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Deus CB100 – The Prospect

Posted on February 22, 2011 by Scott in Scrambler. 30 comments

When it comes to building a custom bike, the humble Honda CB100 probably doesn’t sit very high on many peoples list. Unless you live in Indonesia, where thousands of these bullet proof singles are ready for a rebuild — and that’s just what Deus Bali are doing. “This is one outcome of the ‘CB100 range’ we are working on” Tom from Deus mentions. “We have rounded up a gaggle of 1970’s CB100’s and are putting a different twist on each one.” The bike has been named ‘The Prospect’, because it was a while before they work out what to transform it into. It finally all came together when Deus Sydney sent them a chrome alloy ‘Peanut’ tank and “as soon as the reflective orb hit the frame the other parts just seemed to gravitate towards it, until finally the general idea was complete.”

The bike was completely stripped down to its 35 year old frame. The stock engine received a full overhaul and a bore, and now manages to pump close to the 180cc mark — which isn’t bad for a bike that weighs next to nothing. If this bike is any indication of the quality of CB100’s to roll out of the Deus Bengkel workshop, we can hardly wait to see what else they have in store for us.

      Spec list:

  • BSA Handlebars
  • BSA Gum Grips
  • Custom Fenders
  • Custom Seat
  • Chrome Alloy Peanut Tank
  • Easy Rider Tail light
  • Icon Shocks
  • Bullet Blinkers
  • Daytona Mini Speedo
  • Custom Free flow exhaust
  • Brembo front disc and caliper

  • SportsterMike

    A very nice simple bike – no battery box now presumably? unless its hiding under the seat
    As stated no one wants these things… there are probably £50 or so here in England if you could get one
    ideal winter hack… although this one is too good to crap up

  • I want one of those "invisible side stand" accesories XD

    • CNorthness

      YO! So I get that this is likely a dead post, but I’m beginning my own 1970 CL100 cafe project and it happens to be my first. I cannot seem to button down a plan for boring the tiny motor, so I was wondering what route you went and how the 180cc’s perform? Thanks, man.

      • derek gulley

        I two have a 1972 cl 100 I have custom cafe’d is what i like o call it. I was also wondering what motor work you did to achieve the 180cc you talked about. This is the stage I am at with my build so far. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Both pics are of same bike, i just swapped tanks temporally to decide on paint scheme.

  • ZimFistOfDoom

    I have a cb100 that I've been building as a commuter here in the states, and I would love to know where the battery is hidden! That's the one thing that's been plaguing me. I'm also interested to know if its been converted from the original 6v to 12v, I've been researching that for a while now. Overall deus has done it again with another beautiful build!

  • I quite like this, it reminds me of my first bike when I was a little kid, an xl100s that I loved and got thrashed every weekend on my mates farms. Great days! Wish I still had it:-(

  • Andrew

    @zimfist I'm pretty sure it's one or more Lithium Ion battery that you hide under or around the seat. They're about the size of a packet of cigarettes. Check this out. No idea on the 6v/12v issue.

  • Chris

    Mmh, nice clean bike…how is this custom style called? Or do you jut say its a Deus, its a WM…
    there must be somekinda name for all these fereshened Japs and Brits! I'm always thinking about that.

  • Tom

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!

    To all that are wondering and to those that guessed correctly…Yes the battery box is now under the seat…the air filter is pointing directly at it.

    @zimfistofdoom – The bike has been converted to 12v from the original 6v…and thanks to a nice new wiring harness job it allows for all electrical items to work without the engine running.

    The battery is a 12V Dry cell 5 Amp.

    The invisible kickstand was one of the harder items to acquire…we ended up commissioning a mystical priest way up in the Balinese mountains to help us out with that one…

    Thanks again for the comments, please let me know if you have any more questions!



  • I owned a nice gold CB100 until about 1983 when I moved and had to part with a few things. It was a cute bike with a big bike look. It was fun to ride and what it lacked in power it made up for in high revs going up and down the gears. It was also very reliable starting every time I wanted to ride. It was my air-conditioner in the summer when I took long rides.

    I borrowed my friends Yamaha 650 to get my "M" class license as the 100 CC was not scary enough for the DMV examiner.

    Now looking at this work of art, I am pining for that bike back. Had mine had this look back in 1983, the DMV guy would have thought I was another rebel without a cause. (well I was sort of anyway).

    Nice work bringing out the real bike in the CB100.

