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Photos: The Pipeburn Meat Burn & Burn 2011

Posted on June 9, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 25 comments

That shit’s bananas – Mark’s monkey-tanked SR

Well, it took one demolished W800, a dead monster snake, 25 steak sandwiches, one flaccid SR rear fender, 342 monkey tanks full of fuel, 18 Gigs of raw video, a roll of gaffer, 12 cameras and five bike-packed ferries, but we got there in the end. It was a killer day of sweet bikes, high drama and new friends. I know we said “annual”, but it would seem like waiting another 12 months could be too long…

Yes, I killed a W800. No, it wasn’t mine. Yes, It was owned by Kawasaki Australia. No they weren’t pissed. Yes, it cost me big time. No, Pipeburn doesn’t have insurance. Yes it was totally my fault because I ran wide on a corner and lost the front on gravel. No I will never use a freakin’ distracting cue sheet taped to my tank for directions again. Yes I’m taking requests for the bike i’ll destroy on the next ride. Address all suggestions to Thanks everyone for the help and commiserations.

Our crack video team (sometimes they smoke smack as well) was on hand to capture the beauty. It’s being lovingly crafted by Toby and Semih as we speak. I’ll then take a look at it, make some insane changes which will screw it up entirely, and post it right here for the whole world to see and exclaim, “Wow! That looks cool as hell! I wish I was there…” And you know what? We were there.

PS. Thanks Chris, Phil, and George for the photos.

The Harley before we tied the ghetto blaster playing “born to be wild” to the sissy bar

The route we chose proved to be a little more challenging that we’d imagined

Remember kids, always put style before safety when riding a motorcycle

Fire and dice

Frame is new, engine is from the 70s, registered as a ’41. Confused? We all were

A load of bull

Pierre’s black magic Beemer. And yes, the photo shoot is booked

Shiny happy petrol. Sweet bike, Mark

Harley’s reversing camera technology still needed a little work

And we all thought that Scott’s “big snake” talk was just bragging

  • jak

    if i had to guess id say that little bike at the bottom is a 1978 cb125s. love to see how that did on a ride with the bikes that surround it. great pics, wish i was there.

  • SR85

    Jak… He kept up with all of us! He rode it like he stole it! Even over the dirt i kept turning my head to make sure he was there and everytime i turned my head yep he was right there!

  • Emaychee

    not usually a fan of peanut tanks. guess you guys made a monkey outta me! Now for an even more extravagant ferry trip, come to England… 😉

  • Den

    Looks like great fun, wish I was there!

  • Mr. French Tickler

    Beautiful Bike!

  • That little Honda is one hot machine. What's an upside down P mean when stuck on a bike in Aussie?

  • psbero

    It was an awesome day out, certainly glad I went! 🙂

    A P-plate on a bike (or car) in Aus means that you're on a Provisional license. It's just one of the steps you have to go through in the learning process. And it's upside down because… well, why not? 😀

  • redrumracer

    looks like an awesome day out, gotta make the next one!

  • Rex Havoc

    It looked like you were having fun at St Albans when we caught up! When we rocked up at the start point, we thought all 100 (or so) bikes were there for the ride. When 20 cool bikes took off, it hit me that not everyone was there for the ride. By the time we got our helmets and gloves on you were long gone. No probs, I should have come over and said hello. Did you guys get pulled over by the army of cops up the road from the Mobil?
    For some reason they waved us through even though they were doing nothing. Thankfully as they would have had a field day with me and the bike.

    The monkey SR was impressive, the Beemer was brilliant, the Cagiva was sexy, nice paint on the Harleys. Great day, hope I'm in Sydney for the next one.

  • jimichero

    so bummed to have missed this, looks like an awesome day. will defo be lined up fo the next run!
    great pics guys & hanging to see the footage.

  • Jxo

    Jak – With my top speed of around 95kmph (what like 40mph for those americanos?), keeping pace required using the passager footpegs as rear sets, hugging my tank and running red line for most of the day. Surprised the little think didn't blow up!! All tooo much fun though!

  • SR85

    Jordan! Wait for the national park run there is more fun to be had… Mainly down hill unless you decide to take the national park back home in which i will join. I hate Highways

  • Jxo

    DOWNHILL!!! That's where I can really get some speed……neutral all the way!

  • Kenoath

    That BMW is really fugly

  • psbero

    @ Mark & Jordan – I'll be right there with you on the return trip through the Natio'… the Enfield isn't a fan of highways either haha

  • big sammy

    i wonder what it would to ship my bike and myself from canada?…probably a freakin' fortune

  • @psbero – I question your sanity, I really do…

  • Nice blog. Great bikes.

  • HRC RR

    Cool day, dug the bikes specially the harleys, the brat sr and the flat beemer

    Loud fast rules!

  • Jesus Sierra

    i'm so jealous…

  • Jxo

    HRC – Your flicka set is awesome!

  • Jed

    Shovel is baddass.

  • I'm actually curious about the cb125. I have the same bike here in the states and I want to put on those posh blinkers but I've been hampered by my 6v electrics. How did you handle it? And why the redbull can for carb overflow? What's it ziptied too? I tried to put a can of Bob Marley's Relaxation beverage in the same spot for my crankcase breather tube but it seems to get in the way of things.

  • Andy

    The BMW looks great in matt/gloss finish, I saw this bike at Ramspeed a few month back, I think a guy there worked on the mechanicals, the work on some sexy European cars though! WTH?!

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