of money, but if it did and if this here Pipeburn blog were a strange kind of “cool bikes and how to grow your personal wealth” weird-ass hybrid website, then I’d be strongly recommending that you all buy stocks in Beijing’s Bandit 9 Customs. Believe you me, these guys are going places and the man in the director’s chair drinking the single malt and shouting at people on his phone is none other than the head-smackingly talented Daryl Villanueva. We’ve featured his great work before, and now we are very proud to exclusively reveal his second build, the stunning “Magnus”.

Here’s Dazza. “A lot of people have taken notice of our first project, Loki. We received very positive and constructive feedback. Now with more experience here in China, we’re happy to present our second bike, Magnus. With this bike, I had one goal. Reinvent the Chang Jiang. The first thing to notice about Magnus is its distinct color.  Magnus wasn’t painted. I wanted to get a look no other shop could replicate. This is especially important in China. Going back to my days in art school, I remembered a trick I picked up during a sculpting class. I took a blowtorch and lit the tank, frame and fork on fire. After clearing the burnt outer layer, what was left was this organic pattern on the metal. The tank looks like a giant pebble. Putting all the pieces together, Magnus looks like it was carved from stone. It really defines the bike.”


“I took a blowtorch and lit the tank,
frame and fork on fire”


“The next thing to notice is the form of the bike. Magnus is no ordinary Chang Jiang. After spending more time with CJ750’s, I found ways to reduce the weight and simplify the form. The seat doubles as the back fender and also gives the bike that swift look. The smaller custom air filter gives the bike’s profile a nice void. We brought back the shorter exhausts but this time in chrome. The twin lights unique to Magnus. I’ve never seen in it on a CJ. The exposed chrome suspension gives the bike a nice finish. I removed the speedometer from the original CJ headlight and what was left was this steampunk dial.”

Despite repeated attempts, Daryl simply couldn’t unscrew the gas cap

“Having very limited resources here in China, I had to get creative to make every inch of Magnus special. I picked up an old crankshaft and used it to redesign the gas cap. It’s really cool and builds on the steampunk look. It’s probably my favorite aspect of Magnus.”

“Bandit9 faces a number of obstacles because of its geographical location. But the biggest hurdle is this idea that things that come from China are cheap, ugly and poorly made. It’s a real battle for Bandit9 to overcome this and we hope Magnus will bring Bandit9 beyond the motorcycle world and into the realm of art. Our new site is up –  – a special thanks to Niamh Daly for taking care of the site. Loki and Magnus will now officially be for sale; details on the site. I’ll be back with Bandit #3.”

Dazza and the Changers. Please excuse me, I’m Australian

I was going to write a cool wrap up here, but I’m too busy talking to my trader on the phone. “Huh? What’s that? Honda stocks? Hell no! Sell, I say. SELL! And the pork belly futures, AND that dud Apple Computers stuff. What’s that? What do I want you to buy? Buy Bandit! Buy the whole goddamn lot. Thats’ right. And while you’re at it get me a single malt and let me shout at you some more.”

  • Keith K

    Despite the fact that “from China” is such a loaded phrase here in the States, that bike is amazing.  I’d take it for a spin, I just wouldn’t stop near the local Harley plant (I’m in KC) for fear of getting my teeth knocked in.

  • Plamen Dashev

    just wonderful

  • GuitarSlinger

     Da Keith
    Hee Hee I’m in KC as well but to be honest I’d ride this right up to the factory door just out of spite for them sending so much manufacturing overseas this year ( India )Here’s hoping Dazza can get these bad boys Stateside soon

  • Derek


  • revdub

    Wow. This is one awesome bike. I love that tank.

  • Zeke Rigg

    i really want to steal the idea of lighting a bike on fire, cuz that tank actually looks cool…

  • Ccc40821

    Obviously you have grown up in a much more protected environment than most of your readers; out here the term ‘golden shower’ means something else entirely….

    • Den

      I think that was the point! Awesome bike, golden shower or not!

    • Ugh


    • Lulz. I think you’ll find that term is pretty much universal…

  • Ugh

    Bandit9 is quite promising. 

  • Hugo

    Love it. Although Im not to sure he knows what steampunk means. I see nothing even remotely steampunk about it. Great bike though, love to give it a go!  

  • kyle

    sweet bike, love the spring for the seat. that gascap is kiiiinda steampunky but otherwise I agree with hugo

  • 4444design

    nice ride!

    looking forward to any further projects

  • Zeshin

    Interesting that you are located in Beijing, as motorcycles are heavily restricted there. Ex-pats have always loved the CJ, me included. I rode a sport bike while I was living there, but always wanted a CJ – they were just out of my price range and their reliability was an issue. Anyways, I think your previous build had a much better overall aesthetic than this one. Great to see a custom bike shop in China. Keep up the good work!  Maybe I will try and stop by the next time I am in Beijing. 

  • Bandit9

    Hello Everyone,
    Daryl from Bandit9 here. Thank you for all the positive feedback. I’ll be sure to consider all the constructive feedback in the next build. Bandit9 is still a new shop so we really fight hard to get that one additional fan. Hope you like the bike and thanks for the support!

    The Bandit Chief

    PS. Andrew’s right…start buying your Bandit9 stocks today.

  • Uluru

    Hold up. So this bike is a shade over £5000? 

    I must be doing something wrong here, I will buy this in a heartbeat If not.

  • Bandit9

    Niamh from Bandit9 here. @f0c5f471a15daa7e71ddfef1ecebab7f:disqus, yep its just over £5000 for the bike. Come buy it 🙂 would be a good christmas present for yourself! Get in touch with us here:

  • 50FOOT

    love the bike. nice to see the correct expression of motorcycle style coming from the correct use of the tools. not done to be cheap and fast, it’s done to be ‘right’. smashing success! well done Daryl.

  • Rick Biker

    Great bike …… This dude knows what he’s doing…. his parents must be proud!  Hope his fans notice the value of these bikes.  Cha-ching!

  • cmblake6

    That thing is ultimate sweet! I LIKE IT!

  • Humpstump

    your bikes (bandit9) are crap – its a striped down CJ750 with scooter parts.   There is absolutely nothing creative about the bike you are building and I can name over a dozen builders in Beijing that has much better bikes.

    • Sierra Steven

      So name them.

  • Gilmastive

    I wonder what the state side shipping cost would be?

  • arnold

    This puppy is a good build as well with better lighting for the photography.ald

    • arnold

      Bandit9 builds good.

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