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BMW HP2 Sport “SpeedCruiser”

Posted on June 4, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 11 comments

OK. I’m not going to beat around the bush. Tomorrow is the big day. After three months of planning, tomorrow is the first annual Pipeburn Meat Burn & Burn. What the hell does this have to do with this beautiful motorbike we see before us, you ask? Well if you’d just have let me finish what I was saying I’d have told you that it’s now 11:00pm Sydney time and, quite frankly, I’ve gotta get some drool-on-pillow time if I’m going to ride my bike and stay awake tomorrow. Therefore this post is going to be brief. Real brief.

This rather sweet BM is the product of a three-way collaboration between Germany’s Wunderlich BMW tuning house, their fellow countrymen Procar MC (a major Cologne BMW dealership), and the super talented french designer Nicolas Petite. It’s main intention is to reinterpret the original BMW design to make it “a more dynamic and fun riding machine with redefined handling, power delivery and exclusivity.”

Marketing speak aside, the bike looks entirely different to its original donor shape but apparently hasn’t had any major changes to the frame or other main components, so owners can readily take it back to stock should they want to sell it or if they tire of owning the best-looking BMW the company has never made. You can see more shots of the bike here and here, and while you’re at it, why not check out some more of Nicolas’ great work on his portfolio website. Enjoy – I’m off to bed.

  • Clintonius Monk.

    Wow, i'd ride that! Has any one heard rumors that BMW is outsourcing most of its components to India? I believe something along the lines of engine stays BMW, everything else gets manufactured in India with BMW looking at plans to outsource the engines as well, keep costs down thingy?
    Did i mention i would ride that bike?

  • Daniel

    Ride it? Damn… I'd marry it.

  • Vintaj

    Are we looking at the same bike? "beautiful" and "the best-looking BMW the company has never made"; I really don't think so? Sadly, German styling is occasionally not on a par with German technology. (P.S. I have German roots.)

  • Vintaj

    … maybe because its not actually German styling!

  • Jim


    BMW has contracted with the Hero Group to manufacture transmissions. Hopefully they will be better than the German made Getrag's that were notorious for clunky shifting and second only to HD in being loud.

  • MC_Kloppedie
  • bum

    looks unbalanced to me. like a busty woman with thing spindly legs. given some are into that style of wom…i mean bike

  • MCpetey

    I agree with bum, looks a tad out of balance. looking at the rendering from the 3/4 rear perspective, the final bike doesn't stay true the exhaust can position and the seat configuration. Just throws things off a bit. Maybe the seat is too stubby and should have a more subtle taper and just a hair more overhang?… Other than that, really nicely executed and pretty darn fierce stance-wise. Love the BM color combo as well and how that rear shock is so exposed.

  • Why these colors? -_-
    In allover black or white, maybe!

  • I like this bike a lot… high performance and comfortable ride.

  • retro bike

    Doesn't do a thing for me. Give me clean classic styling anyday.