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Photos: “On One Particular Sunday”

Posted on December 7, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 14 comments

Ever had a day, riding or otherwise, that ends up etched into your petroleum-stained brain and a kind of surreal movie that you can’t believe actually happened? The days where completely without the aid of silly biscuits, you have to think twice about them just to make sure that you aren’t about to relate the experience to someone as if it was a real life event when it was in fact just a dream that your memory cortex hadn’t filed properly. The days where you just suddenly get this moment of crystalline clarity burst into your head like a sniper’s bullet from a thousand yards and you ask yourself, “how the Keith Richards did I get here?” The days where you are just waiting for some unseen director to yell “cut” and then you suddenly see behind the facades and through the fog and realise that it’s all a show for a secret audience and somehow you have been in the starring role all along. Have you? We all did. It was last Sunday, and it was pretty fucking strange to put it mildly. Weird weather, weird bikes, weird people. Weird scenes inside the goldmine? Almost, my friend, almost. Cut.

PS. Many thanks to the Sydney Cafe Racer crew for staring along side us. Next time bring the sun with you.

  • PHeller

    top right picture. Would like to know more about the bike.

  • GuitarSlinger

    Ahhhh yes . The ‘ Truth is Stranger Than Fiction ‘ moment . Funny thing is , the older you get , the more they  come your way : yet the less surprised you are when they do 

    Sounds like a contradiction , but more often than not its true . 

    Rock On

  • Stlheadake

    @GuitarSlinger, I throw a +1000 to your comment.  But I raise that aren’t any less appreciable either!  I have more, and appreciate more now that I am ahem…more mature!

    • GuitarSlinger


      “…… aren’t any less appreciable …..” 

      Couldn’t agree more so a +1 x 1000 back at you 

  • Megawatty

    Great photos Andrew. I had a great time even though the weather was pretty ordinary. Just wish I brought along my jacket lining. I was frozen from Albion Park to Robertson. Are you posting anymore photos up from the day?

    • No – that’s it… thought if you keep yr eyes peeled you might see some on SCR. 🙂

  • Top Right Picture…more of it. Looks like an interesting XS650.

  • SportsterMike

    What? its raining and its cold? Just like here in the UK then..

  • Davmo

    Thanks for including the small monkey bike. Those things bring a smile wherever they go… just look at the picture.

  • Herb

    Bottom left bike… anybody know what it is? Looks lovely…

    • TM

      Bottom left was an xs650. There was a group of them at the pie shop when we arrived…may have been from the NSW xs650 club?

  • Mach-X

    Looks like another planet.  Where I live we get just over one inch of rain per year.  I’d not know what to do with myself with all of that yukky wet stuff all over me and my bike (I’m a huge wimp).

    • Believe me, it’s a surprise for us this time of year as well…