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Head Full of Snakes Magazine

Posted on December 15, 2011 by Scott in Uncategorized. 20 comments

Next time you walk into your local newsagent just have a look at how many crappy magazines there are crammed on all those busy little shelves. And let’s be honest, most of them were more useful as trees – and probably better looking as well. So when we were sent a copy of a new magazine called ‘Head Full of Snakes’ we were initially sceptical, to say the least. Until about 10 seconds after we opened up the envelope and pulled out a magazine that didn’t feel like the usual glossy motorcycle mag we’ve come to expect. This felt more like something that was made in the 60’s or 70’s. It felt handmade. It felt like an old friend; the way a motorcycle magazine should be. Not completely filled with advertising. Not overly polished or slick, but instead a solid collection of great photographs and honest stories. You can almost smell the passion and sweat that went into it. The magazine is the brainchild of motorcycle nuts and graphic designers Luke Wood and Stuart Geddes. Here’s how Stuart describes his magazine…

“In some ways it’s really a straight-up motorcycle magazine. To be more precise it’s a bit of a mongrel, probably something between a magazine and a fanzine. It’s totally ‘home made’, which I guess makes it a fanzine of sorts but it’s more ambitious in scope than your average ‘zine. And there’s a lot of written content, and it’s quite light on your usual ‘bike-porn’ glossy colour pictures. There’s some discussion of art and design in there, and a sound work by Paul Elliman. So actually in other ways it’s nothing like a straight-up motorcycle magazine.”

Whatever you call this magazine, it’s a great read and worth every cent of the $15. You can buy it through their website or at some local shops like Modern Motor Cycle Company in Melbourne. If you’re wondering where ‘head full of snakes’ comes from, it means that you have baggage or you’re crazy. Or you’re crazy enough to think you can create a fresh new 108 page motorcycle magazine. As the late Steve Jobs once said “Here’s to the crazy ones”. Here here.

  • Gonna get myself one….

  • Midway32543

    Damn ! 

    So we’ve ( US ) got more freedom when it comes to customizing etc …… but you’ve got the much better motorcycle magazine . I’m green with envy . I’d order one myself , bit the last few times I tried getting any Aussie goodies shipped here was a nightmare , so I guess I’ll have to hope thy succeed and get a US distributer . 

    Ohhhh the envy is just pouring out of me this morning . Damn !

  • theoriginalecs

    I don’t like motorcycles but I love me some Stuart Geddes magazine design.

  • Stephen Bacon

    Well if Pipeburn recommends it, it’s worth a look – even if the shipping to the States is as much as the magazine. Midway, I hope magazines get here faster!

    • GuitarSlinger

      The problem isn’t the cost . The problem is things getting  ….. ahem ……. ‘ lost ‘ in customs etc 

      Hmmmn . Why my last came up as midway is beyond me , but its myself GuitarSlinger posting here . Sorry if the phoopa was mine 

      • Stephen Bacon

        Just got it, so shipping (printed material) in this case took a little more than 2 weeks.

  • hope this is available in the states!!

  • redrumracer

    looks good, i’ll give the local lads a go!

    on order…….(insert thumb twiddling here)

  • Are there any stockist in the states who want to stock this?

  • Neverclassic

    deus are about to open a store in socal. sounds like a match made in heaven.

    • Thats who i was thinking as well.

      • GuitarSlinger

        I’ll keep my eyes pealed for Deus ( SoCAL being a whole lot closer to MO than AUS ) opening and hope they bring this magazine with them 

        Let me know Scott if you hear from anyone else here in the States carrying the magazine

        Sheesh I hope I come up GuitarSlinger this time . Any clue why this is happening ? 

        • Davmo

          hey g-slinger, noticed that when I log in, my email addy shows up automatic-like in the screen name slot, forcing me to replace it manually. Hope that helps.

  • Stuart

    I should get in touch with them. Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone, Luke and I have got some postage to do now… 

  • Silas_Manhouse

    I like the bike in the top photo.

    • SunWuKong01

      yea looks like a lot of thought went into it. I like the paint effect on the tank.

  • Stuart

    That bike is amazing. The seat is a padded hessian sack. A great little rat.

  • GlennTBA

    Great Magazine reckon you should send a copy to Jay Leno to review he would love it.

  • Getting one brought over from Aussie in February!  Ahhhhhhh……. finally no fodder!

  • SunWuKong01

    Great mag guys, I have read my mag over and over. It is currently situated as top shelf dunny reading.