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Photos: Sydney Café Racers Royal National Park Run

Posted on July 12, 2011 by Andrew in Other. 9 comments

I was lucky enough to get an invite to tag along with the uber fun Mister Mark Hawwa and his band of merry Sydney Cafe Racers rebel rousers (yes, them again) last Sunday for their first ever ride-out. Unfortunately Scott couldn’t make it (he has his macramé classes every Sunday morning) so I was left holding the fort, or handlebars and camera in this case. Though not at the same time. Mostly. There were some silly cool bikes along for the ride, including the super slick Matt Machine Yamaha XS with her new owner Rob – but more on them soon. In the meantime, here’s the best of snaps. We please hope you do like very muchly.

  • Mark

    Great shots from a great day. Looking forward to the next one…

  • 10 Bones

    Nice pics. I iwsh I could see some of the colors though, the heavy photoshoppin' stuff is nice but it may be overdone at times. Rustic is cool when kept minmal. Bla bla … opinions opinions … haahaa! Who cares!

    Looks like it was fun. That's all that matters. Tracker'd TT500s seem big there in Oz.

  • Lurg – norway

    Awsome pics, looked like a great day for sure.

    Any more pics / info on this bike by the way ?
    Looked real nice and i would love to see more of it

    (link to pic below)

  • Six_Gun

    I very nearly bought that Machine XS650 – such a nice jigger.

    I also very nearly came on the ride – next time.

  • i bet that rob is riding it like its supposed to be ridden too… cant ride dirt bikes all your life then get on a bike like that and not ride the tyres off it…..


  • We built this SR a few years back for a long time customer. It came from Animal Boat in Japan, hence the name on the tank. We polished and painted the motor, rebuilt and jetted the carb, changed the gearing, upgraded the forks, fitted a twin oil feed, the fat whitewalls came from the USA, it's got low bend alloy bars, the front guard mounted to the lower clamp… lots of nice details.
    He since sold it to a friend of a friend, it's running around the city area still.

  • D.

    That's some great headlights, tanks and exhaust pipes there. Would be nice to see some bikes, too.

  • 10 Bones

    Sometimes these posts are about bikes, sometimes these posts are about builders, other times these posts are about photography. This is one of the latter.

  • anti

    And sometimes photography is about photoshop! LOL. Great light and compositions none the less.

    It's nice to see these kinds of posts where the vibe is portrayed, and the spirit of the post/story. Really like the moodiness of the shots.