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1997 Honda NX650 Dominator

Posted on July 6, 2011 by Scott in Scrambler. 15 comments

The country of Wales is famous for producing two things, the singer Tom Jones and also for mining many precious metals. Ironically, precious metal was all that was left when Welshman Andrew Greenland stripped the plastic off his 1997 Honda Dominator and did a ground up rebuild. Andrew has a serious perchant for Honda Dominators and he does them impeccably. This isn’t the first Dominator he has built, and by the sounds of things it won’t be his last.

I know what you’re thinking. Why get rid of all that beautiful yellow plastic?

When we asked Andrew why he keeps choosing these Dominators, he replied “I pick the same bike because to me they’re the best candidate for a relatively inexpensive custom, they are cheap to buy, reliable, strong, have modern brakes, suspension, electrics, relatively uncomplicated and made by Honda of course!”

Here’s how Andrew describes the finer details: “Front wheel rim was changed from the 21″ to a 17” x 2.50 wide and a rear tyre (120 wide) fitted for more “chunk appeal” if there were such a thing! Exhaust headers from an XR650L and supertrapp from the same bike. Hand made rear seat unit, seat covered in alcantara suede. Rear led light built in to the seat unit originally came from a CRF450. Headlight from Baja designs, dash from trailtech, brembo brakes with goodridge stainless hoses. K&N cone filter. Carb upjetted from a 145 to a 190 and the needle raised 0.75mm. NOS Honda cg125 fuel tank and tap. Reproduction cr250 1975 sidepanels. Renthal chain, sprockets and bars. Stainless spokes and gold anodised rims.

The build took Andrew seven weeks which equates to around 300 hours of blood, sweat and tears. He even did all the paint work in his shed with his “ever-faithfull rattle cans.” This time around he wanted a more 80’s feel to this Honda, hence the use of lots of bold red or “Little Red Corvette” red as we like to call it.

It looks great but what does it ride like? “Once complete these bikes really do perform well due to shedding so much weight, lowering, improving the performance with carb and exhaust mods, the 17″ front wheel all make for a very reliable bike with excellent handling and fun to ride (and cool looks of course!)” he says.

Guess what Andrews next project is? Yep – it’s another Dommie. Maybe it’s time they added a new entry to the list of things Wales is famous for? We sure think so.

  • 10 Bones

    Holy Radioactive Coyotes, Batman!! Absolutely sick. I raced desert for years in AMA District 38, and from what I can see this is one nice sled. Wonderous work, and nice look and feel. The 17 inch front wheel isn't practical for desert racing but for the purpose this bike is built for I'd say it looks spot on! Super job, about the best looking dirt bike I've seen in a while. LOVE the big oversized Baja light! And the paint color is dead on as well.

  • dave in kalifornia

    I love this bike! First time I saw it, I immediately un-buried my dad's old '82 CR480R desert racer. Spent a weekend cleaning/fixing/tuning that bad boy (hadn't been run since '88) Amazingly, it didn't take much! Next step on it is swapping out some good dual-sport tires, and putting on an HID desert light… (then the FUN part- getting it tagged in California)

    This one is hanging on the wall in the shop- as inspiration! GREAT bike!

  • MC_Kloppedie

    Well build Andrew… well build

  • KrookStreetRacing

    Very nice. Makes me want to build a similar one!

  • AlwaysOnTwo

    Bravo! And with nothing more than a spare set of wheels and rubber, presto, a lightweight Street Fighter for bashing around the city Mon thru Fri. Yeah, I know, the suspension wouldn't be "optimal" for a tarmac terror, but as a dual purpose bike there would be big fun for little bucks.

    Wonder why a guy with a fair amount of skill still plays with rattle cans instead of at least some fleet grade epoxy, a mid priced HVLP gun and a home compressor? Buy the equipment second hand for under a buck and fleet paint will work out to be the same cost as the rattle cans with a lot better results and durability.

  • I like the bike man, great build!

  • Kris

    Does anyone know if the front forks have been lowered? Or is the new stance solely a result of the new 17" wheels?
    For me the bike looks much lower now than stock.

    Like it very much 🙂

  • andrew greenland

    Thanks for the kind words everyone, the rattle cans have indeed been used for the last time on this bike (except for the high temp stuff) and will be using a more "grown up" gun and compressed air on any future projects.
    The rear wheel is the original 17" and the front 21" original has been replaced with a 2.5" x 17", the front end has been lowered through the yokes and again with the removal of a 2" spacer located above the springs.

    for more info take a look at my blog here –

    Big thanks to scott & co for the post.

  • Den

    Wow,I remember thinking the last one was great, this one is really cool. I would love to see a motard version, fully sick!

  • ephesmax

    That's one bad B1tch!!!!

  • momo

    ummm..i apologise to be sounding noob-ish, but i wonder how the supertrapp exhaust works. as in with the cap at the end. do you have to remove it before hand or its just there like that?

  • Troy

    I really like this bike. I love to ride motocros but am quite S*#T at it so if I could roll up on something like this then others wouldnt realise how bad at jumps I am. And it looks like a heap of fun.
    I love it, good Job.

  • eric

    it’s a really great look,
     i like the other that you done too
    what kind of tyre you put on the front whell
    je dis bravo encore pour le boulot

  • hungermonger

    Congratulations from Spain man, that bike it´s absolutelly awesome, if in my country could do that i would buy a dominator but here laws are useless and don´t allow me to modificate my bike 🙁

  • Robb

    Andrew, love the bike, love the old RFVC motors, they’ll always have a spot in my heart. One question though, why did you not sand back down the fins on the cylinder head, as this was original, but also highlights the engine and complements the raw RFVC logo. It just makes it look a little too “I just painted the whole engine and didn’t disassemble it,” in my opinion. I mean, whatever works, no one expects a complete tear down just for painting, but the detail work might make it look a bit sharper. Just a thought, as it’s your creative genius in the pictures, not mine. I have great respect for all your creations, and use them as inspiration.