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Video: Lossa Engineering SR500 ‘Solus’

Posted on August 5, 2011 by Scott in Café Racer, Other. 18 comments

Excuse our giddy schoolboy enthusiam, but this is probably one the finest examples of an SR we’ve laid eyes on. Jay Lossa from Lossa Engineering has spent hundreds of hours of machine work and hand fabricating this stunning Yamaha SR500 Cafe Racer. Ricki Bedenbaugh recently shot this short film for Lossa showcasing the distinctive two sides of the bike. First, it’s classic drop dead cafe racer looks and secondly it’s a big bore high performance beast that’ll rip your toupée off and throw it down the road quicker than look at you. You might remember the bike from Cafe Racer TV season 1, where the Bostrom brothers couldn’t wipe the smile off their face after pushing it to the limits through the Malibu Canyons. You can check out part of the episode here.

  • dave in kalifornia

    Nice. I like seeing what the bikes look like with a rider… Very cool.

    One criticism: Someone needs to check the aim on the headlights of that chase vehicle…. LOL

    Great movie… Even better bike.

  • revdub

    I love everything about this. That bike is "stunning" indeed!

  • Chris

    The nicest SR Cafe Racer ever seen !

    Great, great Job – and great great Video !

    "Respect the work"

  • Brandon

    I love the video! Beautifully shot and great cuts. The song couldn't have been better and it was great to hear something different that usual. Keep it up Lossa!

  • bikeymikey748

    Yup, nice SR for sure & great vid too. Gotta love the open potential of the mighty SR.
    I humbly submit mine:

  • Lloyd

    Man, what doesn't a Benelli Mojave tank look good on?

  • Beavis Black


  • 10 Bones

    Sweet bike! I has a 1978 TT500. I've worn out a few pair of boots kicking my self in the ass for selling it!

    Cafe Racer Season 2 started this past Wednesday. Seems they're heading into a more racier vibe this time around. Nice. Brian Fuller is heavily featured …. he's really got the Cafe Racer builder world worried, his talents are well known. Hopefully all of these so-called Cafe Shops here in the US won't burn out the genre (like we do to EVERYTHING here in the US once the mainstream locks it's teeth into it).

    Nice bike …. I wonder if I could do one of those up in a sortof 78 – 83 "Superbike Production" vibe? … Hmmmmm…. 😉 …. thinking .. thinking …. (can't you smell the smoke?).

    HAA!!! 10B.

  • SurpriseCafe

    WOW! Great to see that bike in action! I've been buying stuff from Jay for the last year, and I have to say that his parts are all great quality, and add a great look to whatever you're riding. Keep up the great work!

  • great video, but why a tinted visor at night? Such a squid!

  • mgm

    very nice

  • Pete

    How you can say a bike with what looks like a BCR seat and an off-the-shelf Benelli tank re-badged is the best SR you've ever laid eyes on is beyond me. Hundreds of hours of machining and fabrication? On what? A big bore kit for a single cylinder? It's a nice bike sure, but call it what it is; just another run of the mill cafe'd SR.

  • Gee

    What's the name of that song?

  • Bobby

    Beethoven symphony No. 7 2nd movement.
    What a beautiful bike, I've always dreamed of building something like that.

  • D.

    That is a simple and fetching and well-lined machine.
    @Bikeymikey – Not my style, but I dig that you're not following the crowd with what to do with an SR.

  • pascie

    Just saw the footage of the built from the Caferacer TV episode. Love it!

  • Tyler

    Looks a lot like the opening scene in Tron: Legacy. I figure it was done on purpose. Anyway, I'm a Honda man myself, and Yamaha is like a Chevrolet to me (I'm a Ford man as well), but that bike is gorgeous.