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The First Annual Pipeburn Meat Burn & Burn

Posted on April 26, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 52 comments

Here’s something that’s been hanging on the ideas board for a while now. A Pipeburn ride day. Yes, you read that correctly. Us. You. The builders. The bikes. Great views. A killer ride. Got your attention now? Thought so. But that’s not all – not by a long stretch. See, if we get our shite together, we’re looking to carbonise some meat to boot. It simply does not get any better than this, gentlefolk. Understandably, some of you may have lost your senses right about now so take a moment, breath, lay down for a while if need be and when you’ve recovered your composure read on…

So just how do you get you and your bike into this magical mystery tour of internal combustion and smoking rubber? It’s easy. Just respond in the affirmative with a comment below. Anything will do, but make sure you use a valid email address, as that’s the one we’ll be sending you all the details on when we get closer to the big day. Also let us know if you’ll be bringing friends. We’ll need to know (roughly) how many of you are coming.

All bikes are welcome, and by that we mean ALL BIKES. There’s no damn bike snobbery going down on our watch, so whether it be a Brough Superior or a Postie bike, bring it. Likewise, new riders are welcome. We’ll mostly be ambling at a leisurely pace so there’s no need to feel that you’ll be left behind.

Apologies to all our international readers who may find it a little, um, difficult to attend – rest assured we’ll be taking lots of photos on the day so it’ll feel like you were right there with us sucking down the black sausages and noxious fumes. More updates to follow.

PS. Just to be clear, we are being a touch secretive on this one simply because we want to be able to control the numbers. If we just came out with all the specifics and then we have 250 riders turn up on the day and we start to block traffic, it’s us the boys in blue will come looking for. Thanks for your patience…

UPDATE: That’s it! We’ve filled all our spots & we’ve closed the comments. For those who managed to get a place, stay tune for more details via email. Thanks everyone for joining in. See you all soon.

  • Z

    I'll just point myself SSW across the Pacific, get enough speed up to bounce off of Hawaii, and see you in a couple of hours.

  • That's a great idea !
    As an international reader, I find it difficult to attend, but I rest assured you'll be taking lots of photos on the day so I'll feel like I was right there with you sucking down the black sausages and noxious fumes…

    Greetings from France.

  • Paddy

    Sounds brilliant! I'll see if I can borrow Evil Knievels Snake River Canyon "bike" if he'll let me. That worked for him didn't it?

    Hey "Z", I'll be bouncing off Hawaii too so we'll have to co-ordinate our rides. I'll be the guy that looks like Slim Pickens at the end of Dr. Strangelove!

  • Den

    Wish I still lived in Syders, would love to come if I could!

  • Lowflying


    Not sure where you plan to do this but a full tank of gas should get me there from Cronulla.

    Look forward to more info.


  • Sounds like a great idea….I live on the Central Coast, but would be happy to ride out and join the party.

  • Papmysta

    Sounds good!.. I'm in.

  • cs

    good idea! in

  • Dan

    count me in 🙂

  • I'm good to go

  • t-bone

    nice one jones. IN.

  • Lee

    Great, I'm and I'm sure I'll have a couple of mates with me.

  • psbero

    Sounds like a good idea! I'd like to hear a bit more info, but I'm in 🙂

  • TM

    Sounds fun. If I can get it to spark then i'll be there…

  • Bo! Selecta

    Yes, yes…. count me in

  • Rex Havoc

    I'll be in Sydney that day, I'll be there with my Bro

  • Dave

    Sign me up.

  • Rex Hunt

    Confirmed starter.

  • Zed Monkee

    Yes, and a plus 1.

  • Toby

    Great Idea.

    I hope someone will bring a support team.

  • Mike

    I'll be there with bells on, sans bells.


    Count me in.

  • Mr Ed

    Sounds like a sweet idea!

  • Clumzoid

    count me in. I'll probably get a friend or two…

  • Tamar

    Probably yes, but would welcome more specifics on what is planned…

  • Paul

    Sounds good to me… Im in and Im sure a few others will be with me!

  • Pepe

    Hell yes!!! I hope there ain't any hill stopping 🙂

  • DrDoom

    Where do I catch the ferry from US?

  • I'm in!

  • simontaylor

    In like flyn baby. Just got to get one of my toys back together.

  • SR85


  • Jxo

    If my bike starts, I'll be there 🙂

  • Tameran

    I'm a French reader, but I'm currently in Australia until the end of June !
    You are awesome, keep goin' 😉

  • Kris Asprey

    I am in ( On my postie!! )

  • Kris! Postie? I didn't know Posties rode ratty, almost illegal R1s…?

    Looking forward to seeing you, mayte!

  • Ryan

    I'm in with a mate or 2

  • Badino

    I'm a french reader too. The poster is a nice piece of artwork. Who designed it? Looks like BlexBolex' work…

  • Neil

    Yeap sounds great count me in, lets hope the water in the sky has emptied by then.

  • Maddog

    Just need the Duke back from the mechanic, and I'll be there.

  • Andrew

    @Ryan, @ DrDoom, @Bo!Selecta – you'll didn't supply an email address. If you still want in, best leave another comment with all yr details.

  • Andrew

    @Badino The image is mine. Thanks for the feedback, but I can't take all the credit. It's a hack of a very famous poster designed in the 1930s by Swiss graphic designer Otto Baumberger called Motor Comptoir. Read more here.

  • Job

    Too bad I live in the Netherlands, have fun!

  • Badino

    @Andrew – Bravo, good job anyway.


    Hey what's the address for this? thanks

  • Andrew

    @HRCRR Read the PS. above. All the details we be revealed soon…

  • Mick

    I'm keen, put me down for 1

  • Andrew

    Thanks all. We're full up! See you there.

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