  • Tom;
    Was anything changed in the geometry or is that the natural rake of the forks?

    It is a great looking bike!

  • Tom

    Hey Joe,

    The geometry has been modified to accommodate a larger front end (Yamaha 225 Scorpio)

    There is really only about 1/4 of the original frame left after it was rebuilt to suit bigger riders.

    Some may ask why we would make a small bike bigger. The answer is the CB100 is what we have to work with in Indonesia….And you gotta work with what ya got right?

    Thanks for the comment,



  • Robert

    I will now re-visit my shed, which has at least 3 retired Bucket Racer CB125s in various stages of rebuild and hot-up.
    I'm all inspired to build the Cafe/Scrambler that is lurking in those parts

    • Nathaniel Petre

      Hey Tom,

      Were these all 12v components from other small Hondas? Also did you have to fabricate a bracket for the Brembo calliper/disc? Or was that from another Honda as well? Thanks!



  • jack

    can someone tell me what tires those are?

  • jack

    can someone tell me what tires those are?

  • ZimFistOfDoom

    @Tom – thanks for the tip on the battery, I think that look really cleans up the bike. For the 12v conversion i have heard all kinds of conflicting stories on what has to be changedl/replaced. Other than the battery, bulbs and new wiring harness what else had to change?

  • aeswe

    nice job!!!
    love that cb, most wanted bike in indonesia

  • Tom

    Hey Zim,

    Other than the battery, bulbs, and wiring harness…you need to swap the Magneto and Stator to 12v versions as well as a 12v regulator.

    Hit me up with any other questions you have.



  • jack

    @Tom -could you tell me what tires your using on this build please?

  • scott poley

    I picked up a very nice CL100 w/ a CL125 engine, so I've decided to "cafe it". Any suggestions on a seat? I just found a nice stock seat pan (so i don't have to sacrifice the excellent original), and planned on buying one of those Asian cafe seat covers w/ foam on ebay (about $140 shipped to USA).
    Anyone have any experience w/ these ebay seats or other input I'd appreciate hearing it!

  • jack

    scott-please dont be another of the thousands of followers turning a perfectly good bike into something its not. dont "cafe" it. it makes no sense. the cl range from honda are all scramblers. by all means customize away. but please dont try to make a cafe racer out of a scrambler. if you want a cafe racer go buy a bike that is already half way there. or better yet, go make a little custom scrambler, you dont see enough of them.

    also, dont go with those seats, i know the ones your talking about, they are shit. trust me.

  • scott poley

    Let's call it "cafe light". There's nothing I'm doing that can't be returned to stock in an hour or less. Given the fact that I have a 125 engine in a very nice CL100 frame, that kind of kills the collectibility angle. Plans are for a cafe seat, superbike bars, bar-end mirror and a small fairing that'll fit my 6" headlight.
    I'll do before and after pics.

  • mackhina

    @ TOM

    Hey Tom, awesome bike. I was wondering what modifications you had to do to put the larger front end on? I have a cb100 and love what you've done! It looks great, especially considering its heritage!


  • Christian

    Hi Tom,

    I've been very inspired by the Deus CB100 customs. As I'm sure you know, stock 100s come with drum brakes. I'd like to upgrade to disc, but don't know type is appropriate. Where did you find these Brembo calipers and disc?

  • Ed

    @Tom, I live in Denpasar and just picked up a ’71 CB100, I want to make a few adjustments to the bike to fit me because I’m a little big for the bike, and some other small upgrades.  Did you source your parts from here in Indo or did you have to ship everything in?  I’ve got a Bankel near me that’s pretty solid, but I’m wondering how much of the parts they can source.  The bikes up at the Deus Temple have been putting out some unbelievable stuff but it’s out of my price range.  Thanks, and keep the dream-rides coming.

  • @aditkambhink

    hey there…this bike haunting me for overr 3 months,and i decided to make this bike,i really mean it…now i have a “raw matterials” from Honda GL 125,and im gonna make based on “The Prospect” (^_^)…i don’t want to be a Copy-cat,but hell,this bike is AWESOME…i’ll gonna post it after my bike done…thanks to Deus EXMachina for the Ideas and this Website for cool pictures,now i have idea for building my old bike


  • Mitch Nelson

    great build!! very impressive! did ya have to change stock wheel sizing to accommodate those tires?

  • derek gulley

    Im looking for any instructions on the best way to upgrade my stock cl100 motor for more power. Very curious on what you did to get yours to around 180cc.