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Royal Enfield Bobber – The Himalayan Outlaw

Posted on September 14, 2011 by Scott in Bobber. 23 comments

The country Nepal is probably most famous for that rather large hill they call Everest. Known to the locals as ‘Sagarmatha’, or ‘Goddess of the sky’. The thing they are probably least famous for is their killer death metal bands. Oh – and building custom motorcycles. As we recently learnt, there’s a reason for this. Any type of of motorcycle modification is strictly prohibited by the Nepalese Government. Not one to thrive living inside the rules, Sergey Egorov decided to chance it and build one of the first truly custom bikes in Nepal. This is the story about the bike named ‘Himalayan Outlaw’ or as we’d like to call her if we magically got naming rights, ‘Goddess of the street’.

Sergey tells us the details of this outrageous crime he committed. “This Royal Enfield custom bobber has the classic 350cc engine with a 5-speed gearbox, left-hand side gear shift and electric self start. The standard RE carburetor was upgraded to 26mm Amal MK1 concentric carburetor (specially ordered from UK) with S&B performance filter. Woodsman style exhaust system has a stylish look and a heat shield installed on it (to protect leg from pipeburn). The crankcase breather box was relocated and upgraded with K&N filter matching style with the carburetor filter. The gearbox cover was custom painted and has handmade mirror-polished stainless steel plate on it, so you can engrave your name or bike name there. Custom made stainless steel sump guard protects the engine bottom. The original (donor bike) production year is 2006, so the condition of engine is perfect.

From the front side, the bobber has custom made 1” black powder coated drag bars, triple tree and risers. The fork tubes, front suspension and front 18’’ wheel are stock RE. The back end consists of custom made swing arm which is 5’’ longer than stock one and vintage styled covered 13.5” gas shocks (UK made). The pride of the bike is legendary Avon MK-II 130/90 tire on 16’’ wheel rim. The bike has stock front hydraulic disk brake and stock back drum brake .

Fuel tank is a Harley-Davidson sportster tank. Comfortable West-Eagle solo seat has a suspension with the hydraulic mini shock. All nuts, bolts and washers in this bobber are the highest quality stainless steel product ordered from USA. Rear strutless fender is custom made from 2mm steel blank.”

Luckily, this simple and understated Royal Enfield bobber didn’t cost Sergey his freedom. In fact he managed to make it out of the country alive after selling the bike for a very reasonable price of $12,000. The only real crime commited here was that only one bobber was built.

To hear and see more, check out this little video Sergey put together.

  • In the high hills and valleys the man made machine can be heard to roar…

    Papasan OUT!

  • Paul Kane U.S.A.

    Love the "artsy" photo work. How about some clean profile shots so those who build can see the stance etc.?

  • HMR
  • Thats a nice Bobber, very clean and well done!

  • Robert

    Good to see some REs on here. Nice to see Sergey on a blog as well. I came acoss his very nice project a few weeks ago. He is a great guy and free with any advice.

  • Lowflying

    Not normally a bobber fan, but somehow this one grabs me. Love the paint, the positioning of the rear blinkers, the overall stance and the look from the front. I also like the practicality of how it's not a hardtail and has blinkers and a reasonable exhaust with (gasp) no pipewrap. No mirrors or front fender, of course, but some slack is allowed…

    The vid was good with cool music. I like his facial expression during the flyby at the end. It almost distracts you from the fact the sidestand appeared to be down! Not casting stones as I have been guilty of less than perfect riding myself.

    Nice bike!

  • Where to next on our asian adventure? We've been to Indonesia, India and now Nepal in the last thee posts. Personally I don't care as long as the bikes are as good as the ones you have presented recently. Sensational.

  • Ash in Bali

    Rex havoc raised an interesting question. Vietnam has a lot of interesting old bikes too, especially from the old Communist connection with East Germany and Russia. I lived in Hanoi for a year in '94 and had an old Russian Bozcot, a sort of Commie 2 stroke design amalgamation of late 1960's Triumphs. My expat mates had Minsks. The cops got around in old Ural sidecar outfits. There were plenty of old BMW's just sitting around waiting to be restored. No helmet laws. 30 cent schooners. Burnouts and street drags outside the Apocalypse Now Bar. Halcyon days.
    Restorers in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia might even unearth old French bikes from the Colonial days Pre-1954.

  • Scott

    @Ash You're right, Vietnam would be a vintage bike gold mine.

  • Scott

    @Rex I think the next bike in our travels will be close to home… especially yours 😉

  • Perth – that's near Nepal, isn't it?

  • smoke

    modification to bike in Nepal must be made legal
    i appreciate your work , nice work man !!!!!!!

  • abhash

    the modifications in the bike is mind blowing..i specially admire the small mono shocks in the seat….. hope to see more such enfields in nepals road….

  • SportsterMike

    Great looking bike – saddle looks unusually good considering its got suspension as well
    nice clean looking bike – I'm well jealous

  • mingh

    last time i was around Nepal i've seen plenty of chopped up RE's. Mostly in Pokhara, and mostly ridden by tourists and expats though. And not one came close to this. They've got fantastic technicians and mechanics over there, so it' a shame they can't unleash their creativity.

    As to the next destination: don't ask what kind of bike, rather what kind of riding you can do, and go out on whatever bike is available. I reckon Asia is THE place to be for riding. Safe, cheap, jawdroppingly beautiful, friendliest people and an amazingly adventurous: Temple hunting through cambodian jungle on a dirt bike, exploring the far north of vietnam on a minsk stinkwheel, get some of asia's bestest motorbike roads on the ho chi minh highway, lazily wandering along rural laos on an ural, chug up the Indian hymalaia on an RE 500, cruisiing from beach to beach on a thai copycat 125cc, hit the ural again for a loop of Pamir highway (tasjikistan and Kyrgizstan), cross the mongolian plains on a Izh planeta, I've done all these thinga few years ago, and i would kill to go at it again. Hell you could even have Deus build you a bike on Bali, while surfing or while out to borneo…..

    Check out or for the insider tips

  • sandeep

    ultimate job

  • ronak jain

    hii nice concept what is the approx cost for doing this kind of grest work to my bike if i buy a enfield

  • Lifestylemcle Alan Bayley

    I like this ,I think it looks very sexy

  • Nepal rider

    12000, two of these would get me a ducati here in Nepal, But again, i would rather have this

  • parash dhakal

    please make another one and contact me i wanty this bike 9803825397

  • Yadav

    Nice and neat build but of no theme.It is just an another customized nice looking..

  • Greg O’Shea

    Great looking bike in any location ,. .well done

  • nathas909

    I have to agree. Asia is amazing for riding. I’m off to Lombok Indonesia next week for a second time. The roads are perfectly smooth new roads, 90% of the time. Amazing scenery, and just stretches and stretches of twisties that go for ever, that put the Royal National Park Nsw to shame. That’s before we start mentioning, no speed limits, friendly people and mind-blowing scenery with active volcanoes in the background. It’s amazing.
    And even more can be said for the Philippines