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1978 Yamaha XS650

Posted on February 1, 2011 by Scott in Video. 18 comments

Another little video from our friends at Deus. This time featuring a freshly painted red 1978 XS650 cut to Al Barry & The Cimarons song ‘Morning Sun’. The bike has been hiding out in the Deus ‘Temple of Enthusiasm’ since they opened their doors. Now it’s off to a new home where she’ll be enjoyed by some lucky bugger.

  • kik

    good old xs650,.best bike ever built.

  • Andrew

    @kik I'm with you there. It's at the top of my list for a serious custom bike project. So adaptable and changeable…

  • Carbon Arc

    Pretty 🙂

  • Andrew

    …and great music, too. First Tom Waits and now The Cimarons; someone at Deus has superb taste.

  • Chris

    The XS is on my list too…do you read me Santa?
    Make me a nice clean black bobber.

  • thats a beauty!

  • Perry Wilson


  • Jan

    its the stock tank, nice painted – i love this bike!

  • dannyb278

    Beutiful bikes, but i have a hard time buying into the costs of there bikes, with laregly stock comonents and a little cutting of the subframe.

  • kik

    @ dannyb278,…the cool thing about the xs is that it lends itself to anything,the cam and fly wheel roll on bearings, anyone with a hacksaw and a spray can can have their own unique bike…google xs650 and enjoy,…….

  • Andrew

    Look what I found.

  • This bike looks amazing. Loving that Red & White.

  • jack

    how can you charge over 11 grand just for a '78 yam xs? thats insane!

  • Peter

    Love the xs650! Great tune too.

  • jal

    @Jack<..i agree with you,…11gran??….omg,i built xs with some help from friends,it cost me only $3000,total until paintings etc (with some beers money include on that,hahahah)

  • North49th

    has this bike been chopped at all?

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  • NjiijN

    what seat is that? where can i get one?